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The Dream Type

Updated on August 14, 2012

Some of the most frequent questions I get is...what is a lucid dream? How does one control their dream? What if I am falling? If you die in a you die in real life?

I have to admit that I have died a few times in dreams and have yet to wake up dead. I am going to guess that dying in a dream has NO effect on what we consider our real world. I will even go one step further and say...dreaming makes one question what the true nature of "reality"...really is exactly. The nature of reality begins to become a bit fuzzy around the edges.

Here is my favorite's a short list, of terms that I use when addressing dreams and interpretation.

Short list

Falling - (over waterfalls, cliffs, down stairs) This represents a transition, if there is an out of control element to the fall, you might not be in complete control of the change (or may be unaware the change is coming). Perhaps your guides are leading you to or through the transition.

Floating - Being carried along by outside / inside forces. Can be emotions if other symbols represent water (on a river, in the ocean, even at the beach).

Flying - Usually astral - meaning that the dream may be showing you actual people, places, forward or backward in time. These can occur with prophetic dreams. Astral travel means that a part of your psyche has left your body and traveled leaving the physical body behind.

Hallways / Doors / Rooms - Exploring other areas or avenues. Shows you that you have more than one solution to a problem or avenues of escape or opportunity.

Hypnopompic Dream State - This is where you repeatedly do something but think you are awake when you are actually just dreaming it. Usually you will become aware after the third or fourth attempt at (getting dressed for work and realizing you are still in bed) that you are dreaming and that you can't seem to wake up. The body is still asleep but the mind is aware and awake and trying to make the body move. I have actually moved and finally woken myself up in this kind of a state and that's what pulled me from the hypnopompic state. These dreams can be representing the futility of repeated action. They can be a signal to your conscious awake state that you are dreaming and that now is the time to learn and explore.

Lucid Dream State - This is the dream state where you know you are dreaming and you are consciously controlling the events and situations within a dream. This is another tool allowing you to become aware of this dream state and utilize it to your advantage, to explore and have adventures while in the dream state. It can also be a teaching tool to try to move about within your dreams. Candle burning helps with this sometimes because it leave a part of your consciousness aware while the candle is burning. Make sure to put the candle in a safe place if you are attempting this. I don't want anybody sending me notes that they burned their house are forewarned!

Nightmares - These dreams attempt to make the symbols larger than life so you will remember and take heed of the dreams message. They might also be warnings of things to come.

Past / future life - These can be any dream of great detail where the time markers do not fit within a modern time frame. It could be an actual review of a past life or future life or anothers perspective you are peeping into.

Prophetic - Glimpses (however warped) of things to come (or things that have passed that you had no prior knowledge of). It might be something as simple as dreaming of losing your keys in the couch and waking up the next day unable to find your keys. They might not have been in the couch but in the pants pocket you wore the night before. (you sit in your pants, as a metaphor for the couch).

Recurring Dreams - The message is being repeated until you acknowledge the information. Your subconscious is trying to get through. You must confront or acknowledge the basic elements before they will go away. Talking them out or writing them down may be sufficient for some. If not, the same type of dream will continue to reappear until you get the message and it is clear. These can escalate to nightmare quality if the message is important and you need to get the information right away.

Re-Do - This is more of a technique, where you re-do the dream changing things that you might not have liked the first pass through the dream. It is more of an exercise when you become aware that you are dreaming to be able to go back and change things in the original dream. It is a clear indication that you have the power to change and manipulate your dreams at will, if you realize that this is occurring during a dream sequence. I personally think it is a good way to realize when you are making progress within a dream state.

Vehicles - Of any kind, cars, boats, trains represent movement. Something that carries you forward. They can mean travel or work if it is indicated by the other symbols in the dream. Boats can be relating to emotional issues (usually) because they have water surrounding it or in the distance, some place in the dream. Cars usually represent the body or work because it gets you from one place to another.

