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The Complete Law of Attraction (Day One)

Updated on March 5, 2016
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Jeff Watters is a business consultant & freelance author who lives in Havre de Grace, MD, former manager of Mattress stores & AWAI member.

See the Movie

Lesson One

Fulfilling Your Needs



I thank the heavens that she brought forth the movie “The Secret.” I am just as grateful she followed up with three books, however, without the film and the books there may have been another generation that lost its way to the principles brought out by the movie.

Although the movie barely touched on what you will learn from this article, it did so much good that it must be acknowledge with a grateful heart. I presume the readers of this article will be familiar with her beautiful work. I am also assuming a fair amount of people lost their way because there is only so much you can put in a movie. If it were possible to hold an audience for many more hours "The Secret" would need to be a great deal longer. I am sure there are not many people willing to sit through a ten to twenty hour presentation. Have no fear for this article is going to take you all the way to the end result without fail. I have woven over 350 points in this presentation. Each is unique and each will spur you towards a successful life filled with everything your heart desires.

My first experiences with the Law of Attraction occurred over thirty years ago. It all began by writing everything I sought at the time on a sheet of paper and trusting to God it would come to fruition and it did come to be. I got everything I asked for without fail. I did not keep everything I asked for, however, and that is the primary reason for writing this for you. Because what I understand now allows me to get what I want and keep it. That information needed sharing with the world.

Let me inspire you to write down up to five goals you want to reach in the next year. Put those goals down on paper writing them out longhand and please do not type your objectives on the computer. These will be your first accomplishments so make it personal by using your own energy to create the list in a form that can be kept with you if you desire. Ask for whatever you wish for and expect what you ask for to come forth within one year. Believe you will have it. There is only one requirement of these five goals and that is to do this for you and not for anyone else. These are a personal request, and will only be applicable to you.

The exercise above will be your proof that you can bring into consciousness the life you want to live. I ask that you do not overwhelm yourself with too much at one time by making an overwhelming list. The focus here is to get what you want, change what you want to change, and by making it personal, you will have a greater understanding of what is taking place as you move through this manuscript. Again, make sure your goals are for yourself, not for anyone else. Once you master this process, you can show others how to do it for themselves later.

Your life is about to become a living testament to the application and fulfillment of getting what you want through the “Law of Attraction.” Then and only then will you be able to show others how they can accomplish more than they ever thought possible and I sincerely hope you do. First you must prove it to yourself. That can only happen by writing out, long hand, up to five things you want to change about your life. Take a pen in hand and being as specific as you possibly can write down five ideas that come to mind. Take the first ideas that are most personal to you. Those ideas that come immediately to mind are the foremost important goals you are to achieve. It is the way of the Universe to allow these thoughts to come into your psyche first because they must clear the way for everything else you want to come into your life.

Desire and the fulfillment are bound together. They are the two forces of nature of which you have total control as each requires the other to exist. However, for now, once your ideas are on paper you probably have done enough to bring desire and fulfillment into harmony. That is as long as you sincerely want these things and believe they will be yours. I tell you from experience the first time I wrote down what I wanted it filled 20 lines on a sheet of paper, and it took a little over a year before I had everything on that list. That is why I say now to minimize what you first write down to only five items. Your desires will be fulfilled soon enough and then you may apply what you are learning to an even greater extent expanding your goals as things begin to come to you.

So get started right now by opening up your mind to what it is you want to happen in your life. Go to some quiet and serene place with a notebook and pen then wait for inspiration to speak to you. With your mind at ease write down the idea that comes first and work out the remaining ideas as the most important things on the list. Then you are ready for the next step along the way as you receive those things on your list.

Why Does this Work For Some People and Not Others?

The answer to why this works is not in ourselves alone. It works because we are part of a Universal system that you do not completely understand. Part of what you do not understand is how everything is interconnected. As a species we look back continuously at what put us in a situation and then are either worried or satisfied. Those who worry will never be able to use the Law of Attraction because they let their unconscious mind wander to former events and the subconscious affects the conscious which is likely to attract more of what we are unconsciously worry about thereby adversely affecting the law. For those who are able not worry about their past or their future the law is at their command. They trust and that faith is rewarded by the law. The answer is not of this world but of cosmic forces.

