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The Gift of Lenses

Updated on December 6, 2012

Someone could predict and tell what is inside us just by looking to our eyes. We use our eyes everyday to get things easily done, to see things near or far, to express ourselves other than actions. But we sometimes abuse our eyes in some instance.If only our eyes could talk, they might tell us these words:

I am a gift to you to let you see the world

To distinguish things and express them in words

To classify things in their shapes and colors

And believe the things which you think are rumors

I help you release all your pains through tears

To keep you at ease when unloading your fears

And in times that hardship on your life occurs

In just drops of tears you’ll be alright at least

I was made to let someone else know

All of the things that you wanted to show

To let them know when you’re at high or low

With a simple expression without much a do

Yes, I look so small in these two holes

But I act as the window to your soul

And serve as an outlet of your intent and goal

So watch your steps and be careful


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    • reymund profile image

      reymund 5 years ago

      thanks tommy. I believe yours too.

    • tommysyatriadi profile image

      tommysyatriadi 5 years ago

      nice article... i believe that your eyes can not lie ..