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The Great American Healthcare Farce

Updated on August 2, 2010


There is no question about it, the American Healthcare system was in shambles. Rising insurance premiums, diminishing coverage, and questionable pactices on the part of the insurance agencies had all of us practically begging for relief. Then came Barrack Obama. His controversial healthcare plan dropped in, promising us all the relief and reform we desperately asked for. A majority of us jumped on board blind. We never stopped to take a hard look at the programs involved and ask ourselves that all important question: Are insurance companies the sole conspirator? If not, then who is really at the heart of this mess?

Who Is REALLY To Blame?


So who is really at the heart of this insanely expensive problem? Insurance companies are the end of the line. Pharmaceutical companies? Partly, yes. With no, or inadequate, regulation on price, they are free to charge what they want for a product. Why is this a bad thing? Well, let me paint a little picture to explain.

I live in a Hurricane zone. When a disaster occurs and mass evacuations are ordered, businesses and companies are banned from raising their prices to ungodly amounts for things consumers need in the even of a disaster. Things like gas, ice, water, etc... are regulated. It's a little thing called PRICE GOUGING. If that sort of regulation weren't in place, I have no doubt I would see gas prices over eight dollars a gallon or so when the normal price is under three dollars.

Get the picture? We need that regulation. We also need drugs, many of us for legitimate health reasons (I'm looking at you "medical" marijuana users). However, drug companies aren't regulated against price gouging the way other industries are. So a pill that would normally cost a few bucks on its own is now going for some ungodly amount. Who picks up the tab? Well, insurance companies pay that fee up front, but they have to increase their operating costs to cover, which means it hits you in the end.


Who's next in the chain? Hospitals. You go to a hospital in need of help, and you expect them to put your life at the forefront of their concern. Unfortunately, most of us don't really pay too much attention to the bill our insurance company received for your hospital visit. Take a look at that bill and see exactly what these hospitals charged your insurance company. $30 for an aspirin? $400 for an ambulance ride three miles? Hell, when my father had his heart surgery they charged his insurance company over 80 dollars just for the black felt marker they used to mark the incision points. 85 Bucks for a sharpie!?!?! If that is not price gouging, I don't know what is.


These drug companies, hospitals and doctors (yes, your doctor too) see that people are in life threatening need of what they have, but since they have no regulation to stop them, they are like that crooked gas station attendant who charges nine bucks a gallon to people trying to flee the path of a hurricane. We wouldn't let that gas man get away with that, but we turn the other cheek and blame our insurance company for all our health care problems. What is the matter with us!?!?! Now we think Obama and his Snoopy Band Aid health care reform bill is going to make a difference? The Government is at the heart of it to begin with. They know what these hospitals and drug pushers are doing, yet they do nothing.


So, do you still think your getting a good deal? Do you still think this is going to change the world as we know it? Do you still think we have been saved and our money is ours again? Don't get me wrong, I think we desperately need health care reform. We still do. This new plan does nothing in the greater scheme of things. We HAVE to attack the source. You can't stop a water faucet from leaking by stuffing paper towels up the pipe. You have to hit it at the source. Too late now. The bill is in effect and despite all the changes, the problem is only stronger. We successfully put a band aid on a severed artery. Good Job America.


Does the Obama Healthcare Reform bill go far enough?

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    • Deni Edwards profile image

      Deni Edwards 7 years ago from california

      I totally agree with you on the price-gouging. There is no way to regulate how much medical providers can charge cash-pay patients. The only way to reduce health care costs is to come up with comprehensive healthcare reform. Unfortunately, the healthcare bill got watered-down--big time--because of big pharma, and a certain side of the aisle.