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The Fastest Way to Lose Weight-Best Kept Secrets Revealed

Updated on June 19, 2009

4 Minute Tabata Protocol Workout

Static Contraction Training Workout on 1 Rep Gym

Weight Loss Secrets You Need to Know

You've probably never heard of most of the following 'secrets' to weight loss I'm about to reveal.

(I can vouch for how effective they are, since I use them myself as well as many others that are 'in the know'. So you need to start doing these things NOW if you want to lose weight fast!)

Secret #1: Tabata Protocol

The Tabata Protocol is simply the fastest, most effective and most beneficial cardio workout you will ever do, period.

This workout can be done on almost any piece of cardio equipment (stationary bike, Versaclimber, rowing machine, elliptical trainer, etc. - however, a treadmill doesn't work too well as you shall see) and takes 10 minutes or less, depending on your fitness level.

Can you really get a fat-burning mega-workout in less than 10 minutes?

Obviously, you've never TRIED the Tabata Protocol, or you wouldn't be asking that question!

Here's the deal:

Your body adapts to whatever you do, whether you eat more or fewer calories, workout for longer or shorter durations of exercise, workout more or less intensely, or with more or less weight on the bar, etc.

If you eat fewer calories than your body requires for its mass (which is approx. 10 calories per pound) your body will do things like slow its metabolism or shed muscle to make due with less.

If you workout for 30-60 minutes (or longer) in your 'aerobic zone', your body will adapt to this by shrinking its internal organs and becoming more efficient at storing fat for energy in order to sustain long-duration bouts of exercise.

(Incidently, this is why many marathon runners die of heart-attacks - they train their bodies to endure long duration, low-to-medium intensity exercise which causes their body to shrink their heart and internal organs to adapt, so when sudden, high-intensity stress is placed on their system, the heart gives out.)

If you lift the same amount of weight each time, your body will not get any stronger and will adapt by shrinking muscles you aren't using.

The good news is, this same adaptive response can be used to your advantage.

By INCREASING the intensity of exercise, your body adapts by INCREASING its capacity, STRENTHENING its organs, and LOSING fat it doesn't need.

This is how the Tabata Protocol produces the most efficient fat-burning, heart-strengthening workout possible.

By doing short bouts of high-intensity exercise, increasing in intensity and number each workout, your body will become a fat-burning machine, and your heart, lungs and other organs will increase in capacity to adapt.

A Tabata Protocol work consists of 20 second intervals of high-intensity exercise, followed by a 10 second interval of minimum intensity.

This cycle is repeated until you can't keep up the intensity. When first starting out, most people can only do 2 intervals (of 20 seconds fast, 10 seconds slow) for a total of 1 minute of actual exercise.

Since you do a 3 minute warm-up (at moderate pace) and a 2 minute cool-down at slow pace before and after the actual Tabata workout, your 'Beginners' Tabata Protocol workout lasts 6 minutes.

You will wish it were over sooner.

As you increase in fitness level, you add intervals. Most people top out at 8 intervals (4 minutes of exercise) plus the 3 minutes of warmup and 2 minutes of cool down totaling 9 minutes.

Here's how the Tabata Protocol workout turns your body into a fat-burning machine:

Your body has 2 fuel-burning systems: Aerobic and Anaerobic.

Aerobic means 'with oxygen' and anaerobic means 'without oxygen'.

With a typical 'aerobic' workout, you are burning FAT as your fuel (after the initial 10-12 minutes of exercise where you burn mostly glycogen, or blood-sugar).

Fat is the fuel your body uses when doing an aerobic workout. And most people (erroneously) believe this is a good thing. Isn't burning fat the whole point of exercising?

Well, yeah, except your body adapts by becoming more efficient at STORING fat, since that is what you keep asking your body to burn for its frequent exercise regiment.

High-intesity cardio burns CARBS for fuel, and since you cannot sustain a Tabata Workout for more than 9-10 minutes, you NEVER actually burn fat during a Tabata Protocol workout.

"WHAT????" you say!

What happens is your body depletes ALL of the blood-sugar available very quickly during a Tabata Workout and seeks to REPLACE that lost fuel as quickly as possible. It does this by kicking in the 'anaerobic' fuel system. Now you are using BOTH your aerobic and anaerobic fuel systems.

You know this is happening because you will start panting heavily, which is your body's attempt at getting more oxygen to burn more fuel to feed your muscles. Since you can't take in oxygen fast enough, your anaerobic system kicks in (remember: Anaerobic means 'without oxygen').

The practical upshot of this is your body will continue to burn fat for 24 hours or longer AFTER your workout in order to replenish the lost glycogen from your Tabata Protocol workout.

And as you continue this type of exercise, your body will adapt by getting rid of the fat it no longer needs to store, since you aren't using it anymore in your workouts.

The trick is to increase the tension and/or number of intervals when you sense you have improved your fitness level at the current workout. Using a heart rate monitor and sampling your 'Recovery Time' at the end of the workout is the best way to know if your fitness level has improved, indicating you need to add an interval next workout, or ratchet up the tension on your cardio equipment.

