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The Essence of Values Education System

Updated on March 14, 2015

A person can be positively judged as lovable, admirable, exemplary, successful, and so forth as opposed to being ridiculous, disdainful, disgusting and the likes in the negative sense based on the personality he exudes in all types of his relationships and social exposures and most important in his life style in all aspects as in economic condition, material possessions, educational attainment, types of job and position, status quo, even demography, health, beauty, et all… and all these show through all the years in his life, past, present and for the future.

Whatever and however a person lives his exposed life in all aspects are products of what a person values most in his deepest value system.

Survival is inherent in human nature and we pursue incessantly those things that we value most or those that we deem important and meaningful in our lives. We invest all our resources and efforts whatever the cost in exchange for those that we value most.

In the following discussions I cite four most strategic areas in the inner values to develop in order to live a desirable personality and valuable life.

  1. 1. Self-value
  2. 2. Love your neighbors
  3. 3. Genuine allegiance to your government and authority
  4. 4. Complete adherence to Godliness or the Higher Self


Self-value is the pre-requisite to all the values that one person assigns to everything in his total ecology. What one values in life or anything that is important to a person in this life is a reflection of the self-value that he sustains within him/her throughout life.

Hence self-value is the basic, the foundation of life. This is not merely an assumption of who you are and what you are or what your role in life is. This is not like saying “I am beautiful, I am rich or poor or I am smart, or I am a good mother, a good teacher…etc.” You will know how you value yourself by giving yourself time to relax and listen to the dialogues inside you at all times in any given situation.

What dialogues are going on in your mind for example when you just wake up in the morning with that funny-looking unkempt hair as you see in the mirror? Do you say “Gosh, am so ugly, I look like Einstein” or are you kind to yourself to say “Well, that hair looks funny but I still have the beautiful and refreshed face…”

Another example: What is your inner dialogue when after paying all your bills right after payday and almost nothing is left in the balance? “Do you say to yourself “Shit, I work hard 40/5 and I still don’t have enough money left…no matter what I do, there’s just not enough to go around…” or will this situation be a challenge for you to say to yourself “Well, I am a hardworking person, I am creative, I know that an opportunity that best suit me is open for me…it would bring me abundance that I deserve in life.

The idea is, you are always for yourself even in the inner dialogues. Be aware of your inner dialogues, are they for your own good? Are the dialogues giving you value as a person, a person that is unaffected by any situation in a given time? Always find a very good and logical reason to value yourself even in odd times and situation.

Love your neighbor

Self-value means loving everything that you are. Understanding yourself completely and accepting yourself unconditionally, knowing your weakness as well as your strength. Weaknesses and flaws are just weaknesses, just a part of you, not the whole you, just as failures and losses are just among the many experiences that can be corrected and just pass by with time.

In this viewpoint about yourself, it would then be easy to see that the person next to you is just like you. These people also have their fare share of human experiences just like you. Once you learn to accept and love yourself completely then you can easily do the same to others.

Once again let’s go to your inner dialogues concerning your neighbors or the love ones next to you.

Spouses who eventually separate and divorce often have inner dialogues that contain the flaws and mistakes of the partner. For example; the issue of money, what are the dialogues inside your head in a situation where during payday your husband’s salary that he gave is not complete? You probably have this “this animal is not giving me his full salary, I know he is spending much with his flirting activities, or vices, wait until I find someone new who is rich and would offer me money, I will really leave you,” whether the situation with your husband is real or imagined this dialogue would persevere in you for days on end until your respect for your husband will diminish. To make positive statements that value your marriage relationship, the dialogue could be “I know my husband, he loves me as much as I love him, money won’t be a controlling factor in our relationship, I am creative and I can contribute to our financial needs, I trust my husband as much as he trusts me.”

This kind of dialogue could also be applicable to anyone in your horizon. The bottom line is to pay attention to your own self-value and the values of people around you. Living harmoniously with everyone else in your daily association is very important. This is a values system that could bring you good opportunities in life. When people in your daily association realize that you value them in your life they will resonate and value you as well.

Genuine allegiance to your government and authority

Living harmoniously with the self and the productive relationship with everybody in your horizon would be the ticket to your values systems with regards to the laws of your country and locality. From yourself you climb higher up the hierarchy of your values system and everything happens naturally like the way you breathe. The question here would be, as always, “what dialogues inside your head with regards to your country and the politicians than anchor the laws of the land. When you read and watch corruptions of politicians on TV, what reactions do you have to maintain positive balance in your life? Do the dialogues say “I hate these politicians, they are bad and they are just there to oppress the poor,” or can you have a dialogue such as “politicians are there when they’re there but they will soon pass the realm to others, I will just hope that the next ones are better.” Politicians are also humans who are fallible and driven by their ambitions. If nothing else we can only pray for them and try not to be directly affected by their mistakes. We don’t need to be blind to the truth of what is going on in our society but to maintain balance in our life, the basic is to value yourself and everyone else. We can only be happy that we still have freedom to move around in our own country, it can be worse if you are in North Korea or other dictator government. If you are in a freedom society be thankful and be the best that you can be as a result of being in such a country.

Complete adherence to Godliness or the Higher Self

Every human is a spirit-soul-body that needs to be nurtured in a balance. Some people seem to be lucky in all their endeavors and this is because they are developing proportionately in all these three components.

We nurture our body with nutritious food, good exercises and other maintenance for a glowing physical vitality. Our soul and spirit also need to be nurtured. Their nourishments come from words of wisdom and consistent feeding of positive attitudes. The dialogues that happen in the mind are from the soul and spirit that dwell within us. To feed them is to listen to them and make them to connect to nature, not just to watch the beauty of nature but also to ponder on how nature works. In nature we see abundance like the sands in the beach, the water in the ocean, the leaves in the trees and a lot more. The spirit feeds on this acknowledgement and once the spirit is well-fed the soul, which is the seat of emotion is healthy as well as the body.

I have just discussed the four basic areas in Values formation that can be useful to live a meaningful and harmonious life. They can be easily said than done because the effort is inside us. They can only be demonstrated in the life f a person who live within the scope of these values.

To summarize the four areas: We value ourselves foremost by being kind to ourselves in self-dialogues, then we look into the good of others by modeling goodness to them, then speak no ill of your government but pray for them and last but not least, draw your personal power from the Higher Self which is your spiritual self and the soul.


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    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      3 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Hi Globe,

      It's been late to read your comment, we had been chatting in facebook before I read this...well, you are my friend in facebook and in my page there, you see my true life mentality and activities...I love to write on my convictions but I a also number one of what I write....Sometimes, if not often I am hit by situations that attack me in a given time and I start thinking negatively like I feel I am neglected by my love ones...I know it isn't true, my ubby loves me and so do my children and grandchildren It's my living apart from them and feeling so lonely that gives me the feeling and I sometimes want to die when things seemingly gets out of control, and I do get sick actually.

    • Globetrekkermel profile image


      3 years ago from CALIFORNIA

      Insightful look at the Filipino sentiments in regards to how they view education. How is life treating you otherwise, Jynz?


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