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The Greatness of Sex

Updated on February 27, 2015

Talking about sex is a topic that is fun, uncomfortable, or important, depending on who you are, the mood you’re in, and who you are speaking with. Either way, sex is important in life. A lot of people say it is best to wait until marriage, but that can be a bit of a disaster. It is best to know how it feels before marriage, but if you choose to wait until marriage then the more power to you. It is important to learn all there is to know about sex for many reasons and one of those reasons is to have a successful relationship with the one you settle down with. Keeping your sex life intact with your significant other can help the relationship in many ways, such as keeping that spark alive.

Married couples of all ages and cultures who have higher levels satisfaction with their relationship are having a better sex life. Relationship therapists say that not having sex when you want can make you feel unhappy, feel self-doubt, rejection, problems concentrating, frustrating, depression, low self-esteem, and more. A marriage or long term relationship where you have sex 10 times or less a year is a sexless relationship.

Stress can cause people to worry. Having to much to think about can block the thought of having sex. Of course you see a lot of stress today with the way things are.
Stress can cause people to worry. Having to much to think about can block the thought of having sex. Of course you see a lot of stress today with the way things are. | Source
One of a few reasons why sex is not happening. Being pregnant can be one of many reasons why sex is absent from a relationship
One of a few reasons why sex is not happening. Being pregnant can be one of many reasons why sex is absent from a relationship | Source

There are many reasons why you may not be having sex


Negative body image






Female sexual dysfunction

Male mid-life crises


Erectile dysfunction


Low libido


Conflicts that are unsolved


Health issues

So why is this really important?

There are many reasons why sex is important. Here are some reasons:

Stress Release: After coming home from a long day of work, most people tend to be either tired or wanting to release some energy. Either way, releasing the energy with their significant other releases stress to the point where they can find it easier to forget or not think about how hard of a day they had. Also, couples who have intercourse regularly tend to have less stress.

Longer Life: An orgasm a day can be very beneficial to the relationship. Having an orgasm every 24 hours keeps the health benefits of a person at their greatest with the levels of estrogen and testosterone always flowing. Intercourse can also enhance cardiovascular health; even ease the possibility of osteoporosis, and lower risks of prostate cancer.

Having Better Self-Esteem: This makes you feel better about yourself and likewise for your partner. It is always good to find something positive to make you feel better and having intercourse with your partner is a way that helps you and them if they are up for it. It is best to start off slow, for example, locking lips.

Getting a Healthy and Exciting Workout: This is great if you want exercise, but you should not have do this just for the exercise. Intercourse brings so many different benefits. You can burn about 144 calories or more per half-hour every time you do this. The solution for a high calorie burning workout with your partner is by making it hot and making sure it lasts long. 18 to 30 more calories can be burnt by adding moaning and sighing.

Recharging: Intercourse is a great way for recharging yourself at the end of the day and breaking your daily routine. Keeping your relationship burning with sexual desire and making it spontaneous can be beneficial when breaking your daily routine. A daily routine can get boring so breaking it with sexually is great.

Strengthening the Bladder: Yes, intercourse can make the bladder stronger. Over time, your bladder can become weak, but having intercourse regularly can improve bladder control.

The Boost: The more you do it, the more you will want to do it.

Pain Relief: Sex can be a great cure for a headache. So forget about taking a pill and just get with your partner. For years, people have tried finding new ways to relieve themselves of headaches, but what they did not realize was that all it took was a nice orgasm at the hands of their partner.

Making Your Cardiac Muscles Stronger: Intercourse is great for the heart both emotionally and physically. Having that special affection with your partner helps helps the blood flow.

Intelligence: Sharing that sweet sensational moment with your lover can make you more intelligent, but is that true? It may depend. There are a lot of people out there who have sex all the time, but still have no common sense. Sex can also help with thinking and brainstorming.

Getting Closer: Sex can also help get to know your partner better. The more you and your partner have sex, the better you two will get and the happier you will be.

Boredom: We all get bored especially in today’s society. Sex can be a major benefit when it comes to combating boredom. After being in a relationship for a while, the relationship can get a bit boring and continue to do so if that spark is no longer there. That is where sex comes in to play.

Resting: Are you having trouble resting? Need some sleep? Well sexual intercourse can be good for both waking up and going to sleep. In the morning after waking up, have sex so you can fully wake up. Then at night before it is time to go to bed you can have sex to fall asleep. Just don’t fall asleep while having sex and don’t wake up in the middle of the night to have sex especially if the next morning is supposed to start a full day.

