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The Healing and Magical properties of Blue Lace Agate

Updated on February 19, 2013

Blue Lace Agate

This beautiful pale blue gem, with its white lacy patterns has an immediately calming and soothing effect – very restful and pleasing to the eye. It is worn or carried to promote peace and happiness.

When feeling stressed, or anxious, hold a piece of this beautiful stone to feel a sense of calm and serenity. Placed in the home, or at work, it calms the atmosphere and helps to reduce quarrels and discord.

Blue Lace Agate Earrings
Blue Lace Agate Earrings
Blue Lace Talisman
Blue Lace Talisman

Healing Properties

As a healing stone, apart from helping you to de-stress and remain calm (possibly reducing your blood pressure!) it said to aid the healing of sore throats and thyroid problems, and it reduces tension and aching muscles in the neck and shoulders – also bringing relief to tension headaches.

It is used to activate the heart, third eye and brow chakras - but especially the throat chakra, aiding in loving, peaceful and spiritual communications.

With its receptive energy and its link to the element of water, this stone helps with spiritual attunement and meditation as it assists you to easily relax and reach a meditative state.

Worn at the throat chakra it can also help with channelling.

Wearing Blue Lace Agate brings you a sense of peace, happiness and hope for the future.

Blue Lace Agate is a truly beautiful stone. As a bringer of peace and serenity it is a 'must' for anyone's crystal collection.

Find Blue Lace Agate Gemstones and Wishing Bags here.

List of Correspondences

  • Energy: Receptive  
  • Elemental Ruler: Water
  • Chakra: Throat  
  • Zodiac Affinities: Pisces


Calming, Peace, Happiness, Hope, Communications, Healing, Love


Gemstone lore has been gathered from various sources and from information and stories passed down through the ages. Use this information at your own risk. No guarantee is made towards its validity.

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