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The No Pill Hi5 Weight Loss healthy Diet that Changes everything in 55 Days.

Updated on July 30, 2014

We are living in a completely different world now thanks to the internet. It has become clearer for society that taking care of your health is an essential thing to do. The only way to live a very productive life is to have enough health in order to work hard and be able to achieve everything we want. The problem is that many people don’t learn this until they start showing symptoms of poor health in their bodies.

The first thing that makes people want to take care of their health is usually not even related to their health, they simply start to feel like they have gained a lot of weight and they want to regain the look they once had in order to feel attractive again. The good thing is that for some people this means going on a healthy diet and doing a lot of exercise, but for others it means looking for easy and quick fixes like miracle pills that are supposed to make them slim in a matter of days.

The Solution is HERE. This Is a Must Watch Video


  • Appetite suppressant
  • Boost Energy/ Improve Endurance
  • Improve Focus
  • Delivers Antioxidants
  • Healthy Aging/ Age Reversal
  • Maintain Healthy Cholesterol
  • Boost Cognitive function
  • Enhance metabolic activity
  • Protein / Gluten Free / Fiber
  • Helps fight alzheimer disease
  • Anti Cancer activity in Test Tube Studies.

The biggest problem is that there are hundreds of fake products and scams out there that make claims that they can’t really live up to. This is the reason why so many people have become very jaded and they don’t even believe any of the promises that are being made to them anymore. The sad thing is that there are some products out there that are truly beneficial and useful, but they are hard to find because of so many bad ones.

This is exactly the case with the Hi5 challenge by 5Linx. This delicious shakes are meant to create the perfect balance in order to restore your health and also help you lose weight fast but at a healthy pace. The Hi5 Boost will help control your hunger and it will give you huge energy level boost. It also helps improve your focus and delivers antioxidants to your body. The Hi5 Edge is going to help improve your endurance greatly and it will enhance your metabolic activity. It gives your cognitive functions a charge and supports a very healthy aging process. The Hi5 Lean is going to be the perfect complement with 25 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and it’s completely gluten-free.

Lose More than 20 Lbs in 55 Days

The 55 Days Fitness WeightLoss System.
The 55 Days Fitness WeightLoss System.

The Waltstreet Journal Full Article & Reports

The Walt Street Journal Wrote an Article of the $62 Million Dollar Deal between Chromadex & 5Linx.
The Walt Street Journal Wrote an Article of the $62 Million Dollar Deal between Chromadex & 5Linx. | Source

Who Is Chromadex & 5linx

CHROMADEX Is a scientific lab that provide support for all aspects of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval process for pharmaceuticals, biologics and medical devices. This support includes preparing and reviewing protocols for animal (pre-clinical) testing and summarizing results; preparing and reviewing protocols for clinical (human) trials; assessing the health risks to humans from contaminants or excipients; preparing INDs and NDAs; serving as the client's technical contact with FDA scientists; and participating as the client’s representative in meetings with the FDA.

5 LINX Enterprises is a company headquartered in Rochester, New York, which offers utility and telecommunication services, health insurance, Health products, nutritional supplements, and business services. The company was founded in 2001.

5 LINX Enterprises has earned the distinction as being recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing privately-held companies in the country for the last eight years which is almost impossible. In 2012 and 2013, 5LINX(R) was named to the Global 100 List compiled by Direct Selling News, the premier direct sales industry magazine, making 5LINX(R) one of the 100 largest direct sales companies in the world.

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Making a change in your life and starting to live a healthier life is a decision that you need to make now. Do not wait until your health has deteriorated in order to see that as a wakeup call. The best time to act is now and you will also start to regain the body you once had. There won’t be any need for you to hide under a shirt during the summer while holding in your stomach, but the aesthetics are not the important benefit, what truly matters is the many health benefits you will receive from using this powerful product that was made with the purpose of enhancing your life and providing you with the nutrients to turn your body into a fat burning machine at the same time. The Hi5 Products are very powerful by Itself but, We Highly recommend to do some type of daily activities mentioned below for the whole 55 day Period to gain the maximum result and not to mention Healthy eating is more than 60% part of someone result from any diet.

Hi5 Lean, Hi5 Boost, Hi5 Edge

Type of Exercise You May Do.

Tai Chi
Lifting weights
Calf stretch
Swimming / Jogging
Standing on one foot
General Stretching
Running / Walking
Heel-to-toe walk
Using a resistance band
Shoulder and upper arm stretch
Threadmill or Elliptical
Push up/ Situps
Any Outdoor activity

The CEO Of 5Linx took the 55 Days Hi5 Challenge.

The CEO lost weight but Gain Muscle in less than 55 Days.
The CEO lost weight but Gain Muscle in less than 55 Days.

Overall don't cheat yourself, treat yourself. You may eat anything you want, you just have to be more cautious of what you put in your body. Instead of red meat you may substitute it by eating lots of chicken & fish for protein. Substitute wheat for all your Flour items such as Bread, Rice, Spaghetti Ect. Also substitute Turkey for all your Meat items such as Burgers, Bacon Ect. No Greasy food, We prefer for you to bake your meat. Don't forget to eat lots of egg white, Oatmeal, Tuna, Salads, Greens, vegetable and lots of fruits and water.

You have the power to change your life and start living more dynamically. There is no reason not to enjoy life to the fullest and avoid getting sick and feeling completely drained of energy. The best way to achieve success in life is to make sure that our bodies are working at optimal levels. This is going to make it possible for us to really give our best in everything that we do. You can start to make those changes in your life right now and you will feel like a completely different person. Remember that your biggest wealth is your Health no matter how much money you have or trying to get. Now what is the price would you be willing to pay to avoid many preventable diseases such as alzheimer, Aging reversal, to even possible cancer which have shown anti cancer activities in Test Tube studies. Now if your doctor only gave you 6 months to live, would you then take better control of your life and health. Now is the time to take action and lead by example for your friends, Kids and family and make health a major priority and live TheNuvision Hi5Life...

TheNuVision 55 Days Hi5 Challenge Results


These Three Products from TheNuvision Hi5 are very productive to your health when it is combine.
These Three Products from TheNuvision Hi5 are very productive to your health when it is combine. | Source

Get the three Hi5 products individualy


For Individual Hi5 Products Click on Appropriate Link Below

Hi5 Lean is a protein-packed shake mix that can help you lose or maintain your weight. It is vanilla flavored, and comes in individual serving packets so that it’s convenient and easy to use. It’s packed with protein and nutrients, including 25g protein and 5g fiber.

How do you make Hi5 Lean? Just stir one packet of Hi5 Lean into 8 oz. cold water or non-fat milk until dissolved, and enjoy! Add more or less liquid to meet your desired taste.

Hi5 Boost is an appetite suppressant with energy. It helps control hunger, boosts energy, improves focus and delivers antioxidants. Hi5 Boost comes as a smooth dissolve tablet.

How much caffeine is in Hi5 Boost? Hi5 Boost only has 94mg of caffeine. That’s a lot less than most energy drinks and energy shakes. The break-through technology helps your body use caffeine more efficiently.

How often should I take Hi5 Boost? We recommend you take Hi5 Boost once a day, in the morning for all day energy.

Hi5 Edge is your optimum health and total wellness dietary supplement. It helps improve endurance, enhances metabolic activity, boosts cognitive function, supports healthy aging, and helps maintain healthy cholesterol when cholesterol levels are already within normal ranges. It’s a smooth dissolve tablet.

How often should I take Hi5 Edge? We recommend you take Hi5 Edge twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

3.7 out of 5 stars from 13 ratings of THENUVISION HI5 CHALLENGE


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