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The Eczema Experiment: Coconut Oil

Updated on September 9, 2011

What is coconut oil?

Well, we all know that coconut water is the trendiest new health “food,” but it seems that not many people know about coconut oil.

Coconut oil is extracted from the “meat” of a mature coconut. Due to its high fat content, coconut oil was given a bad rap for a long time, but it is now understood that its fat has unique health benefits. Sometimes referred to as “the healthiest oil on earth,” it is now considered a nutritious food.


Supposed Benefits

Coconut oil does not merely benefit the skin; it is said to have numerous additional health benefits, including:

                      * lowering cholesterol

                      * protecting against heart disease

                      * repairing and conditioning hair

                      * assisting with weight loss

                      * improving the digestive system

Of interest to this site is coconut oil’s supposed benefits for helping with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Coconut oil can be found at grocery stores or health food stores. I found that it is fairly inexpensive, especially compared to many creams and lotions on the market. The jars I found cost between $8 and $15. Larger sizes were available.


My Starting Point

I have a mild case of chronic eczema on my face and arms. It is most prominent on my cheeks, where my skin is rosy and rough to the touch.

My regular skincare routine includes exfoliating with a gentle brush once a day, and applying moisturizer several times a day. Typically, no matter what moisturizer I use, it works well for the first week or so, then absorbs so quickly into my skin that it leaves my skin feeling parched and uncomfortable.

For the next six weeks, I will apply coconut oil to my face once a day. I intend to continue exfoliating once a day, and to use my regular moisturizer as well. Wish me luck!


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      JC 5 years ago

      Did the coconut oil work??