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The Evolving Odyssey (Part-two)

Updated on March 31, 2014
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I am an online advocate for change, currently working as a paralegal and event specialist. I experienced writing with College Prowler.


The Evolving Odyssey-Part-Two

Volume 5, Issue 15, March 31, 2014

When I trekked my way to the hospital, I was stumbling along, and holding on to everything I could get my hands on. As a matter of fact, I tried to park as close to the emergency door as possible, because I was going to have to walk myself through the emergency doors of the hospital. This meant I would have to hold onto every car on the path to the hospital door so I would not fall on my way into the hospital.

The odyssey began on my way into the hospital, and as I took a seat to sit down, I had to catch my breath. I asked the receptionist if she could be patient with me, and bear with me so I could explain my situation. It was humbling, when I was at the hospital and I had to ask permission to be treated, and I was asked about insurance, where I had reluctantly explained; that unfortunately, I was not insured with at the time. The receptionist then handed some paperwork to complete all the while I was struggling to sit without feeling extreme pain. Thoughts of just laying down to try and ease the pain were creeping into my emotional state. I had to further explain to the receptionist at the hospital if the hospital could extend me a medical care benefit in this urgent care situation. God must have been with me that day because I was able to get a benefit and be seen by a doctor who gave me a shot in my hip and lower back to kill the extreme pain. I was by that time gasping from the pain and the doctor could see and hear me wince all the while when she examined me. It was the most horrible pain I had ever felt, it literally felt as if a knife was going through my spine, hip, knee, foot, and lower body. The pain radiated all the way down to my foot.

Once I was released from the hospital it gave me time to ponder so many things that my mind was spinning uncontrollably, when I had my accident. It was a combination of emotions, stresses, and ultimately the pain that racked my body.

I was ultimately forced to look for a means to support myself in thoughts of where, what, when, how, and also why I was going through this turmoil. I often went through many deep and meaningful thoughts, and I knew that it had meant I was going to have to go through the many hurdles just to obtain at least a minimal amount of money to sustain myself. I had to go through the decisions of how to obtain and what measures I should take when faced with an accident. Even given the circumstances and under the situation I was in, in order to obtain what I was entitled to. For those of you who may have gone through the same circumstances do not ever let your pride or embarrassment get in the way of your decisions to pursue the measures like State disability or federal disability, or even workers compensation. In case of a work accident in order to obtain benefits a person must file a workers compensation claim with their employer and it is a deduction that you pay into through your payroll deductions, which is also a State disability insurance deduction in state compensation or federal disability programs every employee pays into.

Although I was well aware of my situation I was still entitled to benefits due to the condition and how I had my accident, and the condition I was in. All of that being said, I still needed desperately to get immediate medical attention.

At the time, I did not know it but if would be the first of only two days of medical treatment I would receive for quite a while until I was seen by a physician and that also meant my injury had compounded into a detrimental state. Since not having insurance and the pre-existing medical condition; and the fact that I did not have a leg to stand on “literally because of my insurance situation.”

I was on an emotional roller coaster. From having to find income to paying the mounting bills I had and I had to prioritize everything. The cost was great because not only was I dealing with the mounting bills I had but I had the most unbelievable experiences with unsympathetic people and it became very ugly. I will admit that all of it was not ugly, I did find a light at the end of the tunnel but, I still struggle to maintain a lifestyle whether it be a more poorer experience than the lifestyle I was accustomed to. It had a detrimental effect on my life and how people perceived me in and out of the business world.

I did the research and studied all of the effects of the human muscles and tissue that I could relate to my situation, because I had lost tissue around and in my inner knee muscles, and that was a result of the injury. So I started to research how I could regain muscle in the joint or knee that I had lost. I found in my research and searches that building muscle tissue can be accomplished by using the right diet and exercising the muscles or joints where I needed to rebuild. Swimming became part of my salvation and recovery to health, it was my way with proper diet and this exercise that I was able to rebuild the muscle in my leg, knee, and ease the pain in my back, leg, and body. Swimming activated the neurons in my muscles, so they grew new muscle in my joints.

At the time, it was devastating to me emotionally so I started on a journey to find out what I could do to improve my mental health as well because the stresses I was experiencing began to affect me emotionally. All of the stresses of my losses including my deteriorated health by no fault of my own were at issue and staring me in the face. I had to deal with the problem on a different level than what I was accustomed to because as I had said before I would ignore many things that I did not realize I had done until I was injured. To be frank, I acted like a “Jerk” and I was faced with people that developed the same mentally that I had before who simply ignored the problem and was condesending, although I was not fully aware of it.

I went further and sought out help from government institutions and community centers because I had never experienced this type of problem before. I had never thought I would have to experience this type of issue before. That is something that needs to be said, is not to give up no matter what because there are numerous centers that may have dealt with a problem or issue before, so I was not alone. The reason I had to turn to the government is because I was faced with the fact that I may have to live with someone or have someone care for me because I was unable to walk for a period of time.

Then the most profound things started to happen when people I came across both disabled and non-disabled in the normal day-to-day processes of finding help, where I found quite a few people that were the most unsympathetic people I had ever encountered. I was developing a thicker skin by no fault or choosing of my own. This is when I noticed how I seen myself in those people who were unsympathetic. I looked at a mirror of myself in those people. I had grown or developed into a unsympathetic person before I had my accident and now that I did have an accident I was forced to see myself as I actually was perceived by people and how I perceived these unsympathetic people I was just beginning to encounter.

At the most unbelievable times in our lives we are faced with the truth about ourselves. It was entirely unexpected and profound in its appearance when I had to face the truth about me, about the person I had become. I did not realize it initially oh no, it was not immediate; it was as gradual as the development of my unsympathetic self. It was through the challenges I faced that I realized I had a problem and I was in a situation where I needed understanding.

Thankfully, I did have to plan many things and I was aware of resources that maybe the normal day-to-day living individual may not be aware of, or accustomed to. I began my journey into this odyssey with seeking community and government assistance. By the way, in every city hall or community center there are resource centers available to the public, on most every issue or circumstance that a person may have. I truly recommend that every citizen who may or may not have an issue that may have a need for some type of services, in no matter what circumstance or situation to seek out help from your neighborhood City Hall or community center; to obtain the information and help you may need. Libraries are also an excellent way to start finding where all the resources are or you can even look in your yellow pages to find or seek out resources. Not only was I influenced by the businesses I had once been involved with but at this time, when people were becoming more health conscious with the use of more and more of the skinny jeans, my social environment and everything else had changed.

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