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The Effects of White Noise on Learners with ADHD

Updated on November 13, 2012

Whether you are a teacher or a parent of a child with ADHD, it is important to make sure that your student or child is exposed to an environment that is suited for his behavioral condition. Children with ADHD find it difficult to calm down or stay behaved especially during long lectures and classes; and most of the time, this inattention leads to them having bad grades in school and not understanding the subject matter at all.

For the past few years, scientists in Scandinavian countries have been experimenting with white noise machines to assist learners with ADHD. As you probably know, white noise machines is currently used to cure or minimize cases of tinnitus, stress, migraines and insomnia. With this recent development, white noise could be the help parents of children with ADHD will find the most useful.

White noise is understood by the human brain in a very unique manner: you may hear it as a continuous calm hum or a stream of static sound. Others may hear white noise as a low-pitched ringing, but it's a kind of ringing sound that does not annoy the listener. Some noise frequency machines today utilize sounds in nature, so that while listeners get their daily fix of white noise therapy, they also get to enjoy listening to sounds made by birds, bugs, and rain drops.

White noise machines can make study-time more enjoyable for your child.
White noise machines can make study-time more enjoyable for your child.

White noise; however, does not only mean to entertain. This helpful type of low-frequency sounds can help learners with ADHD become more attentive since it normalizes dopamine levels in the brain. Whenever you flick a white noise machine on towards students who have ADHD and other cases of inattention, you are helping them increase brain activity and retention all the while helping them remember their lessons more effectively.

And just when you thought white noise machines were built for those with ADHD only, the results are the same when used on students who do not have ADHD but simply find it difficult to focus on their schooling.

Even learners without ADHD and ADD can benefit from white noise machines. Even professionals who are struggling to improve their productivity can find a solution in white noise machines. If concentrating and doing well in your work or study is a challenge, consider using white noise to help you maintain your focus on any task at hand.


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