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The Enterovirus- What You Need To Know

Updated on October 6, 2014

I was watching the news the other day and they were talking about this virus that was making kids sick. They said it was called Enterovirus and at that time it had only had cases in a few states. Now its a few weeks later and this virus has spread to a few more states. Here are somethings that you should know to help protect your family from this virus.

What Have We Learned So Far

This is a rare virus that has been suspected of sickening at least 1,000 kids in 11 states. It starts out like a cold but then quickly turns into something more serious. The Entrovirus is also known as Enterovirus 68 and is similar to what is called a Rhino virus that causes the common cold. The only difference is unlike a cold this infection can lead to sever respiratory symptoms like wheezing.

Earlier Cases That Have Been Reported

In Georgia and Pennsylvania reportes cluster of the Enterovirus almost 5 years ago, in September or 2009. As well as in Arizona had a small cluster of these cases in Aug. and Sept. 2010. According to a CDC report in 2011.

How Does It Start?

No one knows. While this not the first time the virus has popped up in the U.S. Health officials are still trying to figure out why this virus68 has reemerged.

How Does It Spread?

Again, no one knows how it spreads either but, the studies are limited and so knowledge about how the virus is spread. Everyday though new things are being discovered about this. If you have questions ask a health professional.

Another way this entrovirus is spread though contact with secretions, such as respiratory. Saliva and mucous are examples of these. Also though feces says the CDC.


As with anything nothing can be completely prevented but there are ways to keep you and your family safe. One major way is throughly washing your hands. Other ways included disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, and when you feel sick stay home.


There are not anti-virus medicine for this virus and none to prevent the infection. Check with your doctor or health care professional for medications.

Who Is Vulnerable?

What we do know about entorvirus68 is that it effects the respiratory and in most cases it has been young children. In Colorado there have been 9 reported cases of this virus causing paralysis and muscle weakness in children that have been hit with the virus. The CDC is looking in to these reports.

What we do know of this entrovirus is that it is affecting young children ages 6 weeks to 16 years old. Also children with asthma are susceptible. Making them sick enough where they have to be hospitalized and given breathing treatments.

As for adults, they are not as susceptible to this virus as children according to reports from the CDC. Knowing this does not mean that adults cannot get this virus, we just have not heard many cases that involve adults. So this means everyone should take precautions when it comes to this dangerous virus.

Where Can You Lean More About This Entrovirus68?

There are articles all over news about this dangerous virus. More and more everyday you can read about the research and cases, and whats being done to learn more about this virus. A very good site to check out would be the CDC website.

The link to this site is: When on the CDC site look under enterovirus68 (non-pollo enterovirus). To learn more about the virus its self and its signs.

What To Take From This

What I want you to take from this it that the entorvirus can start out as simple as a cold and turn into something worse like respiratory infection but,arming yourself with knowledge and talking to your doctor to learn more about this virus, you can truly take the major steps to protect yourself and your family.


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