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The Dance of Visions of this Life

Updated on August 2, 2013

The Dance of Life

The dance of this life is quite spectacular. As I become still at a stop light and look at the people walking by and the people in the car next to me and behind me. What is it that is going through their minds? How is their day going for them?.

When I am at the supermarket and look at seas of carts coming from all different directions and amazingly nobody colliding and mothers calming their children in line at the check out waiting for their turn and then the elderly man or woman going at the speed of a turtle and perfectly content in their own little world not bothered by all the drama going on around them. It's a wonderful dance of emotions and personalities and comedic situations all in the span of a moment. If we sit back for a minute and take it all in, it's amazing this pulse of life going on all at the same time.

We get so caught up in our own lives and sometimes are oblivious to all that is going on around us. But it really is magical and quite emotional in a good way if we watch this dance of life. The kindnesses and polite gestures , the hello's and how do you do's, as well as the crying babies and the arguing couples and crotchety old men and women, the whining and complaining over seemingly simple insignificant things.

It makes me wonder about how we spend our lives, our time our moments and what is so precious that takes us away from actually living? Are we the observer or the observed or simultaneously both? What is it that makes us move the way we do and talk the way we do and treat others the way we do? Is it inherent or from our genetics? Do we tend to excuse things away just to not take responsibility for them and blame them on our parents or our siblings or someone other than us? These are some of the questions I wonder about. I am curious if anybody else wonders of similar questions in thier own lives.

What is this dance of life? Putting one foot in front of the other,breathing in and out, moving through one moment at a time. We tend to place our feet side by side sometimes closely together and stand at attention and sometimes further apart to stretch. Then we tend to walk then jog then run. All the while we are breathing in and out and sometimes gasping for breath from exhaustion and sometimes slow paced to meditate and pray. Sometimes slow enough to hear our heart beat and feel a pulse in our veins.

Sometimes in the early hours of the morning we feel a stillness and hear silence and peace for a new day begining . How will we fill the gift of the next 24 hours ? Will we realize how fragile each moment of life is or will we take it for granted? As we get older in this dance of life ,we realize just how important family and friends are. We realize our own mortality and that we aren't here on this earth plane forever. I know in certain religions people believe in eternal life but that is not on this physical plane. We only have 100 years or less to experience a single life and so many times it goes by so fast and feels so incomplete. We think maybe next year I'll do this or that and maybe next time we'll do these things together. Well guess what, there may not ever be a next time.

So living in the moment is the most important thing. What are you passionate about? Dancing your dance, singing your song, writing your book whatever it is that has been in your dreams but seemingly impossible to accomplish, go for it , do it now, strive to be Alive in every sense of the word, every day you draw a breath. This is your moment in time don't waste it. This dance of life does have an end, a finality but while the breath of life is still in you use it to it's fullest extent. This dance of life is like a candle lit so brightly that we are almost blinded by it's beauty until the day it is extinguished.

May you enjoy this, your beautiful dance of life.

Many Many blessing to you all.


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    • moneyfairy profile image

      moneyfairy 4 years ago

      Look forward to hearing any of your visions of your dance of life.