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Understanding Manifestation

Updated on March 6, 2016
Jeff Watters profile image

Jeff Watters is a business consultant & freelance author who lives in Havre de Grace, MD, former manager of Mattress stores & AWAI member.

Chapter One

Continued from day one

Continuing from yesterday's lesson recall the first item on your list regardless of what it is and reflect on how you feel about that thing. How would it feel to have it? Would it be right to you or would it be strange actually to have it? If you have it will it be uncomfortable for you?

Be sure what you want is in tune with your feelings. Most people go awry here because their perception about what they write down as a goal is just as important as the goal itself. Sensitivity is where most people who have attempted to apply the Law of Attraction fail themselves. They believe certain things are possible, even necessary in their lives but do not feel they deserve those them and so they never receive what they are asking for on their list.

Although the subject is covered in the later lessons for now, please understand you need to align your feelings with your goals. Let’s take an example of a person that wants to have a life partner and has included it on their list.

This person writes down that he or she wants a life partner and puts the list away having faith that the Law of Attraction is going to find them the perfect mate. Now several things happen here once the Universe begins to clear the way for that perfect mate. The Universe reads your feelings and if you feel that you are unworthy of the perfect mate you may manifest an imperfect person into your life.

Therefore, you must be genuine as to what you ask for because you are going to get it. Examine your feelings and change them to represent what you want in life. Don’t think about the time someone cheated on you or you cheated on someone else. That is not the person that you are manifesting; it isn’t even the person you are now becoming since you are using the “Law of Attraction.” Think about what is perfect, pure, honest, and loving so it can be delivered to you.

The law of attraction cycle works like this:

You think of something to manifest in your life.
You develop feelings about what it is you are manifesting.
Based on those feelings you rethink and clarify.
Your manifestation comes into being.

The list is a very simple way of looking at your desires, the passion involved in achieving that ambition, what you meant when asking, and the goal you obtain. If you want a $1,000,000 that may be a lot of money to you, but some people would feel penniless, even destitute if that is all the money they had in the world. Their feelings would not be those of joy; they would be feelings of terror. Feelings are what guide us in life’s situations and how you feel about something is imperative when it comes to manifesting.

In the second step of the process, examine your intentions based on feelings. It is here you rethink an original goal. You change your course, alter the goal, and then obtain it. So it is with us all. There is a path to manifesting things into your life but are you worthy of them is not a question of the ages, it is a question you must answer. Are you worthy? How you feel about each item deep down inside your heart will tell you two things, either yes I deserve this and are ready to receive it or no I am not worthy, don’t bring it to me.

In the Bible (KJV) it is said: "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you." That writing is over 2,000 years old. If they knew not to give good things to be wasted 2,000 years ago, why would you imagine it is okay to do it now?

Take a look around wherever you happen to be and take notice if you are in some very beautiful place that is worthy or some place that is better described as not so nice. You brought yourself to that location, and it speaks the truth about your self-image. The image of what you feel is the life you are living.

Getting the items on your list into that life will be the result of changing feelings about yourself to being worthy of getting what you want or even changing your situation to be at a place where you are ready to receive them. When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself? No, you see a reflection of who is standing before the mirror. The mirror always tells the truth, but how that person looks has been manifested by your self-image, and only you can change that image if you are not satisfied with the reflection. Imagine if every goal has a mirror.

You are the result of your thoughts. Your desires can be anything you want, but if you don’t want to fail, you need to change your self-image to being, not only justified in having those things but praiseworthy as well. I know I wanted to have a maid or a housekeeper to be more precise because my wife worked and I wanted her life to be easier. So I put it on my goals list and manifested a housekeeper into our lives. This “live-in” housekeeper took wonderful care of the house and kept everything in “shipshape” condition. I thought it was wonderful.

Manifesting worked, and it was working for me. However, on Friday night, the housekeeper would go home. Each Saturday morning my wife would begin cleaning the house from top to bottom as she always had before. I made the remark that the house wasn’t dirty, but she replied, “no one cleans house the way I clean house.”

That manifestation did not last for long because my expectations were for myself and not my family as I supposed them to be. I wanted an easier life for my wife, but she wanted to keep the house her way. What happened? I wanted something and thought I was doing well by having it. However, the one person most affected by it did not feel the same way as I did. My intentions were well enough, but they were out of alignment with what the condition was at the time. This is why you must be specific and why on the first day I asked you only to write down things you wanted. Now I am asking you to look at those goals, those manifestations, and examine deep inside how you feel about them. Are the things you put on the list for you or someone else? Manifesting is for you and specificity must apply only to you. At least, at this point to continue.

How you honestly feel will affect what you get.

How would you feel about having $1,000,000 right now? Would it be enough or would you need more money than that to live the life of your dreams. For some people, it is ten years income, for others 20, and still others more than that. For some, it is a portion of their yearly income and would never be enough. So the perspective of $1,000,000 is different from people of varying background. So how do you feel about that exact amount of money?

For those people who have tried manifesting into their lives, this may be the most important principle to learn. This point could be the most undisclosed part of the "secret" you have been missing. You are where you are now, doing what you are doing now, because of how you feel about yourself at this very moment. When you change how you feel about yourself, everything else will change.

For a long time, I thought of myself as a real go-getter and owned several businesses. I wish I felt different about myself though because it would be so much better to own businesses with a healthier self-image. Perhaps it was where I was raised that affected my image of myself, maybe it was because my father was a policeman and not a person of influence. Maybe I was just nervous of a higher level of success. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have envisioned the world of business differently. Then my life would have been better but not just my life but the lives of the people that worked for me.

