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The Easiest Way to Get Health Insurance Quotes

Updated on December 19, 2014

While it appears as if health insurance in the United States is becoming more expensive every year, there are still a number of ways to save a small fortune on your premiums. Best of all, it is possible to save this money without needing to sacrifice the quality of your coverage.

When you are an informed shopper, you will find it much easier to locate the insurer and health plan that meets your needs and fits within your budget. Below, we look at some simple ways to cut the cost of your health insurance.

Increase Your Deductible

Health insurance should be purchased to cover you against a major medical problem rather than being a method of paying for the costs of health maintenance. As a result, it is better to pay more in terms of your deductible, copayments, and co-insurance, as this can dramatically reduce the cost of your premiums. For example, increasing your deductible by 40 to 50 percent can cut up to 20 percent off your premiums.

High-deductible plans are often paired with health savings accounts, which let you contribute pre-tax dollars. The cost of your health care then comes out of the HSA until the deductible is met.

Consider Private Insurance

Believe it or not, a private plan could actually be cheaper than one sponsored by your employer. If you are young and healthy, it’s likely you will save a couple hundred dollars a year on a private plan. However, those with pre-existing conditions should stay on their company plan.

Shopping for private insurance has never been easier! Although there are different requirements depending on the insurer and state, you can use a comparison tool to zero-in on the perfect low-cost health insurance plan for you. For example, a resident of Arizona may pay a different price than a resident of New Jersey even if they have identical insurance plans.

Improve Your Health

As obvious as this suggestion is, it is amazing how many people completely ignore or forget about it. If you lose weight or quit smoking, for example, you will reduce the number of visits you make to your doctor and also decrease the cost of your insurance. Some companies actively penalize employees who refuse to give up bad habits! These penalties typically come in the form of a monthly premium surcharge.

If you are a smoker, you should use a comparison tool to find out how much cheaper insurance would be if you quit smoking. The size of the reduction may surprise you.

Shop for Health Insurance Today!

Purchasing health insurance is one of the single most important decisions you will make in your life. Instead of dragging your feet, use a health insurance comparison tool to receive instant quotes tailored to your needs. As you will be providing specific information about your own situation, you won’t receive dozens of quotes that make your head spin.


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