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The Fitbit Review

Updated on February 21, 2016


The FitBit

The Fitbit

Personal fitness is a prime concern with the rates of obesity skyrocketing. While most experts agree that the key to maintaining or losing weight is by a healthy diet and exercise, utilities and tools that help you track fitness and calories such as the Fitbit help you on your path and improve chances of success.

The Fitbit is a small device that can either clip to your clothing or remain in your pocket while you exercise. The 3D motion sensor, which is comparable to the one found in the Nintendo Wii remotes, tracks motions in three different dimensions to calculate your activities.

Whenever you walk by the wireless station, data from the Fitbit is automatically updated to allow you to keep track of your progress. The station itself connects to your computer with a USB cable. Once the information gets uploaded, you can log in to their website to keep a detailed record of your activities free-of-charge. The site even creates graphs to present the information to your visually as well as with text. The site also includes information about workouts such as pilates, cycling or yoga and information about the nutritional content of over 100,000 different foods.

The activities that the Fitbit actually keeps track of include the steps you’ve taken, number of calories burned, how far you’ve traveled and even the quality of your sleep. You can actually glance at how well you’re doing and what your stats are at the current time by looking at the device.

How to Use the Fitbit

The FItbit Wireless



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