Better for Breathing: Sex can help fight hay fever and asthma symptoms. This also includes allergies. Allergies can be a pain for the majority of people. So a nice time with the partner can combat the allergies.

Fun: Being in a relationship is supposed to make you feel happy. Having intercourse with the right person is not only good for your health, but it is also fun. There is no reason why you should not have fun with your partner.

The Connection: Being well connected with your partner is very important. Staying sexually active with your partner helps with the chemistry.

Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra has been a major part of sex for a very longtime. It is an ancient Indian Hindu text that is usually considered to be a standard part of human sexual behavior which is found in the Sanskrit literature written by Vatsyayana. Some practical advice on sexual intercourse is a portion of the work sound in the Sanskrit. Kama is one of the four goals of Hindu life, it means desire and it includes sexual desire. Sutra means a thread or line that holds things together. So think of it like this, a sexual desire that can hold things together or a sexual desire in a relationship that can hold a relationship together by keeping the spark alive. The Kama Sutra is the oldest of texts that talks about sexual behavior. Historians have said that the Kama Sutra was written between 400 BCE and 200 CE. It has been proven that the ancients are smarter than today’s society; well I guess that also includes sex. The contents of the book are organized in seven parts according to the Burton and Doniger translations. The seven parts include general remarks, amorous advances/sexual union, acquiring a wife, duties and privileges of the wife, other men’s wives, about courtesans, and occult practices.

A person in their childhood should learn to make a living; youth is the time for pleasure, and as years go by one should concentrate on living virtuously and hope to escape the cycle of rebirth which was said by Vatsyayana. It really is hard to live that life in today’s society especially when society chooses to not be realistic. Many famous people have used the Kama Sutra and it has been used by many religious figures. Buddha preached a verse from the Kama Sutra. The part he preached was about the dangers that come with the search for pleasures of the senses. A lot of people in western society wrongly view the Kama Sutra as a manual for tantric sex. Kama Sutra is not a tantric sex text. Sexual practices are widely found in the Hindu Tantric, but it has nothing to do with the Kama Sutra.

Go For It

So, sex is very beneficial in a real relationship. We know that today and we should because the ancients knew that. There are many ways to spice up sex and one way is to learn from relationship advice, foods, and the Kama Sutra. So when you come home from work and want to feel better about yourself then look your partner in the eyes and make your move. Remember, when having sex it takes two, so think about your partner as well. In order for sex to work, both partners need to feel the urge. If one partner does not feel it then it is good to warm them up.

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    • mariki-raven profile imageAUTHOR

      Joe Howard AKA The Real Joe 

      3 years ago from Everywhere

      There are a lot of foreign women living in the United States. All you have to do is seek them out.

    • profile image

      Shawn Whiteman 

      3 years ago

      This is an interesting article. My sex life stinks and its really not my fault. I have had better luck with women in other countries such as Europe and Asia. Here, women are hard to deal with. Everything in other countries is so much better. Do I want to move their? Hell yeah and I may if I cannot get a good paying job here. The meaning of love here does not mean a thing anymore. The united states has the biggest divorce rate in the world. My sex life here stinks, but I except it just because it does not have to deal with all of those problems American women bring with them into their relationships. Its sad but its true.

    • mariki-raven profile imageAUTHOR

      Joe Howard AKA The Real Joe 

      3 years ago from Everywhere

      Like a man, a woman needs to warm up, but a man can warm up faster. Sometimes a man is so into to it that he loses himself and does not put enough focus on warming her up. It is normal for that to happen. Its nature lol. Remember that it takes two to make it all work.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      It is not easy like you though with women. Sometime we we just too tired to make it happen.

    • profile image

      Liz Bise 

      3 years ago

      After reading this I felt the need to honker down with my husband.

    • mariki-raven profile imageAUTHOR

      Joe Howard AKA The Real Joe 

      3 years ago from Everywhere

      Your welcome. This was something I have been wanting to talk about for a while. I have been researching love and sex for a long time. I also found that no matter how much you know about relationships, once you are in a relationship and have been in it for a while then you get use to it. The problem with getting use to it is that the spark can go away, it tends to get harder when in a long term relationship even if you two love each other. That's why it is important to keep that spark alive.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      This is a sweet hub man. It has everything that lit up my girlfriend's eyes. We have been under so much stress lately and our sex life has been under pressure. After she read this hub this morning, she showed it to me and I was like ok lets try this. We are planning to have a hot time. Thanks for the info.


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