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Explorations in Nutrition & Health - 川 (Flow) & Steering the Ship

Updated on January 6, 2017


What is (Flow) & Steering Ships you might ask.

In this hub and the series it begins, we'll hopefully attempt to explore the concept of both, starting a journey to really rediscover nutrition and a truly wholistic health model.

In request is an openness to try a perhaps very fresh new approach and if possible to please contribute info / pictures when you can. So for example if we're looking into a certain fruit please feel free to use the comments section to add any information you've learnt / experienced. If there's a poll, please take part.

The more information that can be gathered and collated the easier / more productive a journey it will be for all of us.

In return, a promise to try to keep each part updated and 'alive' meaning one can look back at any part and find up-to-date relevant information.

With all that said then, let's begin!


The Flow

Before beginning a potential fresh new world of adventure in the kitchen (and beyond!), it's highly recommended to have two things in check.

The first is your kitchen itself, there should be an easy place to dispose of food, food waste & anything bio-degradable, ideally into a compost area or outside for birds for example.

This, much like the concept of Feng Shui is where ('kawa', river, flow) comes in, an important part of Feng Shui for the house is for every part to be apart of the so no corners or closed off spaces (this makes a lot of sense biologically). If your entire kitchen is setup to make things as easy as possible for the cook, the cook will be more likely to take the time to make a really good meal, this includes good air, good hygiene, looking beautiful and inviting place to be inside.

Also it's important to have air , a window open on both sides of the house or an extractor fan for example, something to ensure that at least while you're cooking there's fresh air getting in and old air (for example, potentially with smoke within it) getting out.

My Dad for example was diagnosed with Asthma, this was quite apparently because he'd stand in the kitchen with all the windows closed with a burning pan filling the room with blue smoke with no place for it to escape (except into his lungs).


Practical Task One - Setup

With that in mind, I suggest you have a good macro (overview) and micro (all little bits) look at your kitchen / food prep area, is it setup well? Are implements easy to get to? Is it clean? Are there places to easily dispose of of food?

There is a temptation I've found that when you reach a certain point you don't want to 'waste' food, if you have for example a windowsill outside for birds, any excess scraps you have, rather than just 'sticking it in' the food because silly to keep for example half a clove of garlic, you can just pop it on the sill and it's no longer wasted.

What would describe you best :

How do you cook?

See results

Steering the Ship

Steering the ship will take a little more explanation. If you have ever heard / practiced CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) you'll no doubt be aware what a bad idea diets are.

If you've not experienced CBT, the basic theory (that is of use to us) :

If you tell someone 'don't think of a snake', they will be much more likely to think at that point of a snake.

So if someone for example has a diet which means for example cake is not allowed it means they might often find themselves thinking / having a battle with themselves 'not allowed cake', 'no eating cake' etc...

This means the diet-taker who's objective is to eat less cake, is now constantly thinking about cake. Meaning either they have a ridiculous amount of willpower and succeed (very rare) or at some point they 'fail' and blame themselves for being 'weak'.

CBT's answer is to make everything positive (do this, not don't) and reprogram your wiring basically. However this can cause just as many problems just more subtle and in the long run.

So instead how about steering your ship. The ship being you / your body, steering meaning being aware of where you are, where you'd like to head. So if for example you hate being fat however you love cake, saying either 'no more cake' or 'only healthy stuff now' won't work unless you're the king/queen of willpower. Instead, just try eating ever so slightly less cake.

Or, you could try baking your own cake that uses for example lemon rind as a flavouring instead of quite so much processed sugar.

There we are then, steering and a brief overview perhaps.

There are also serious reasons to bring to consideration meaning only making gradual changes overtime, giving you & your body time to adapt. Refinding it's equilibrium much faster. So it's highly suggested and recommended that 'steering' your ship toward the destination you'd like (healthy, good weight for example) rather than just making large changes over night, for example trying to cut out all processed sugar.

These 'shocks' to system which it's adapted to how you previously ate / your diet might have serious health concerns so please heed the warning and have patience with progress, know the direction you'd like your ship to be steering toward however please don't try to just be there immediately.



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