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The Dreams and Nightmares of Human Consciousness

Updated on February 19, 2015

The Fascination of Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams and nightmares are aspects of human consciousness that have fascinated humankind for ages. Since the times of ancient Egypt, interpreting the meaning of dreams and nightmares has been attempted. Some modern psychologists still devote substantial portions of their professional practice to the dream and nightmare deciphering attempt.

The Best Way to Get a Good Night's Rest

If you experience dreams and/or nightmares that either frighten you or you cannot figure out what they may mean, separate yourself from inanimate objects that may be blocking the communication between your heavenly spirit (spine) and the soles of your feet (the door to your soul).

Do not sleep with earrings, dentures (or any other artificial object in your mouth). Your teeth take over the as communication projectors that create seemingly visual images. Wear a pair of white, comfortable socks (to the ankle is fine). Lie first on your right side, cuddle up to your pillow and try to fall asleep. If you still cannot fall asleep, carefully and gently, with your eyes closed, switch to your left side and repeat cuddle-up. If you still cannot sleep after trying to hold these positions as long as possible, continue gently switching sides with your eyes closed.

If you find it to be just impossible to sleep, at least try to rest peacefully on your right side until morning. Remember that God is Real, so you can always take a break. God is not a slave master. As God reads your mind when you get off your feet, His effort to soothe your life's miseries, one is always welcome to reconnect with Mother Earth by placing their feet back on the ground. Between God and Mother Earth you will find peace, eventually, as Nature's delicate balance is masterfully controlled. God considers everyone's abilities, beliefs and actions, and is very respectful of an individual's feelings. Continue this routine and eventually nightmares will magically disappear and dreams may start to come true.

Dreams and/or nightmares are simply the "videos" that are created and reflected on the tongue that result from the battle that takes place between your spirit's quest for physical, eternal life and the actions you have performed. One must effort to be in control of their physical selves as often as possible and especially not to break a religiously natural, physical or LEGAL law.


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