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The Glasses Of Drug Addiction

Updated on December 22, 2013


Everyone wears glasses in this world. The word “glasses” isn’t literal though in the sense that everyone wears physical glasses; it is metaphorical and relates to the idea of perspective. Everyone has a different perspective on life regardless of who you are. The influence of someone’s perspective has many different sources, whether it is family background, the way one was raised, peer influences and observations of the outside world. Younger kids especially are susceptible to being influenced because they have more role models. The pair of glasses someone wears can come from an infinite amount of sources, but it significantly affects the life of a person, consciously or unconsciously. It can be the difference between one person seeing all bikers as ruthless maniacs and another viewing them as awesome.

Drug Addiction

There are many different causes of drug addiction and each one in an individual’s life is unique. The glasses someone is wearing during their teenage years may see other peers doing drugs as cool, so therefore they decide to do drugs to become cool as well. However, what once is a pleasure filled experience using a certain drugs can rapidly transform into an addiction. Heavenly euphoria induced from drugs can rapidly turn into hell in a matter of months. The once good teen that got high off drugs to feel great can turn into a full fledged drug addict very quickly. Brain chemistry shifts once a person begins heavily using drugs and this idea challenges the argument that drug addiction is only psychological. Many drug addicts will lie and tell their parents that they can stop using drugs just as easily as they began to use drugs. However, this may be a lie or they may be kidding themselves, because the brain chemistry has shifted to the point where their own body is craving the drugs.

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This can be compared to the reward system in the brain. Someone feels good after a long days work, or completing a task that earns them money. Drugs light up this internal “feel good” pathway of the brain automatically and after prolonged use the person craves that feel good sensation as if their body requires it. Once someone is in full blown addiction, everything comes after drugs including: family, friends, school, work, even eating. Drug addiction is a serious problem that has been on the rise in recent years. The circuits in the brain that drugs alter can take a long time to return to normal after stopping drug use, or it may never change and this is why so many drug addicts, who initially wanted to stop, relapse.

Parents are often bewildered and frustrated because they wish their teen would just stop using the drugs and their life could go back to being positive, the way it was before they became a drug addict. Although in this instance, parents are wearing glasses that see drug addiction as a controllable situation can be shut on and off; however this is only because they have not experienced it first hand and hence are viewing it through their pair of glasses. Parents should certainly get their child help if they know their son or daughter is using drugs. However there are many variables that come into play that can make this situation a lot more difficult. For instance, if I child was abused and was not given proper love growing up, then they might feel isolated and drugs are a way to cope with their own internal problems. Parents should never kick their kids out, or give up because this is like sending out a struggling, helpless person to the wolves; the teen might possibly go back to what they feel they fit in and that is with other drug addicts.


  • Talk to person is one suspects they are using drugs
  • If it's known the person is using drugs, seek rehabilitation
  • Encourage and support the person with love
  • Refrain from making the person feel defected

Citizens in communities across the world are sickened when they hear of juveniles breaking into cars, stealing, swindling and committing other crimes; the culprits I’m exampling are drug addicts. As much as people want to be angry, upset and would love for these addicts to be locked away and off the streets, this is not helping. They may learn a lesson at the time, but the majority of these kids are not satan’s little helpers who intentionally want to wreak havoc; these culprits are suffering drug addicts that are doing anything to get a fix. If community members took off their glasses that want to view drug addicts as evil and start seeing them as individuals who are sick and struggling, maybe the course of action would change. I do not feel it is right for these sufferers to be stealing and causing havoc in the community, but neither do I feel they should be condemned and labeled as horrible human beings.

Some drug addicts not only suffer from the addiction itself that is causing them to perform these dubious actions, but may also suffer from psychological and personality disorders that contribute to the situation. Certain individuals have no conscious or a very small conscious to begin with which is why they have no problem committing some of these acts to feed their addiction; others conscious thought goes out the window once they are in the throw of addiction, which causes them to do anything in order to get money to feed their addiction. I personally know drug addicts who were stand up citizens before using, and then I also know kids who were into trouble even before doing drugs for whatever reason. Intensive psychiatric and psychological care would be a positive start to attempt to help these individuals. They all may not be able to be cured, but if a larger percentage can be changed that would certainly be a positive improvement.


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