Water - All kinds of water can usually be related to the emotions. The key is to note whether the water is violent, cold, disruptive or warm, calm and relaxing. The nature of the water will tell you what types of emotions you are dealing with and the other symbols in the dream can show you in what context they are being related. Relate it to the emotions accordingly. Rough could be rough emotions or ones that will be slightly difficult to deal with. Cold could indicate frozen emotions or things that have been buried for a long time.

Wind - Tornadoes, hurricanes (has water also) big winds, can foretell of communication difficulties and disruptions. Possibly missed-communications. Someone said they saw a tornado as a challenge to overcome and I agree with this also but look to the other symbols to see what exactly this relates to.


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    • MzChaos profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Indianapolis

      Wow! You sound like you have enough material to design a hub out of it. Keep in touch with me...I love talking about this stuff. xoxox - yeah feel free to copy anything you need.

    • Katharella profile image


      8 years ago from Lost in America

      Wow, I am SO GLAD I found you! I answered your question at webanswers!

      I'm so glad I clicked your icon and found this page! You have helped me tremendously with the "Hypnopompic Dream State"

      My Doctor told me I have these, and have had for years, but I could not for the life of me get the spelling of it right! (I must change my hub if I have written about it:)

      It's like you opened a door there! (and other places in my life) :)

      When I was very young, my dad would let me stay up and watch tv on Fridays when there was no school until it went off air (yes I'm old lol) and there was nothing on but men in suits talking! They were talking about "Lucid Dreaming" and I found their conversation, even at a young age VERY intriguing! So, I (skipped school, yes I know bad) :) and would go to the library to learn more about this! I read, and I read!(If you see under my Marc Bolan writing that is the music I listened to, loving,caring type) :)- And I learned how to do this, I also learned WHY people wanted to do it, and HOW BADLY it steals from your regular 4 sleep cycles! As a kid, back when "Vinyl" was our music :) I too wanted to do something bad, that I wouldn't have to be in trouble for in REAL LIFE. I wanted to "steal a bunch of Albums." But I wasn't a thief! So it was going to be a task! Every night I focused on my very small album collection before I slept. Until one night, I did dream I was in Sears music section (when they had one lol) and I had as many as I could hold, and decided to run out of the store! Well, a sales lady seen me and said "Hey you, stop" and at that I woke up! Amazed that it worked, but wondering WHY did this woman's voice wake me! Later to learn that it's best not to interact with others as they can change the course of your dream!

      It wasn't until later in life (when I was married- as noted in your web answer I replied to) that these Hypnopompic Dream States were happening to me. My dad took me to Doctor after Doctor, only to have a neurologist tell me I was severely depressed, and gave me a medicine, which actually gave me a good nights rest, subsided my headaches, grinding of my teeth and I'd wake feeling refreshed! But the man I was married to, WOW I caused him some sleepless nights! We had a waterbed, and I could NOT sleep on it, so I resorted to sleeping on the sofa. I would see a black caped "devilish" character swooping about the room, and I would be screaming, and wake with him screaming at me "Stop screaming it's ok".. and I was still ranting that "it had me." Well, as I'm sure you know HE was the "it" that had me. Having studying this yourself, and reading my webanswer, I think again "fait":) Fate/destiny has lent a hand in helping me learn that being depressed was casing my Hypnopompic Dream State.. and still being in love with my first love. I guess all I can say here to end is THANK YOU! Thank you for putting a name on what it was that troubled me, and that you've opened a whole new world to me, and that I am doing to let my destiny pan out how it will as if we're meant to be together we will, if not, then that will happen as well. But we both feel confident and neither of us can stay apart, so hopefully this summer I'll not be lonely anymore, and neither will he. I'm going to print this off (Hope you don't mind) and tell him of his, as he believes when my father died, and his grandfather died, so close, we truly needed each other at this point in our lives. Again, I cannot say more than a heart felt thank you! -Kathy


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