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The Great American Famine

Updated on August 15, 2020
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Stephen is a former dinner theater actor, humilitarian, unemployed mascot and general home cuisine meth lab technician.

Hungry? Just wait.

The famine is imaginary, of course. You've been preparing for it your entire life.

Body fat is your reserve fuel to protect you from times where your ancestors were unlikely to get a decent meal. You can pack on enough weight over a summer/fall season to protect you through the winter/spring season before food becomes readily available again.

That is, of course, based on cycles in the natural world. We don't live in the woods.

You're a survival machine, though.

The programming is built in. It's your modus operandi. What is says is: EAT!

Eat, for the love of all that is holy. What if we don't have food tomorrow? You'll wish you ordered two sausage biscuits instead of one. Why NOT get four eggs?

Of course, you still have food tomorrow. And you eat like it, too. Preparing for a famine that will never arrive, we eat all winter long in our warm coats and boots.

If this sounds like a recipe for obesity, you're on the right track.

My wife and I are competitive and we decided to fast entirely and not eat anything for one day to see which one of us would give in first. Both of us had things to do that day, so we got distracted by work after skipping breakfast.

Lunch passed us and we cooked for the kids, but didn't make ourselves anything and went back to work.

Dinner rolled by and after feeding the kids we went for a drive. Our nightly drives are where we have our long conversations. We both love the simplicity of riding around discussing one thing or another while the kids drift off and sleep.

Sometimes we get ice cream to congratulate ourselves on successful parenting, but that night we did not. Miraculously, we agreed that neither of us even felt tempted by ice cream.

After a day of not eating, we weren't actually very hungry.

Is famine right for you?
Is famine right for you? | Source

What is the Meaning of This?

The meaning of this is that you can go outside with your hair wet and not die. Mother was wrong, it seems.

Breakfast isn't the most make-or-break meal of the day. We survived, it turns out.

You can swim after eating lunch and you probably won't get a cramp.

Without missing a beat, we managed to not feel crappy while taking a day off from the feeding trough. I can say personally that I felt more energetic not having to digest something constantly. Of course, weight loss following a day of not eating is merely water weight, but the cumulative balance sheet of your caloric intake will over time compensate for this.

Weight loss means running a calorie deficit. Intermittent fasting accomplishes this surprisingly painlessly. Plan your diet on a cycle for the greatest satiety. A few cycles of this have me trained now to not mind missing a few meals if I get busy. I don't have to stop and run out so I can get a bite. I'll get to it whenever, and the hunger can take a back seat for a while.

Eat like your ancestors. Experience metabolic winter!


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