Therefore, it is important to know how you feel about things before you proceed with the rest of these lessons. How is your self-image? Does it need adjusting? Because you will be affecting more than just yourself with success.

There are ways of changing how you look at yourself and if you are not in alignment with your goals you should concentrate on that until you do feel you are worthy of your goals. Let go of the past, if you are in need of a life partner don’t let the failures of other relationships influence the next relationship. Believe it will be great and that you are worthy of a great relationship. Feel it down to your very core. Hold that feeling. Remember the exercise on the first day was bringing into consciousness the life you want to live. Now we are approaching resolving the issues of the life you are now living with the life you want to live.

We are dealing with the unconscious things that have prevented you from feeling you deserved better and thereby getting what you desire. Is it the unconscious mind that speaks to you and brings doubt and fear? Much like a computer program stores information to a disc, your mind develops neural pathways that set off chemical reactions in the brain which recall life’s past experiences. By feeling a certain way you rewrite those pathways to accept new information; thus freeing you from negative emotions that have blocked your progress in the past.

If you tried manifestation in the past and did not achieve all you desired, it was your conscious reasoning that kept you from reaching your goal. You did not feel worthy because of some previous conditioning in your life. Feeling unworthy is not a light matter because having all your heart desires is the promise of the Universe.

You made the connection when you started these lesson and I can promise you it is a friendly Universe that wants you to have all you desire. But if you break that connection by unconsciously feeling you are not worthy why would a benevolent Universe give it to you? Why cast pearls before swine? It would just be wasted on you and therefore not a good return on the Universes investment.

Thankfully that is not the case because it is true you can have all you desire if you change how you feel about yourself first, and then your goals and life’s desires. Be worthy of your goals by freeing yourself from the past and moving forward. It doesn’t matter if you believe in heaven, karma, or positive thinking, holding onto the past is not going to help you one bit. You must let go of your past and must accept that things are going to be better because you are better now. Finish what you have started by adding just one more thing to your goal list. That is to feel good about who you are and who you are becoming.

Feeling good is what you must do before continuing to the rest of the lessons. Feel about yourself as you would feel about a person who has achieved all the goals on their list. Remove doubt and fear since neither will get you to where you want to go. If a feeling is against you, reprogram it to be a condition of the past that does not exist any longer. It does not matter what has transpired in the past. If you believe you can achieve you are right, believe you cannot, and you are still right. How you move forward is up to you now and it is only you can take the next step.

Before closing the first chapter of this lesson I asked you to do an exercise. I want you to go over that list one more time with the feelings you have about each item on your list. Ask yourself if you deserve each item line by line. Your answers are going to tell you everything you need to know about yourself and your reaction to those answers will tell you where you are going. Will you be able to reprogram your thoughts and feelings so you can finish that list? I deserved everything I got from my list, and you deserve everything you want too. But your self-talk is saying volumes about whom you are and who you expect to be.

Your feelings are the power that mimics the vibration of the Universe propelling you to where you will go, and your thoughts are the map you choose to navigate that Universe. What you do now will prepare you for the level of greatness you will achieve, and you are worthy of everything you want. So turn your negative feelings into positive reinforcement by accepting a reconditioned mind of acceptance into your life. Reprogram the negative so it is positive and do not allow negative thoughts or feelings to exist anywhere in your life. Be positive of your coming into all you desire.

Excuse the repetitiveness here but how this chapter closes going to give you a foothold for the rest of the lessons. So far there are two exercises involved with getting what you want and they must be completed before you can manifest anything into your life. The first was to write down up to five things you wanted. Please do not change that list in any way unless you feel you must. The second is to write down your feelings about what you want and why you feel the way you do about whatever it is you want.

Go to a serene place again and wait for the moment to speak to you looking inside yourself. If you are comfortable in this place, your thoughts and feelings should flow as freely as water over a beautiful waterfall. Identify every positive thought and feeling, also, identify everything negative asking yourself why you feel that way. Write everything down and examine the new list of feelings so you can discover why it is you feel the way you do.

Identify your goals three ways, what you want, your positive feelings, and negative thoughts, and you will get the total picture. Like this you can see, feel, and reason the path for acquiring what you want and use the Law of Attraction to bring it to you.

It is the negative thoughts or emotions you need to identify before those thoughts and feelings become a problem. I failed to recognize my wife’s need to clean for herself with an earlier goal. No ill intention on my part, it was a lack of understanding the situation and how she felt about the situation. There is no need for you to suffer or fail at accomplishing your goals if you understand the motivation for those goals by identifying the feelings associated with achieving those goals. The Law of Attraction will not bring anything into your life you feel unworthy of having, nor will you accept anything you feel unworthy of having. Fortunately for all of us the Law of Attraction is balanced by principle.

Think of this principle as a key to a locked door. Each key opens a different lock and behind each door is something else. The question is does this key fit your door and do you have the right to be there to unlock it. By identifying how you feel, you justify the result. By completing the exercise, you justify your goals because you identify what is holding you back or what is moving you forward and bring the unconscious blockages forward into the conscious world and clearing them.

Finally, let me close with one method that will help you recognize exactly what needs to be identified. When you are at peace with yourself, imagine you are observing everything from above. Critique who you are and what you are. Allow the person looking down to see your surroundings and critique them as well. What you discover are the real thought process and feelings that are taking place in your life. Make notes and work on reprogramming what you believe to be true so you are worthy of everything your heart desires. Then see, feel, experience in your minds eye, the results you want and communicate those to the Universe. Eliminate everything negative and project the positive into the cosmic forces that run through all things. Then and only then will you master the use of the Law of Attraction.

When ready go to the next day.


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