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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Side Effects of Fish Oil Capsules and How to Deal with Them

Updated on June 23, 2012

Many online articles may be pinning nothing but positive claims on this type of supplement, but the side effects of fish oil capsules should also be given some serious attention. Although not a totally harmful substance in itself, fish oil can present several adverse reactions when used improperly or taken from product sources that are of low quality. There is also the issue of taking this supplement with other substances that may not react well with the combination. This is the reason why it is always crucial to seek a professional's advice (preferably, a doctor) before getting into fish oil capsules.

The recommended daily dosage of fish oil in healthy individuals is 1g or 1000mg a day. Increasing the dosage well into 3g or 3000mg is still considered healthy, but should be done gradually to prevent possible adverse reactions. Anything beyond this range should be consulted with a doctor first, especially when you are taking this substance for supplementary purposes alone. Treatment of certain conditions such as high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, coronary heart and artery diseases, and depression require dosages beyond the recommended range, and should be taken under close supervision.

Common mild side effects of fish oil capsules include bloating of the stomach and burping with a fishy aftertaste. These problems can be minimized, if not completely prevented, by keeping the capsules frozen in the fridge prior to taking them. Side effects that should be a cause for concern include diarrhea, muscle pain, severe stomach pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and excessive bleeding. These conditions are often observed in people taking low quality supplements with unhealthy fish oil concentration. When this happens, discontinue taking the capsules and bring yourself and the rest of the supplements to the doctor for immediate treatment of such symptoms.

Too much fish oil in the diet is also a bad thing. Excessive intake of this substance may put you at risk of such serious health conditions as hypotension, heavy metal poisoning and hemorrhagic stroke. These problems, however, can only be triggered by taking an insanely high amount of fish oil in the diet. In addition, taking fish oil with other drugs such as blood thinning medication can cause more harm than good.

In order to keep yourself from suffering from any of the side effects of fish oil capsules, you should always seek professional counsel from health practitioners prior to taking this supplement.


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