So I am asking you to not worry about how these things will happen. I am also asking you to be grateful when results appear in your life and to accept them no matter what form they come to you, remembering there is no genie in a bottle, no magic lamp. The Universe provides because the Universe is friendly to your cause. As you become in tune with this power that permeates and you, get what you want. Perhaps for the first time in your life harmonizing with a higher power than you ever thought possible. It is no genie, but it is also real and there are thousands of people that can attest to it.

There are also some people who unconsciously cancel the law without knowing it by other means. I have found that some people of certain faiths may take issue with what I have stated thus far. I am a Christian man, and I know my Bible very well having read and studied it for most of my life. Jesus knew well of this power. Although not referred to as Universal Power he communicated the very same idea I am, as you may recall in Matthew 7:7 saying “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” (King James Bible).

Additionally, people of other religions may feel the same way believing it is blasphemy. I assure you the ideas put forth in this book are in no way offensive or irreligious. What I do ask of you is to understand your current reality is not your permanent reality and your current understanding is going to change by using the “Law of Attraction.” You can change what you are, where you are, and what will be by using the principles you are learning now and you can do it without offending your religious beliefs.

You can be more than you ever dreamed possible and that can begin today by writing your goals, dreams, and future events down on a piece of paper with a simple pen. Tell the Universe what you want and let the Universe figure out how to get it to you. Have the faith to see it through and you will accomplish your goals. In the book of Matthew, It is said, “…Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard-seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” Is this not the very basis of faith? Surely if you are a Christian and know that Jesus believed it, we should also believe it. So let me ask you a question, how many mountains are being moved from your life? There will be many I assure you.

For people who not Christian this philosophy still applies to other faiths and sciences. The Buddha said, “All that we are is the result of all we have thought” and Albert Einstein said “Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions’. I am sure you can find such readings in any religion or find many scientific minds that agree with this principle. So get going, think upon what you want, write it down, believe it will happen, and prepare to accept the result of what you desire. There will be great joy in your life once you begin to receive all that is store for you.

I am also asking you not to question whether this is true. Do not bring doubt into the picture; do not look at your gift and question whether it is enough, do not allow your unconscious mind to wander towards doubt. Trust the powers of the universe without declaring how it will be achieved and you will receive what you asked for in its entirety. You will learn more about asking and receiving later in the lessons. I have brought this point out in the first chapter, so proof take place in your life as you read and study this book.

I am confident my desire for your well being will complete the work I set out to do. That work is to help a billion people to live a fulfilling life, for everyone to have in abundance. I know this is possible because I also know that once you have mastered the techniques in the lessons you will assist others in improving their lot in life and what a glorious world it will be.

I remind you of only two conditions for now. Please do not question it as true until you have learned all there is to know concerning the Law of Attraction or how to apply it in your life. Take it on faith, believe it is possible, believe there are many success stories and begin to realize the life of your dreams.

Also not to take up a contrary position. There is balance in the Universe, and if you do either of these things, you will not be in harmony with that balance. If you are out of harmony you will not achieve, your goals. Therefore taking it on faith and get to a serene place where you feel you can write down what it is you want and cast doubt aside. Trust in the powers of the Universe without questioning those powers. Don’t question the power because you cannot understand it presently. You will gain this understanding later in the lessons and as your thoughts, become aligned with the Universe your feelings will change from doubt to those of confidence.

At this time I would like you to take a break from your reading and come back tomorrow. There are important things for you to experience today which need to happen today. The list you make needs to be completed before you continue so you understand what is to follow and how it will take place. So please stop reading for today. Put this book in a noticeable place and pick it up tomorrow when you feel you have the time to continue. Write down your list and keep it with this book so you can refer to it when you need.

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