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The Death Of Matthew Simmons (67) | Mathew or Matt Simmons Contributions

Updated on July 16, 2011
Death Of Mathew Simmons
Death Of Mathew Simmons

The Unexpected Death of Mathew Simmons

Mathew R. Simmons died on Aug 8th 2010. He was 67. He was the founder of Ocean Energy Institute in 2007. Mathew Simmons death occurred unexpectedly according to the Ocean Energy Institute’s intimation. Simmons is survived by his wife, Ellen, and their five daughters. He was the author of the book “Twilight in Desert” and through that book he predicted about the upcoming scarcity of oil on earth. If you like to get this informative book then you can buy it from Amazon for the best prize. There are lot more about Mathew Simmons in this article, read on to understand his valuable contributions and innovative steps for our society. He had even set apart his professional life upto an extend to continue with his research activites in the field of renewable resources, its transmissions and marketing. If you found this article is was helpful and informative, then you can vote it up in the green oval below. You can also share it with a friend through twitter or fb from here.

The Oil Investment Banker - Mathew Simmons dies

Mathew Simmons is also the founder of the energy investment banking firm Simmons & Co. International at Houston. The company offered research support, some institutional sales and investment banking in the currently lucrative energy industry. About 17 years later, the company was able to open its first branch in Aberdeen, Scotland. Now the company had grown very wide and has opened several other offices.

Mathew R. Simmons have presented several papers in regard with the Ocean Energy Institute and made several break-through suggestions to solve the present energy-crisis by efficiently utilizing renewable energy sources.

He retired as chairman from Simmons & Co. as to focus more on the Ocean Energy Institute, definitely he was a precious gem for our energy –starving planet. Michael E. Frazier, CEO of Simmons & Co. expressed his heartfelt condolences on the demise of their valuable friend and motivator.

Mathew Simmons – ‘Peak Oil’ Theory advocate

Mathew Simmons proposal about the running out of earths oil supply is also know as the ‘Peak Oil Theory’. As being in this planet he has taken every step a person can save his planet and shown gratitude to nature and humans equally. The death of Mathew Simmons can be considered a great loss for offshore renewable energy resource in U.S. It will be a great loss for our society and nature too. The website link of Ocean Energy Institute is also posted here, you can check out their home for all the speech and papers he had presented at several events and also get an overview of how important is renewable energy resource at this point of time in our civilization.

Ocean Energy Institute found by Mathew Simmons

The OEI works together to coordinate all the sources that will help to implement ocean energy as a reality they find potential in offshore wind technology, stakeholder concerns, financial firepower, pure academic research, industry partnerships and even political factores.OEI is not just concerned with the generation of such energy, rather they care about its transmission and marketing. It is common sense principle that non-renewable energy resources will take the money power of oil in economy once it starts becoming scarce.


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