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The Fitness Trampoline by Jumpsport:Why Buy?

Updated on July 22, 2013

Jumpsport Fitness Trampolines

This is about some great options you have when considering a home fitness trampoline or "urban rebounder". We look specifically at some of the best Jumpsport fitness trampoline options, such as the Jumpsport 220 and the Jumpsport 220 vs 350 models. These are ideal for those who do not have a lot of disposable income but who do value their health and have seen the benefits to a safe, quiet rebounder trampoline when looking for trampolines for sale or other alternatives to running and other exercises that can damage knees and cartilages.

Rebounding is fun!
Rebounding is fun!

Why I got Interested in a Rebounder

I am into health and fitness and always looking at ways to make fitness "fit" into a busy schedule. I have been interested in cleansing of the body for some time and I have learned cleansing the liver particularly -of toxins- was a good idea , and the one program I was on recommended using a small fitness trampoline for a good lymphatic workout.

I didn't even know why my lymph glands needed a workout! The lymph system is there to isolate and come against infections and to absorb the excessfat, fluid and detritus floating around in our bodies. The lymph system can become blocked and when it does it can show up in symptoms like the common cold. Wikihow has some good information on how to give your lymph system a workout and mentions rebounders. In fact it has been said that rebounders give benefit to those who want to cleanse their body of toxins as it helps you to rid these from your body (provided you do it long enough to bring out a sweat of course).

Some rebounders do not really provide a decent lymph work out with just the health bounce because of the way the springs are made and how they perform.

A good one to provide a great lymph workout is JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 350 Non-Folding
- the handle bar costs $79 and (and called: JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Exercise Handle Bar) -and you can buy to match.

In one review review on the health (including lymph benefits) of this rebounder by a customer NYFB in Amazon, who bought one, the reviewer says he got rid of 80% of the varicose veins that showed up unflatteringly in his lower legs.

No , the trampoline is not cheap but compare this to what you pay in health costs!

Why Rebounding is Better than Other Exercises.

According to NASA research, the fact that there is that up-down motion while rebounding exposes the human body to the "G-Force" (pull of gravity). When we resist gravity by jumping up apparently the whole body gets stronger..Astronauts apparently responded quicker in terms of toning and building up muscles using a rebounder than by doing other exercises (they lose a lot of muscle up in space because there's no gravity to resist).

-There are benefits to your lymphatic system, which I have already covered. According to Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, author of " Medical Physiology," "when the Lymphatic System is functioning as God designed it to, "it is practically impossible to get sick.".

-Rebounding is a quicker way to have a total-body workout than any other exercises. All other strength exercises are to strengthen only the muscles and usually this is only muscle-group by muscle group. (If bouncing up and down doesn't appeal and you want a good all-over body strength training program I would also suggest look at the review of Shin Ohtake's course in

-you can do it indoors,and if you get bored, can do it whilst watching TV

- if you go jogging on hard surfaces it can subject your joints like knees and ankles to stress and these can be damaged if you do a lot of jogging- while rebounding impacts the joints and cell in the body equally without these stresses.

- it's good for mental health -as is all aerobic exercise. It has been noted in the Harvard Health Publications report that there are better longer-lasting positive effects on depression if people do regular aerobic exercise than if people are put on antidepressants!

One of the things I was led to do (not by my doctor ,mind!) when I had an attack of Bells palsy-was strenuous hill-walking and running. If I had known about the trampoline-and had access to one-I would have used it.

Astronauts use Rebounders
Astronauts use Rebounders | Source

Top 5 points for me

  1. benefits to lymph system
  2. quick and better way to have an all-over body workout
  3. can do it at home
  4. less stress on joints of the body
  5. good for mental stimulation and more fun than a gym

Smooth and Silent

Why buy this rebounder? Well, for starters, if we look at the Jumpsport 220 , it has arched legs (which have, I believe, a patent pending on them) and which make for a really stable-and safe-platform, compared to straight-leg rebounders. So you can do more exercises. Also it is really quiet-it has a bounce that as Amazon says is "virtually silent" so you can use it anytime. The EnduroLast 2 bungee cords have been tested to 2 million bounces -so there are no squeaky metal springs!

How To Start Using a Jumpsport

Rate your Jumpsport Trampoline-How does it perform?

Cast your vote for fitness trampoline


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