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The Eye tells a Story !

Updated on May 14, 2013

Eye as index of Health

The Eye is an index of the general health of the body, just as the face is the index of the mind. Everybody is familiar with the general appearance of an eye, but a little bit more information will give us an insight into why the eye is such an important organ. The eyes allow us to see and vision is the greatest of all our senses. A simple look at the eye gives us a wealth of information. The white of the eye is called the Conjunctiva and the central portion is the Cornea which is transparent and slightly raised. Inside the cornea is the Iris, a circular diaphragm of thin muscle fibres. In the centre of the iris is the Pupil, which is the aperture(hole) through which light enters. Sitting snugly inside the pupil, behind the iris, is the Lens which lets the images to be reflected onto the Retina on the back of the eye.

A yellowish discoloration of the conjunctiva could mean Jaundice and malfunction of the Liver. Redness of eyes can be due to simple congestion, Conjunctivitis due to viral or bacterial infection or other eye and general disorders. On pulling the lower lid, the pink or reddish colored thin blood vessels are seen normally. If the color is pale or white it signifies Anemia. In Vitamin A deficiency still seen in many underdeveloped countries, silvery white scales called Bitot's Spots are seen on the conjunctiva on the lateral side of the cornea. It calls for urgent treatment as otherwise the eyesight may be lost permanently. The Retina on the back of the eye is usually examined with an ophthalmoscope through the pupil. It can reveal changes in the blood vessels indicating High Blood Pressure or in the retina itself due to chronic Diabetes.

The eye is also an indicator of our emotions. We cry when we are sad or also when we are very happy. In anger or rage, the eyes may become blood red ! The eyes may become red after ingestion of alcohol. The eyes are also supposed to convey a message which words cannot do ! The eyes dilate when we are scared or surprised and constrict when we are angry or disappointed. The eyes also dilate to let in more light when the outside light is insufficient and constrict when too much light is focused on the eye. The constriction of the pupils on exposure to light is used as an indicator of the the Brain function and of life itself since you are now 'dead' only when you are 'brain dead'

The eye is now an important indicator of our identity! Iris scanning has now been adopted by many authorities and governments and captured in millions of Identity documents world wide. The iris is unique to each individual. The color of the eyes, black, brown, blue, hazel etc is due to the pigment on the iris. The contour, arrangement and color of the iris cannot be changed in an individual.

The eyes indeed tell a story! and interesting too!


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