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The Epicenter of Minds

Updated on January 24, 2014

The Epicenter of Minds

Lightening the global intercourse domain


Prince Edike

The out pouring of thoughts online, which Al Gore rightly pointed out in his powerful book, “The future” as one the six drivers of global change can’t be disputed the moment you behold the online world.

The internet blogging, videos and the numerous sites and materials have dominated the online domain today and the amount and quality keep soaring high and overwhelmingly rich and daunting. This area of the internet has served as the meeting spot of like and unlike minds of this generation, some trying to say something about the world as it undergoes unprecedented changes and challenges driven by both technology and ideas and while others making stories to drive traffic to get paid. The proliferation of powerful and intelligence information and creative writings online, carry with them people’s opinions and ideas. For instance, a post about how a young boy or girl unfold an extraordinary talent in Art, Music or science, exhibiting a divine endowment or learned skills, will be glued with comments of all sorts. Some relate their experience to what they have just read; expanding the concept to a wider range discussion while others, deviate to something else making the pieces of work appears ambiguous.


I’ve been noticing this trend for some reason. A reason beyond what thinking or mere imagination of the mind could conceive. I noticed a collective form of underlying emotion expressing itself in many forms; some tamed, while others out of control. Like the instance above, same goes with some beautiful post or a video aimed at educating the people and making us align with reality. This would turn out a spot where many diverse minds will conflict as well as an oasis where the enlightened ones will intercourse. Some of the reactions speak straight from the heart, while others, if I may put it this way; “are not deeply rooted from the universal heart which if clearly understood, are timeless and edifying truth”. The connection between the readers and the writer in most cases are deep and in alignment but in other cases, the common ground the work seeks might be confuse and reduced to battle ground for egos. When an idea disengages his audience of their preconceived notions and aspirations, two things will happen; the idea will be fought at and resisted or it will spur many to rethink and be enlightened. Connecting with ideas online has the potential of expanding readers mind and making them contribute positively to their sphere of contacts. When a culture doesn’t encourage learning new things and get strength from it, the chances are, it won’t keep up with the pace of the universe today. And when people connection is shallow and not guided by the basic rules of our shared humanity, words won’t do more than just letters as they appear.

In my understanding, the way and manner that people react online is predominantly influence by myriad factors. In a nutshell, whatever that is driving their lives be it their beliefs, race inclination, socio-economic status, their world-view; how they see the world around them individually, their states of mind as at when they go through the item online are all accountable for the reactions people make to online works. The truth is, having a clear understanding and awareness about our shared past, our present needs and aspirations, and what lies at the future, would help generate a common consciousness toward what we see and how we react to them online. However, humanity diverse ways in understanding the way our world work has contributed immensely to a radical shift of mindset from generation to generation but the fact remains that having a common ground to stand and conceive the major force underlying our existence wouldn't do much harm at all, at least in the light knowledge acquisition, application and living harmoniously.

Readers and surfers usually grasp a portion of the writer’s ideas. Some will add to their learning expanding their knowledge, others will disagree, an ego’s way of saying ‘I have a better idea and resist or fight.’ However, few in some cases will be humble enough to learn and make corrections, grow and willing to contribute. These are the ones who actually made the right connection to the “teacher”.

The globe is getting smaller, yet we are still struggling to make the right connection. This very connection will defile our ever present conceptualize identity and place us in a common ground of awareness that man is ravaging the globe with his ego. Man’s ego has made him disassociated himself from a common truth to a realm of collective madness never seen in any other creation. However this may seems, man possess the inherent abilities to manage and unlearn this universal plague while welcoming and nurturing the virgin being within.

As the globe gets even smaller each day, one of humanity challenges is to be able to see ourselves as one. One humanity connected to the whole. In the light of sameness, we should be aware of our common past, present and future lives are linked with that of our planet Earth. The truth of this light should remind us that our ancestors and future generation are linked and that we hold stake to one another irrespective of our ideas, colors or status. In the same manner, our existence transcends to another realm that hasn’t been fully grasp by many yet. We need to recognize the spark plug that runs in each of our souls as well as the vacuum that spans throughout all minds on earth today, a travailing spirit, seeking to be nursed by the truth that humanity has denied it for long. There exists a common element that we all are basically seeking in the generational journey of humanity, a magnetic field of divine source that would aligned the metallic mind of men to the ultimate compass of life’s purpose. The quest to fathom the way to the truth has spurred many to embark on diverse journey to make it known to man.

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The internet, like many books; offers a platform where we can actually learn, unlearn, relearn and exchange useful ideas to better our lives. It also offers solace to pleasure, ideas and financial seekers of all kind and ultimately exposes the speed and complexity of our world today. Materials on how to cope effectively with the complicated world and go beyond our borders to find the necessary skills, expertise, contacts and moral compasses needed to fit into the knowledge-based global economy abound online, and also how to make a smooth transition into personal and interpersonal improvement ventures.

Across the globe, men and women from different epoch of time have had the chance to connect to the universe engineer’s intent and they began to document the truth on how to live and fit well into the design. Their lives and works were examples for us to follow. They all point to a common truth to aid us connect well in order to illuminate the rest of the world. A truth that is so simple and easy to ignore, especially as we are being bombarded by information of diverse sources on how to live well and how to connect to the source of all intelligence and how to relate effectively with the people within our sphere of contact. The truth that these noble men and women speak to our heart and points to an open hand of a divine master, urging us to be re-birthed.

The question that kept me awake even until now is- “How can humanity with all its diverse way of thinking agree to this common truth that speaks to our hearts, the truth about where we have been, where we are and of course where we are heading to. How can I be of relevant to this quest that has been unfolding?” an awareness of this reality that confronts man today should enable us to first, step backward, take a longer glance at the events that shaped the world until date, the aftermaths of these events and the way they have shaped our destinies as human. Only after such a wider range viewing of the big picture, does the reality shows up as coordinate dotted spots. These spots if possibly analyze using a common lens, would show that- our world need to be fixed. More also, if the spots could be plotted on graph of rationality against time, the slope would indicate that man is really out there to control and at the same time remain slave still. Like the words of Jean Jacques Rousseau; “Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains. One thinks himself the master of others and still remain a greater slave than they.”


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Now that you are online be reminded of these words and know where you fit or better still, be smart to distance yourself from both sides and make a better connection to what you see and read.

Making a heart-based connection with people around you and those ideas online is as easy as it gets. It’s a matter of looking the world with the person’s or idea’s lens of view and opening your heart to it. A simple visual and mind connection with each other can be the beginning of building a more heart-centered learning and wisdom expansion online. The result will be a tremendous oneness of heart and a call for positive actions online. This mode will inspire us to undermine our mind centeredness which defines us, giving us conceptual identity and pride as to what we are, for a better and more heart centeredness lifestyle which tells us more about our shared humanity; who we are. This exercise opens the door to the real being in us as we reflect it to others by seeing them as ourselves. Contentment, confidence, resilience energy, deep peace of mind and inner beauty emerge and converge in our lives and works both online and off-line. In addition to the renewing our inner states, deep connection to others without losing track of our values and goals, open up new possibilities in our life to reanalyze and if possible, question some of our priorities and reposition our affairs and routines to suite our pursuit in life, girding us not to derail when we are smashed.

Dwelling only on things that are most important in our live amidst distractions and misconceptions that our present system breeds, necessitates a higher degree of intercourse among the thinkers of this generation. Some are already gone but their works still speak in books and online world. The ones that are living are still within our reach and their works should motivate and guide us to expand and joining the league of online and offline gentlemen and women in order to contribute also the humanity progress.


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