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Making The Law of Attraction Work For You

Updated on March 21, 2016
Jeff Watters profile image

Jeff Watters is a business consultant & freelance author who lives in Delaware and the former manager of Mattress stores & AWAI member.

Day Four

Welcome back to day four with the lessons.

It is your consciousness that is the connecting the points of attraction and nature and, therefore, it is you that has influence over these two forces. Thus, it is for divine purposes you were created to fulfill the function of the Universe by adding your consciousness to it. Therefore, your experiences are for the benefit of this Universal Law and consequently your will is as essential to the successful relationship of the Universe.

It was the desire for truth that has led to this manuscript so positive reactions will come in your life. If you had not the desire to be more than you are now you'd be elsewhere at this very moment. All the Universe asks in return is that you have faith, and the results will show by using the methods interrelated in these lessons. There will come a time when you're the master of what's written here. Then you will expand and add to this teaching. Perhaps teaching others how to make their lives whole. It is right for you to do so as this purpose is godly in every way. Since everything is rightfully yours, as a birthright, you are entitled to it.

This birthright is a stumbling block for many people because carving out the life they want to live with all the freedom anyone could wish for seems “far-fetched,” even irreligious. Those people realize they have a sixth sense or ability to solve their troubles before they become problems or some foreknowledge but choose not to develop it further. Maybe because they do not understand how to take the first steps towards using Law of Attraction in their everyday lives.

They hear of it, try and fail. Nonetheless, they do have the ability but never develop it to its full potential because they neither learn nor grow their birthright. It is as if they live in a bubble that no one is allowed to pierce. I want everyone reading this lesson to know that even if the concept is foreign to most people, it is real, and the ability to use it for the benefit of everyone is also real.

Taking the first steps is easy, and some stumbling, expected. There is a reason a baby crawls before walking and walks before running. Just as your parents taught you how to walk and run, you must also learn from the others that came before you. Only then walk on your own, run on your own. The how is simple, you start by manifesting small things in your life. Begin with the five things we discussed a few days ago.

It is right for you to do so because most of the people in the world don’t have the understanding that they indeed possess this power within them and evidence as proof. So it is easiest to start with something small and increase as you go on building confidence as you go about your daily life. Remember, don’t sit on the couch and wait for it to come to you. Invite greatness into your life; allow it to come through that protective bubble.

During a particularly difficult time in my life, I manifested the money to pay my bills on time. I received checks I did not expect and opportunities to turn stagnant inventory into cash at a small profit. I did pay those bills on time because that is what I requested. There was much more that came to me but I want you, as the reader to understand, we must continuously manifest the things we need in the world for the life we are living right now.

Those who have this ability still need to understand there are times you call upon this great power to satisfy immediate needs. Situations are always changing so manifesting for the here and now is just as important as manifesting for life’s later events; which is a clue to how to set up your future goals once the list you are working on now begins to come into your life. Start that list with what you need now, a year from now, five years, etc.

It is at this point most people who are beginning to awaken to these principles go wide of the mark. They assume they can write a list and walk away, and the magic occurs. Some people may do very well with this alone if they have the proper belief system, but most will not because they doubt there is a force in the Universe that can make things happen. This belief system differs between the aficionado and novice which will be covered in detail as you go through the lessons.

However, those who have manifested many things never question what they are doing, while those who are just awakening are like doubting Thomas of the Bible. Again, have the faith of a mustard seed and see it grow. You should start with small steps because our human nature tends to get in the way. If you start with small steps you will not only see the proof for yourself; realize that nothing is impossible for you and move on to more important things. Starting with small goals builds the confidence and shows the evidence that we humans tend to demand of even the greatest of teachers.

The exercise I want you to practice today is going to be very different than what has been done up to this point. Here is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, and it is here you are going actually to take your baby steps towards developing your ability to manifest anything you want in your life, including the five things on your list. That is if you still feel good about them, feel you deserve them and want them in your life.

Go to a place where you feel at peace and close your eyes, then imagine the Universe and how everything in it works. First, see the macrocosm of the great spirals of star clusters far off from our planet. See our galaxy and how the planets revolve around the Sun; how the Earth spins on its axis. Imagine everything you can all the way down to the smallest microcosm of the electron revolving around a single atom. If you start from afar then zoom in, as it were, you will realize everything is following a pattern.

