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The Healers

Updated on August 23, 2013
a healing hand at Easter from CHILDREN AT RISK FOUNDATION
a healing hand at Easter from CHILDREN AT RISK FOUNDATION
healing Hands - Project from Matt Dobson
healing Hands - Project from Matt Dobson
Kindness from Mohsen H. Baqer
Kindness from Mohsen H. Baqer
hands on healing from Beth Scupham
hands on healing from Beth Scupham
Healing Hands from Brian
Healing Hands from Brian
healing hands from Mr Daniel
healing hands from Mr Daniel

The Healers

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Eloquent are the sounds of language spoken in the gentle surrender of compassion. Hands outstretched, reaching for sustaining human contact. Benevolence more often speaks without utterance, the heart radiating the will of healing. Each step like a ladder, the faithful acceptance of the inequities in life often misunderstood; the chosen strife appearing to the naive as oppression.

Quiet are the healers, who place themselves aside to reach their kindred pain and swallow that bitter responsibility, releasing that tortured soul to rest. Sacrificial they may be, but for their strength and selfless acts of kindness, weaker souls would perish like a wisp of smoke.

Kindness is a learned trait, a practiced form of love. It permeates a soul and then expands outwardly to affect all who bask in its radiant light. Human beings have forgotten what kindness is, even toward themselves. It is only when faced with crisis that we shed our shell and give loving care to another being in anguish. This selfless act is empowering and creates a euphoric sense of purpose. That sense of giving without return, that unconditional giving is what love is, what it feels like.

The misconceptions of love and relationships are so many to quote; needless to say they rarely involve true love. Lust, satisfying needs and circumstance have more to do with most relationships rather than love. Love can only be selfless, its true expression the complete focus on the recipient. There is no self in love. There cannot be self-gain or any other condition apart from the selfless acts of caring, kindness, compassion and love.

Opening a door for someone, letting someone go ahead in a queue, or simply being kind to someone lost have more to do with love than sex does in many relationships. Again this misconception that sex is an expression of love is not always the case. Sex has become a commodity in our time and is undertaken as a source of self-gratification. That is not love.

Love is giving, not taking. As a consequence of giving selflessly you receive, but receipt can never be the intention. Those with the most love in their lives are those who give of themselves completely, without any self-purpose. Living in that state is bliss and needs no thinking. When we open ourselves to real love, we can only be in a state of bliss.

This earth can offer many rewards, but all of them, compared to love are pointless and base. The answer to peace on earth is simply love. John Lennon was right in every way. What’s interesting is that this transition is so easily attained. If you bring kindness into your life, you bring love. If you practice this selfless giving, you will find your purpose in life, far beyond what you imagined.

We are surrounded by healers, people who have already come to this realisation and live their lives accordingly. Seek them out, learn from them and open yourself to the possibility that your destiny is yours alone to find. People always talk about finding happiness, wanting this and that. The answer to all these problems has always been there, plain as day. You don’t have to seek anything, just develop kindness and see what happens.


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