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The Corset Diet: The Ultimate 'Diet' For Weight Loss?

Updated on December 4, 2013

I am all for having the body that you want, and many people succeed on different diets and trends that come out, so I can’t totally knock any diets for not working...maybe for being unhealthy, but not for achieving the purpose that they set out to achieve.

That said, the corset diet is definitely one of the most unusual (and possibly uncomfortable) diets I’ve seen on the market.

The corset diet is the newest ‘diet’ craze, thanks to stars like Jessica Alba who claimed to use the corset diet to lose weight after her pregnancies. And while it has some valid benefits to it, which may convince you to get on the diet, there are also some drawbacks that could quickly make you want to avoid the diet and, instead, just change your lifestyle habits.

Changing The 'Normal' Look Of The Body Can Be Done
Changing The 'Normal' Look Of The Body Can Be Done | Source

What Is The Corset Diet?

It is exactly as it sounds: you wear a corset to lose weight. In fact, from the recommendations I saw, you start out wearing a corset that is 4 to 5 inches smaller than your actual waist measurement for about 3-6 hours a day. And, of course, you work your way up to wearing it longer and then move on to smaller waist sizes if you want to keep experiencing results as you get smaller in size.

So, there are a few different theories on why this works.

  • It makes your stomach squished or smaller and doesn’t allow you to overeat.
  • It ‘trains’ your waist to be smaller, kind of like how some women lengthen their necks by wearing neck know, the women in those torturous looking pictures - like to the right.
  • You sweat while wearing it (But experts say that this is only water weight, not actual weight)

Taking The Corset To The Extreme: Worth Thinking About

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The Corset Has Certainly Become Addictive For Michele Koebke
The Corset Has Certainly Become Addictive For Michele Koebke

The Possible Cons Of The Corset Diet

Addiction And Negative Body Image

As you can see, beyond the corset diet, which should just be about restricting the amount of food you put in your mouth, you can do corset binding which means you wear a corset day and night and literally bind your waist into a smaller shape to give you the ultimate female appearance.

My question is this: Will the corset diet become addictive and cause you to start wearing it every day for the rest of your life?

Also, will your body image become distorted because you can't get small enough? It is definitely a possibility for anyone who views their body in an unrealistic mirror and can't get small enough to look good.

And what happens when you take the corset off? Will you start to feel out of control and instantly start overeating (because you have no physical restriction anymore), and when you gain an inch on your waist will you fall back into the corset diet to try to get rid of it at all costs?

To me, it just seems like the corset diet could cause a vicious cycle of unhealthily behavior. And many women already end up getting into unhealthy patterns with all kinds of diets. My point is this: if a woman is to see some success with the corset diet, then that may be trigger to become addicted to it.

Cons Of The Corset Diet

  • Uncomfortable to wear corset
  • Can constrict breathing
  • Could possibly bruise organs
  • Could have negative effects on lung health
  • Could become addictive
  • Could distort body image even further

Possible Organ Issues

Wearing a tight corset can constrict the lungs from taking a full breath. Experts agree that the lungs may not be able to fight against lung disease, such as pneumonia, if they are strained and unable to work at full power. Other experts argue that corsets are only dangerous if the person is in poor health and uses too small of a size too soon.

The liver, spleen, and kidneys could become bruised according to an interview done with Jyotindra Shah, M.D.

In that same interview, the possibility of oxygen being restricted is brought up, and since getting a good amount of oxygen into the body is very important for all areas of health, this could have a huge impact on the organs and functions in the body.

Considering that we are now being told that a tight belt can cause us to have digestive issues, it just makes sense that a tight corset would do the same, but on a bigger level because - well, it's bigger and is tight around more areas of the body. Acid reflux, stomach aches, and even esophageal cancer has been associated with belts that are too tight.

Squishing Everything Together With A Corset


Pros Of The Corset Diet

For me, this diet has way more cons than pros, but to be fair there are some pros of the diet.

For instance, it definitely could do what it says it could do and help you to stop overeating. It's hard to stuff anything into your stomach when you are experiencing tremendous discomfort or pain and couldn't possibly expand another millimeter.

Also, wearing a corset can give you a body shape that makes you feel good about yourself, even if you haven't lost any weight or changed your body shape at all, which can increase your self-confidence in all areas of life.

Many people restrict how much they can eat with gastric banding surgery. The corset diet does kind of the same thing without the cost of surgery or possible complications.

However, these three pros of the corset diet have the ability to come with huge cons, and they may not be worth it in the end.

Is The Corset Diet A Viable Diet?

I would say NO. I think that the corset gives you a twisted view of what your body should look like, and that could cause all kinds of body image issues. You don't want to be stressing out about the fact that your waist is not as big as a jar of mayonnaise - that's just not healthy!

Also, there is a high possibility of physical issues, and that just doesn't seem like a risk you should take with your body to lose weight or change your shape to an abnormal shape. In fact, losing weight should be about giving you fewer physical problems, not more.

Of course, it is a way to avoid overeating without having surgery; however, there are other, healthier, ways to do that.

What do you think about the corset diet? Please share your opinion, thoughts, or concerns in the comments below.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thank you for sharing information on the corset diet. Glad you included the cautions, because it sounds a bit rigid. Hope most people consider other options.