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Four Secret Habits of Happy Women

Updated on August 22, 2017
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Sadie teaches speaking and leadership skills to women who want to have a better relationship with others and with themselves.

Have you ever heard the expression "Happiness is a habit"? Learn more about the daily habits of happy women!

What makes you happy?
What makes you happy? | Source

Whether you identify as a mother or a daughter, a sister or a best friend, a wife or a lover, you deserve all the joy and happiness that life has to offer. You deserve to nurture and take care of your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. After discovering Dr. Meg Meeker’s book, The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers, these are some habits that I've applied to my life in the form of daily affirmations.

I am a happy woman and I treat myself with respect and kindness.

A happy woman applies the golden rule to the way she talks to herself. That is, if she wouldn’t call her best friend fat and ugly, why would she say the same thing about herself? A happy woman is kind and gentle to herself and notices when the Inner Critic is getting out of control.

A happy woman focuses on her successes and achievements rather than dwelling on past mistakes and disappointments. A happy woman knows that the pursuit of perfection is a waste of time. Instead, she strives to do her best. She knows how to forgive herself for mistakes; she’s able to transform failures into successes simply by viewing them as opportunities to learn and grow.

Finding time for healthy recreation is of the most important habits of a happy woman!
Finding time for healthy recreation is of the most important habits of a happy woman! | Source

I am a happy woman because I surround myself with other happy women (and happy men and happy children, too).

Happy women are never too busy to spend time with people who are upbeat and positive. In fact, happy women know that being around other people who share a common positive outlook on life is key to their own joy and happiness.

A happy woman avoids people who drag toxic, negative energy around with them. These aren't necessarily people who are sad or grieving a recent loss (they need the support of happy women). Toxic people are those who gossip about others (friends, co-workers, even their own family). Toxic people complain constantly and never seem to let anything go. They can’t appreciate the good things they have in their lives; they never seem to be thankful for anything!

Happy women surround themselves with other happy people!
Happy women surround themselves with other happy people! | Source

I am a happy woman because I take care of my physical needs.

Happy women listen and respond to their bodies in nurturing, life-affirming ways. They eat well. They rest when they are tired and they have good boundaries when it comes to getting the right amount of exercise. They don’t push themselves too hard, nor do they allow themselves to be inactive for too long. They know which foods energize them and which ones bring them down and make them feel sluggish.

Check out some of healthy food swap ideas that can help boost your mood in the table below:

Instead of this...
Watching TV all evening
Going for a brisk walk before your favorite show starts
Going to a movie with a friend
Suggest meeting up for a fun game (bowling, tennis, golf)
Two glasses of wine
One glass of wine and water, or a refreshing mocktail
Bagel and cream cheese
Whole wheat pita and hummus
Chips and dip, or cheese and crackers
Plain popcorn with just a touch of butter
Are your eating and exercise habits contributing to your happiness?
I don't believe you can be truly happy if you can't share and give to others.
I don't believe you can be truly happy if you can't share and give to others. | Source

I am a happy woman because I give to others.

Happy women are generous and giving.They live by an abundance mentality. They know that there is enough for everyone and that there is no need to be selfish and ungenerous.

Have you heard about The Happiness Project?

© 2013 Sadie Holloway

What habits do you apply to your life to make you feel more joyful and happy? Share your thoughts!

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  • Sulabha profile image

    Sulabha Dhavalikar 4 years ago from Indore, India

    I real good hub.

  • peachpurple profile image

    peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

    I have a happy kid. When i feel down, i would disturb him and he makes me happy. Great hub