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The Endless Results Of Suicidal Success.

Updated on January 2, 2010


The Endless Results Of The Suicidal's Successes.


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The spirit world

is full of comforters
who are totally

disconnected from those
who have passed on

by their own hand.

Because they

arrived too soon
before their time

was due and sadly
are still connected

to the earth.

Embittered by

their failure amidst
its living souls,
thus they must

haunt the empty places
that we all know as spooked,
and they stand nightly

in the graveyards
mumbling sadly

at the floral tributes
left to them long

after their departures.

I believe that

suicide victims are
the ghosts of this world
lingering with regret,
to serve as a reminder
to all the living
that life in its harshest form
is far better

then hopeless wandering
between the pages of eternity
endlessly rejected on either side.




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    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      suicide wrecks families, as they pass on their guilt to the once left. Enjoyed reading that. I read recently, that if the person that commited suicide could have lived to the next day with a little help, he/she would never have done it. Hopelessness can sometimes be only momentary, what a sad thing it is.....nice hub