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How to live happier

Updated on September 12, 2011

The closed mind condition is an insidious, creeping condition which takes over the mind and if left unchecked can take over the physical actions. The condition cannot be found in any medical reference book but I believe it can affect both sexes and all ages and I now realise that I suffered from it . It is characterised by a total lack of interest in anything new or different and an unwillingness to consider that which is not familiar which described perfectly where I was at.

I had lived for many years in an isolated place where I thought I was happy I had my husband and we worked together very well. We did not socialise as such because of the demanding work schedule where livestock are concerned and the people we saw on a regular basis were all connected to the job such as the vet or the farrier but I was happy or so I believed

. I had to become computer literate as part of the admin work of the business had to be done online and I did alot of complaining that I had managed so far to live OK without a computer! I did have a mobile phone but I insisted it had to be as simple and as idiot proof as possible and I usually forgot to take it with me. I had become blinkered.

Due to a change in circumstances we had to leave our home and way of life and move to suburbia. I hated it and longed everyday for my old life. I had resisted change for so long and I was not giving in now but my resolve softened when my granddaughter wanted to teach me to text and so the door to my closed mind was now ajar. I learned to text, albeit not with textspeak , and secretly I was pleased with myself and began texting members of my family. The next breakthrough were the takeaway meals and so I was introduced to 'foreign food' which previously I had never considered eating. This opened my eyes and I began to notice the different restaurants offering food from all over the world and began to enjoy reading the menus with the description of the different dishes. For the first time I was seeing the people from so many different countries with their colourful national dress and sadly they seemed so alien to me. I had still got alot to learn but I was feeling happier and start to smile at people in the street when we met.

One day I saw a muslim woman dressed in black and heavily veiled coming towards me, She had three small children with her and I am ashamed to say that when we passed I averted my gaze. I saw her two or three times more and each time I looked away and then I remembered that a long time ago I had been a young mother in a strange community and how I had received much kindness and so the next time we met I smiled and although she was still veiled I saw that she smiled with her eyes. I was very happy. My mind was being opened. The next time we met we spoke and she thanked me for speaking to her!I did not know what to say. We exchanged addresses and then saw that we were near neighbours. I was very happy and the next time we met she removed her veil before she reached me . I felt very touched that she trusted me and I thanked God for opening my mind and my eyes. Our friendship continues to grow so that now I am a welcome guest in her home and she in mine and her children are a source of delight to me for now I have opened my heart as well as my mind and eyes . I did not realise what I had been missing so now every new opportunity is something to be explored and enjoyed. My life is now happier and richer in love and affection , my faith has deepened and every day I am thankful for my new way of life. When I am leaving my muslim friends and they ask if they will see me tomorrow I say 'Yes, please God' and they reply ' Yes, insh'allah. We smile at one another and know that we may be of different nationality and religion but we are children of the one God and that makes us very happy.


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    • jean2011 profile image

      jean2011 6 years ago from Canada

      Thank you for sharing from heart in this hub. It's so amazing how liberating it can be when we are willing to share a word or smile with someone who might look differntly from us.

    • FitnezzJim profile image

      FitnezzJim 6 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      Well done

    • 4fathers profile image

      Lolita 6 years ago from The tiniest state in the union.

      Great job