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The Development Corner

Updated on July 28, 2016


On this you can find out how to self develop yourself with weekly tips and tricks for how to deal with new situations on a daily basis. However; it is advised that you talk to your GP for advise also and not to heavily rely on self help mechanisms. This will stop any further damage to yourself or others from worsening depending on severity of the issue. If the issue you have for example is depression it's well advised to seek your GPs' advise. But you can use natural medication which should always be bought from certified health food stores that are well known.

I hope you all enjoy this hub! Please take care when putting what you've into practice and all information will be linked to it's original source for further information on various subjects. All sites that will be used for research are well known and trusted sources if there is any extra research needed to be done on this topic.

Anxiety and you

Anxiety is a well known diagnosed issue that is also referred to as shyness. This condition however; can be improved on with small steps. Remember if it's sever then you may need to consult your GP about this however; you can use the advise from here as a coping mechanism.

Anxiety can occur for many reasons it also develops in childhood which can affect their adulthood. But this can be managed during childhood also. However; this condition can also appear any time because of events that may or may not happen. This can be dealt with at any stage of life and after sudden events also.

Ways that can be used to deal with when you're at home also. The methods below are methods that anyone can use and does help those with anxiety. For most people it's either an issue with eye to eye contact or trust issues with everyone because they aren't sure of them.

Methods for dealing with Anxiety:

  1. YouTube -

YouTube is a very effective way to improve upon your speech also. But to upload to YouTube you have to be over the age of 12. Creating YouTube videos can also be an interesting hobby also but you can also get the chance to become a YouTube partner once you have over 1,000 subscribers. But you can also earn through your videos also using adsense.

By using YouTube you can create a routine and it will help with presentation skills as well as speech as explained above. This is because you are creating a video for a niche audience. Once your comfortable with something you can then reach out to more audiences by creating more varied topics.

2. Team building exercises

Team Building exercises are a great way to develop ones confidence. As are we, we can have our confidence knocked easier than we think. It's also a great way to get out and about. You don't have to do extreme sports for this method though. It can be simple things like helping out at an animal centre or a horse yard even doing something like a Go Ape course can help. However; if the person doesn't like heights it's best to do on the courses.

3. Comedy

Comedy is the top third method when dealing with anxiety. This however; Doesn't mean you have to be funny to do it. Most tend to bring up serious issues that are going on in the news also. This can be very easy to do and if done right could also create a career path.

4. Get a pet

Pets are a great thing to have in ones life as they can provide us with: confidence, a routine, someone to build a companionship with and bring back stability in your life. Keeping animals so long as you know you can afford them and put time into them is a great start.

Other methods can be found on various sites however; These methods are methods are personally tried and tested. Results have shown they work and have helped in the long run. However; it is still advised that you consult your GP for any medical condition you need help with.


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