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The Definitive Guide to Personal Development

Updated on July 22, 2012

In my life I try to solve one single question: Can you put the process of personal development into a few essential steps that every human could go through and massively improve their lives?

The goal of such a step-by-step guide would be to enable you, as the reader, to get closer to fulfilling your own potential and eventually to get more successful and happier in your life.

This is also the purpose of my personal development site

What is Personal Development?

If you are reading this, I'm sure you already had some contact with personal development literature or websites and have a good idea of what I'm writing about. In defining personal development I came up with a very short explanation:

"Personal Development is the continuous progression of personal growth by expanding my self-awareness and improving my personal skills."

And with those personal skills I mean skills to improve mental as well as physical abilities in order to be able to really show our full potential to the world.

The 7 Steps to Personal Development

Searching for the 7 ultimate steps to personal development, the question comes up: What is the initial step to really start massive personal growth? And I think I found the answer to that question:

1. Take Full Responsibility in Your Life

I think in order to grow you have to realize that there is noone but you is responsible for what happens in your life. The moment you get this fact, you have an instant move to power. Now you are in the driver-seat to direct your life. You are responsible!

2. Remove Self-Limiting Beliefs

Everybody has a set of beliefs, formed and saved from early childhood to the most current events. Sometimes those set of rules are formed unconsciously. Often they don't really support us. For instance the belief "I'm not good with math" or "My family never makes much money". So the task becomes to identify those beliefs and then substitute them with much more empowering ones.

3. Ignite Your Passion and Develop a Vision for Your Life

You simply have to know what you want from life. You have to be clear about your own desires and realize where they are leading you to. What are you really good at, better than others? What do you really like to do? Where do you see yourself in the future? From your desires you can develop a vision for your own life, that eventually guides you to be and do what you really expect from life.

4. Set Compelling Goals

If you haven't touched the power of goal-setting, you just haven't touched your real potential. Clear written goals will crystallize your desires so you are on your way to fulfill them for real. You need to set a deadline for your goals of course. What happens then is that this mental image of the goal will direct your attention and actions from now on, helping you to reach the goal.

5. Improve your Mind by Increasing Your Mental Focus

On our way of personal growth our mind is really the master "tool". Obviously it's best to get the most power from it we can get. Your mental focus is the director of your mind. If you train your focus it will have a huge impact to your mental abilities.

6. Improve your Body by Increasing Your Personal Energy

In order to get the most out of yourself you need an abundance of energy. Otherwise you might run out of fuel while climbing the mountain of success.

7. Take Effective Action

When we finally act we want our actions to really have an impact. Effective Action means that what we do is based on our goals and on priorities. Priorities make sure that we concentrate on the most important things first. This is the essence of time-management: get the important done first.

Final Words

This article is an overview of the 7 essential steps you need to take in personal development. I think when we focus our development on those we definitely make huge progress in life. As I said, the goal is for you to become more successful and fulfilled and ultimately have an abundance of happiness in your life!

You can find much more details on my homepage:

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