From the vantage point of the macrocosm looking towards Earth coming ever closer, it is easy to see how everything connects with everything else. If you are aware how the parts of the whole are connected all the way down to a single atom, consisting of positive protons, the negative electrons, and the neutrons, then it is easy to discern how everything else is one with the Universe from the smallest atom to the entirety of it all. From this viewpoint, we can see how everything is energy and is formed at will. This order is the flow of the Law of Attraction and the solid masses of the Universe are the Law of Nature and you, are the focusing point of everything within the creation.

The order of creation begins at a single point and grows out to what is needed to fill the Universe. When you understand this as a comparison, you begin to learn that the Law of Attraction, the Law of Nature, and you, are very much dependent on each other. Everything in life is about you because as you draw breath, you draw in the energy of life. How you are a central figure in the Universe, like the smallest neutron, can be related to how the forces around you are in motion and you are the center of your Universe.

How everything works is up to you, but you must also make everything work for you and for everything to work there must be motion. That is the secret of the Law of Attraction. It is the movement, the power, the harmony and interconnectivity between all things. It is relevant because you are relevant.

There is another point to consider; I am sure you have heard someone say “it doesn’t work for me” when they refer to something happening in their life. True, they have an instinct for the way things should be but never learn how to make it work. It is an instinct that we know of the Law of Attraction, and it must also be an instinct to find out how to use it as a benefit. It won’t work for some people because the faulty thought process fouls their belief system. They are negative and, therefore, attract negative, and so it does not function for them.

There is no Law of Attraction without you, no Law of Nature either. It is you that is the connecting point of everything in your Universe, and it is up to you to become efficient at being the center of your Universe. You are powerful beyond your present knowledge and a gift to all that surrounds you. Think of yourself as important and influential. Feel it in heart and control what you think by remembering what the apostle Paul said, “And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” (NIV). If you can do this then, your world will be as you have imagined it would be.

Shape into being the things that are most important for now, for later, and for much later. Yes, you should make a list, check your feelings about each item on the list, double check the list with everything you have learned and able to keep in mind, then manifest the list into existence by calling these things into being by using intense feelings.

Then and only then will the Universe make a way by opening doors that were shut and offer a cleared way so that everything you desire becomes present. There is also one extra bit of advice to add to this exercise which is not to divide everything into parts. Do not think Law of Attraction, Law of Nature, and yourself as separate.

All are one, even if you can call these parts by different names. You are one with the entire Universe and it is one with you. Dividing into sections is not going to serve you at all. Your being is in each place, and each place is for you since you are one with the Universe.

Using what you know from the four days you have spent on this lesson go deep within yourself and intensify what you feel. Being in a tranquil place, you should rest your mind so being attentive to the sensations of desire. A peaceful place is different for each of us. For me, it may be beside a beautiful babbling brook or some water source that makes me feel deep inner peace or in a wooded area where I feel the energy of the trees. For you, however, it may be your backyard, a cozy room, or in an open field. It is for you to decide where you wish to experience the Universe and call forth the powers that are within you.

Set yourself right in the right frame of mind. Nothing should bother you from earlier in the day or week or even in your lifetime. You should be dedicated to the purpose of living an enriched life that has special abilities not possessed by other people because of their lack of knowledge.

There will always be poor people because they seek to live in the moment’s pleasure or keep the comforts they enjoy most or fail to have long-term goals. These people may need this knowledge the most, but what they are communicating to the Universe is they are comfortable with what they have or expect nothing more. They have been conditioned to exist on that plane and will continue to do so until they awaken to the higher truth. Don’t be part of that group.

Therefore seek only for yourself as those that never strive to expand their conditions are only hoping for the best. I do look forward to this message reaching them and that they will make progress, but I am confident it will not happen for everyone. That is why it is important for you to come to a place that brings forth goodness into the world. Just as this message becomes important to you, it will open doors for others to become better people, to have more and be more than they ever thought possible.

Also, to the visualization exercise mentioned previously us this five step list to allow you to complete today's assignment thoroughly.

1) Affirm what it is you want is real, obtainable, and you have a passion for it.
2) Practice having it, by imaging it. Make it real in your mind.
3) Keep it real in your conscious mind, never accepting a contrary conclusion.
4) Visualize the outcome.
5) Take it to the next level of what you know to be next once it becomes real in your life.

Put yourself in the right condition to ask and receive by being at peace with yourself, feeling your oneness with the spirit that permeates the Universe. Do not hold yourself in regret for what was in your past; it is not to be in your future. Use your love of life to open the doors once closed to you. Include all the positive things you think will enrich your life with more than money; find love, wealth, and happiness, in all things. Then visualize all the things you are grateful for and expand it to what you desire and you will find the joy that makes life worth living.

Please stop reading here for today and pick up again tomorrow.


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