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Myers-Briggs: Type Talk

Updated on August 25, 2013

What is Type Talk?

Two women, Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, first created Type Talk as a method for understanding the different personalities of people. They were introverts and good at reading individuals character traits. Both of them easily described these personalities into 16 types. These types are a combination of characteristics which create the personalities.

  • Extraverted or Introverted
  • Sensing or iNtuitive
  • Thinking or Feeling
  • Judging or Perceiving

One of the interesting things about Type Talk is that the method requires calling individual's certain names. Another astounding point is that each personality type has a diffferent description of what they do best, what jobs they should have and will succeed in, what parents they will be, etc. The Myers-Briggs method, or Type Talk, is considered one of the widest used personality tests for companies to see if their employees should hold the position they hold.

The goal of these personality types is to figure out which one are you. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you judge or perceive? Etc. At the end your personality type will appear as ESTJ or INFP, as the first letter of the word you fit most. These letters will create your personality type out of 16 that defines and creates who you are.


  • Do you talk first and don't know what you will say until you hear yourself say it?
  • Do you know a lot of people and count many of them as your "close friends"?
  • Do you not mind reading or having a conversation while the TV or radio is on?
  • Are you easily approachable and are engaged by friends and strangers?
  • Do you find telephone calls to be wonderful interruptions?
  • Do you like going to parties and enjoy talking to as many people as possible?
  • Do you prefer generating ideas as a group instead of alone?
  • Do you ask where something is instead of silently looking?
  • Is listening more difficult than talking?
  • Do you need affirmation from friends and co-workers about who you are, what you do, how you look, etc?


  • Do you practice saying things before speaking them in conversation?
  • Do you enjoy the peace and quiet of being alone?
  • Are you thought of as a good listener from other but feel taken advantage of because they never ask about you?
  • Have you been called shy?
  • Do you like to share special occasions with just one or a few really close friends?
  • Do you wish that you could get your ideas out of your head easier?
  • Do you like stating your thoughts and feelings without interruptions?
  • Do you need to recharge and recover after you have spent a good amount of time with a group or in a public place?
  • Were you told by your parents to go outside and play with friends as a child yet you did not play many video games?
  • Do you get suspicious if people are too complimentary or get irritated if they say something that has already been said by someone else?


  • Do you prefer specific answers to specific questions?
  • Do you like to concentrate on what you are doing at the moment and you do not wish to wonder about what is next?
  • Do you find that the most satisfying are those jobs that yield some tangible result?
  • Does the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" apply to your beliefs?
  • Would you rather work with facts and figures instead of ideas and theories?
  • Do you think that fantasy is a dirty word?
  • Do you get frustrated when people do not give clear instructions?
  • Are you very literal in your use of words?
  • Do you find it easier to see the individual trees instead of the forest?
  • Do you believe "seeing is believing"?


  • Do you tend to think about several things at once?
  • Do you find the future and the possibilities more interesting than frightening?
  • Do you believe the idea of boring details is redundant?
  • Do you believe that time is relative?
  • Do you like figuring out how things work just for the enjoyment of doing so?
  • Are you prone to puns and word games?
  • Do you keep asking "what does that mean"?
  • Are you more likely to give general answers to questions?
  • Would your rather fantasize about spending your next paycheck instead of balencing your checkbook?


  • Are you able to stay calm and objective when everyone else is upset?
  • Would you rather settle an argument using what is fair and truthful instead of what would make people happy?
  • Do you enjoy making a point for clarity?
  • Are you more firm-minded than gentle-hearted?
  • Do you pride yourself on your objectivity even considering the fact that some people claim you are cold or uncaring?
  • Do you mind making difficult decisions and cannot understand why so many people get upset about things that are not relevant to the issue at hand?
  • Do you remember numbers and figures better than faces and names?
  • Do you think it is more important to be right than liked?
  • Are you impressed with and more leanient to things that are logical and scientific?


  • Do you consider a good decision as one that takes another person's feelings into account?
  • Do you feel that love cannot be defined?
  • Will you overextend yourself meeting other people's needs?
  • Do you put yourself in another person's shoes?
  • Do you enjoy providing needed services to people although you find that some people take advantage of you?
  • Do you find yourself wondering "doesn't anyone care about what I want"?
  • Will you not hesitate to take back something you said that you believe has offended someone?
  • Are you often accused of taking things too personally?
  • Do you prefer harmony over clarity?


  • Are you always waiting for others who never seem to be on time?
  • Do you have a place for everything and am not happy until everything is in it's place?
  • Do you belive that "if everyone would simply do what they are supposed to do, the world would be a better place"?
  • Do you wake up in the morning and know fairly well what your day will be like?
  • Do you not like surprises and make this known to everyone?
  • Do you thrive on order?
  • Are you accused of being angry when you are not?
  • Do you like to work things through to completion and get them out of the way?


  • Are you easily distracted?
  • Do you love to explore the unknown?
  • Do you not plan a task but wait and see what it demands?
  • Do you have to depend on last-minute spurts of energy to meet dead-lines?
  • Do you not agree that "neatness counts"?
  • Do you turn most work into play?
  • Do you change the subject often in conversations?
  • Do you tend to usually make things less than definite from time to time?
  • Would you prefer to keep your options open?


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    • opiningminion profile image

      opiningminion 5 years ago

      I like the way you presented the Myers-Briggs personality classifications. It was pleasantly interactive.

    • lburmaster profile image

      Leah Lenau 5 years ago from Houston, TX

      Astounding! Your personality is close to mine! Your welcome!

    • profile image

      Starmom41 5 years ago

      I did this test a few years ago & came up as ISFJ,

      with the specifics reading I- 67%; S- 50%; F- 38%; J- 100%.

      Seemed quite accurate.

      Thanks for writing about it!! :)

    • Collisa profile image

      Columba Smith 5 years ago from California

      I've heard about the Myers-Briggs method but never learned what it was about. This was very enlightening! I now know for sure that I'm an introvert.

    • eHealer profile image

      Deborah 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      Now this is a Hub!Very well written and I am probably a thinker. Very interesting and thanks for your hub. Voted up!

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 5 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      This is an extremely excellent hub. I have the abovementioned book which is excellent in itself. This book introduced me to the wonders of the sixteen psychological typologies. Since this book, I have brought few more books pertaining to this fascinating subject. Voted up!