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The Egg Diet

Updated on January 18, 2018

Introduction to the Egg Diet

The egg diet is an increasingly popular diet that gained some solid attention because of confirmed rumors of its use by Hollywood stars like Adrian Brody in order to drop weight for certain movie parts.  The egg diet is considered by some to be a fad diet, but this can be a little unfair seeing as how this diet encourages a more balanced meal and eating plan than many other fad diets.  Other criticism has come from arguments about eggs raising cholesterol to dangerous levels, but as plenty of recent tests have shown, many times that's just not the case.  Another problem that has formed with the debate over the egg diet is that there are several different forms of this diet floating around online, and some of the suggestions are dangerous and ridiculously low on calories.  However, the main agreement on the egg diet is a balanced meal plan high in protein and low in carbs that can definitely help in weight loss.  So read on to learn how the egg diet could help you shed some unwanted pounds.

How the Egg Diet Works

There are many different versions of the egg diet available online. Many of the reasons that some people harp on the egg diet as a bad fad diet is because they've read one of the alterations from the original.  The original idea behind the egg diet is solid, and doesn't involve a dangerously low amount of calories or a severe lack of vitamins and nutrients.  This diet was used by several Hollywood stars, which is part of the reason that it became popular.  What was unusual was the sheer number of people who posted their own "improved" altered version online.  We're not going to bother with any of those, however.

A general day on the egg diet would consist of something like this:

Breakfast: Several eggs (minimum of two - more if you feel like it), a slice of grapefruit, and another lean protein if you feel like it.  Avoid carbs like toast, bagel, or English muffin.

Lunch: Another serving of eggs, lean protein, and some low carb veggies.  Fruit is okay in small quantities, but you don't want to have a lot.

Dinner: Another serving of eggs, or a lean protein in place of eggs, salad, and low carb vegetables.

There's a version of this diet that's known as the egg and grapefruit diet, which has a half slice of grapefruit with every meal, as well.  Meals should be well balanced, and avoid excess snacking or liquid calories.  This is a high protein low carb diet, and eggs tend to be high in protein and low in calories.

Concerns with the Egg Diet

There have been a few outspoken concerns involving the egg diet. Most of these are from other versions of the egg diet that are way too low in calories, or advocate something stupid, like only eating eggs or only eating eggs and grapefruit and nothing else. As far as concerns with the actual and legitimate egg diet, the most common two are as follows:

  1. Aren't low carb diets unhealthy?
  2. Wouldn't eating so many eggs shoot your cholesterol through the roof?

For #1, most people believe this because it seems like common sense, but most recent studies have shown that people on low carb diets (not no carbs - there is a difference) actually have seemed to test better as far as cholesterol, blood pressure, and other health tests. Obviously you'll want to drink a lot of water and take vitamins to take care of all the body's needs, but low carb diets can work, and many tests recently have shown that people who eat eggs daily over a long period of time don't have noticeably higher cholesterol than those who don't.  This takes care of one of the major concerns with the egg diet.

Various Egg Diet Photos

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So Is the Egg Diet a Good Idea?

Many individuals have reported that the egg diet has worked very well for them, and two scrambled eggs can take up a lot of space in the stomach and a lot of protein in the body while only adding 160-180 calories. The fact that this diet requires three meals a day is a definite plus and adding some grapefruit, veggies, and other lean proteins will help you to feel full and remain healthy while losing weight - and still give you the energy that you need in order to work out, walk, or just function at a high level through normal daily activities.

While no one diet is completely perfect fit for everyone, many people will find the egg diet to be an effective way to drop a few extra pounds, and it is certainly far more healthy than many other fad diets out there. The egg diet can be a great way for some individuals to take off that extra weight and still have the energy they needed, and many people do find it a little bit easier than counting Weight Watchers Points, though the Adrian Brody egg diet is definitely more monotonous.

Egg Diet: A Conclusion

The egg diet, when followed in its original form or followed along the egg & grapefruit route, can be a very effective way of losing weight while maintaining a healthy eating plan. This diet at least makes a dieter eat three square meals, including breakfast. While a daily vitamin is recommended, that's never a bad idea for people whether they're dieting or not. Having plenty of protein will help the weight loss process, and since eggs don't have many calories you will tend to eat less than your daily maintenance amount, meaning you'll lose weight.

This isn't a bad idea at all for a diet, and the addition of grapefruit to every meal is actually an extremely smart idea. If you're looking for a diet to take off some pounds, you can do a lot worse than the egg diet.

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Egg Diet Comments

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    • profile image

      Ladybug76 12 months ago

      I have been eating scrambled eggs for about 3 and half weeks now with cayenne pepper on them, no salt. And I have lost 18 pounds. Yay. Loving it and drinking plenty of water. It can be done.

    • Supercellbaebe profile image

      Supercellbaebe 7 years ago from LONDON

      Eggs are great, I love them, but why oh why would you eat that many a day? Yuk!

    • profile image

      Mystery 7 years ago

      I have been on an egg diet recently and I find myself looking forward to eggs each meal, I eat up to 12 a day. Fried or scrambled with plenty of butter.

      Has been working for me, just don't have bread. Cheese is fine as it's low in carbs. But you'll retain water due to the sodium

    • profile image

      DemiDevi2 7 years ago

      Hmmm sounds good. I'm already coming up with ideas for dinner. Boiled egg in a salad w fresh lettuce, carrots and a few slices of cucumber and for the main course, lean ground beef seasoned cooked w green beans and a few carrots. ( a simple version of Mexican Picadio) It's makin me hungry.

      I guess you would have to be creative. I did the Scarsdale diet which includes a grapefruit w every meal as well. It is also a protein diet but let me tell you it works. I lost 10pds in 5 days. I didn't even go the whole 7 days, although I could have because Saturday was steak night for dinner if I'm not mistaken.

      Anyhow I will def try this egg diet :)

    • profile image

      Faith 7 years ago

      Duh... It is supposed to be a turn off. You are trying to decrease appetite. It will work it doesn't matter who you are.

    • GreenGoodsGuide profile image

      GreenGoodsGuide 7 years ago from Lehigh Valley PA

      Since I can't seem to eat eggs without cheese, that would seem to make this diet a no-go for me! And yeah, eggs that often would be a turn-off after awhile. I like eggs, but not THAT much!

    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      2 meals a day is OK but after that would be tough day in and day out. omelettes, scrambled, over-easy, hard boiled for egg salald sandwiches then what?

    • Julie-Ann Amos profile image

      Julie-Ann Amos 8 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      I like eggs but have to be "in the mood" but sounds interesting.

    • BirteEdwards profile image

      BirteEdwards 8 years ago

      Not a diet for me. I like eggs, but just the thought of eating that many a day, makes me sick.