This way, you are increasing from workout to workout and forcing your body to adapt by strengthening organs, building capacity and burning fat.

Secret #2: Warrior Diet

We have a sympathetic and asympathetic nervous system, and during the day (when our ancestors typically spent their time on 'hunting and gathering') our sympathetic nervous system operates to keep you productive and alert.

At night, your asympathetic nervous system kicks in, which helps repair tissue and recover from the days activities.

The Warrior Diet works with your body to cleanse your system during the day by metabolizing dead cells and waste products from cells and utilizing body fat as its fuel stores, while at night your system is repaired and strengthened.

By not eating during the day (or eating only very little, such as piece of fruit, or a couple nuts) your body burns up dead tissues and operates at peak efficiency, keeping you alert and using fat stores for fuel instead of food being digested.

By eating a large meal at night, your body uses its energy to digest, repair and recover, add muscle and slow down as is typical of nighttime cycle we almost all experience.

"WHAT????" you say!

You thought eating a big meal at night and skipping breakfast were the big 'weight loss taboos', didn't you?

Wrong. If nothing else, you will eat less this way, which will help control your appetite and facilitate weight loss. You will NOT suffer from an impeded metabolism or pack on fat by eating before bed.

The details of the Warrior Diet consist of:

- Eat only 1-2 pieces of fruit during the day (berries are best). Drink coffee, tea, and/or freshly juiced vegetable juice. Drink plenty of water.

- If you can't make it to dinner, have a small handful of nuts for protein.

- For dinner, start with a leafy green salad, followed by a main course that consists of protein and vegetables. This can be a roast, fish, chicken, whatever.

- Save the carbs for the end of the meal.

- Eat a large variety of foods, and eat as much as you want.

- Stop eating when you feel more thirsty than hungry.

It will take 1-2 weeks to get used to eating this way, but once you do, you will not feel hungry during the day and will enjoy mental alertness, overall health, and fat loss you wouldn't have thought possible.

Combine the Tabata Protocol with the Warrior Diet and watch the pounds melt away.

Secret #3: Static Contraction Training

You can build muscle in record time by putting forth the maximal intensity you can achieve for very brief periods of time (a few seconds) with Static Contraction Training.

Since your body will adapt to anything, the way to grow muscle is to overload the muscle as much as possible.

This is impossible with traditional weight lifting, because you can only lift as much as you can lift through your weakest range of motion.

For example, while doing the Bench Press you are weakest when the bar is at your chest and as you begin to push the bar up. You are strongest when your arms are almost completely locked out.

You may be only able to Bench Press 150 pounds in your weakest range, but you can probably Bench Press 400-500 pounds in your stongest range.

If you only ever Bench Press 150 pounds (since that is the most you can 'get off your chest') your body isn't going to add muscle it doesn't need.

But if you MAX OUT by Bench Pressing 500 pounds in your strongest range, your body will adapt by adding muscle.

It takes special equipment to handle these large poundages, so a Smith Machine or Power Rack is required, or a 1 Rep Gym, which is designed specifically for this type of workout.

And since you are lifting far more weight than at any previous time, you will require longer periods of time to recover. Therefore, you will get to the point where you only have to do a workout like this once every couple weeks or so.

Advanced trainees only lift once every month or longer, and get stronger and add muscle mass each and every time.

Secret #4: HCG Diet Cure

Forget about dieting. With all of the above secrets, you will get down to the least amount of body fat you can achieve in the quickest time, without spending a dime.

Some of us have spent many years chasing the best diet or fitness program, cycling for periods of overeating and sedentary lifestyle to workout mania and dieting extremes.

This can cause your metabolism to get so far out of whack that your body will not give up those 'few extra pounds' we have come to feel are a permanent part of our physique.

This is where the HCG Diet comes in. About 60 years ago a British physician made the discovery that a certain hormone women produce during pregnancy can correct the metabolic imbalance that causes this condition.

If you follow the above program of Tabata Protocol, Warrior Diet and Static Contraction Training and find there is body fat you cannot get rid of, you may need to fix your metabolism with HCG.

Of course, you need to do the above FIRST - using HCG (available only by prescription) is a last resort to fix your metabolism so you can achieve the body you always wanted without resorting to dieting ever again.

Have you ever heard of any of the above? Have you tried them?

Let me know your experiences - sound off in the comments section below:



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    • profile image

      Lesley 5 years ago

      The Warrior diet is vastly different from anything I've heard before. I'm currently going through some adrenal fatigue issues--I'm a little worried starting that kind of diet stress me out more. Should I wait until my adrenals ae stabilized or just try it out now?

    • Jon Law profile image

      Jon Law 7 years ago from Birmingham UK

      Some very interesting information here TM. I'm a fan of Tabata's a big fan. One point, when working anearobically we pant to breathe out excess CO2 as we are working without oxygen.

    • profile image

      MatthewSM 8 years ago

      Good info. Should increase intensity of exercise and not maintain then. Wouldn't want muscle to shrink.

    • profile image

      Janice 8 years ago

      Thanks for your article.