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The Health Benefits Of A Cup Of Tea

Updated on November 3, 2012

Healthy Tea Options

Maintaining good health is essential to looking and feeling your best. If you are a tea connoisseur or you are new to drinking and learning about tea, keep in mind there are several health benefits of drinking tea.

Aside of taste and comfort, teas are most sought after for their healing and disease preventive effects. Teas are packed with flavanoids—a type of antioxidant that can help fight against free radicals that may contribute to certain types of cancers and forms of heart disease including atherosclerosis and stroke.

There are several different teas with natural flavor additives stemming from Black, Green, White, Oolong and Pu-erh teas.

Green tea is known to have one of the highest concentrated forms of flavanoids. These are referred to as EGCG. Through clinical studies, EGCG is believed to inhibit the growth or development of some cancers and cancer cells including breast, lung, stomach, bladder, pancreatic and colorectal cancers.

A health benefit of drinking green tea regularly is that it may have a counteractive effect on the oxidative stress related to brain and neurological health. Green tea that is consumed over time may reduce your overall risk for certain neurological diseases and disorders including Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia and certain muscle-related disorders. Green tea can be consumed warm or cold and is sometimes found mixed with juices or carbonated beverages.

Drinking black tea on a regular basis may have health benefits including helping to stimulate lung cell re-growth that may have been destroyed to tobacco exposure. Black tea has also been known to aid as a preventative measure against some forms of heart and lung disease. Because black tea has the highest concentrate of caffeine content, avoid consuming large amounts or take precautions if you have sensitivity to caffeine or stimulants.

White tea also contains many anti-cancer agents but it has been known to fight against the signs of aging by improving blood flow and enriching skin texture and elasticity. This type of tea is generally in a raw form and not fermented like many other teas. Because the tea is in its natural state and not as processed as many other commercial teas, its health benefits against cancer and anti-aging may be more beneficial.

Oolong tea contains many antioxidant benefits, with the biggest one leaning toward weight loss. Many people buy and consume this type of tea because it is said to help boost metabolism and help you shed those extra stubborn pounds. Pu-erh tea may also have weight loss properties as well. Consumed routinely it is shown to lower weight gain and help improve blood cholesterol levels.

Tea is a natural food that you can consume to help with certain health ailments but most of all to enjoy the flavor combinations and help calm your nerves.

Yummy Cup Of Tea

Tea Vs Coffee

Coffee and tea are great choices for people to shy away from heavier drinks like soda and alcohol and a good choice for people who crave more flavor than water. Coffee and tea have their advantages and disadvantages; the good and bad are listed below. Whose side are you on?

With Starbucks and McDonalds fighting for your sweet tooth, it's amazing how coffee became the drink of choice. Coffee has some sweet advantages that will satisfy your craving.
Disease prevention: enjoy lower risk of gallstones, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, heart disease, type-2 diabetes and cirrhosis.
Mental pick-me-up: metabolism is boosted and the central nervous system is stimulated and relaxed
What depression: coffee keeps you in a happy mood

Coffee also has its far share of disadvantages
Addicted to caffeine: coffee drinkers need their coffee, and the caffeine wants you to stay that way; you may feel irritable, headaches, anxiety, diarrhea, sleeplessness and muscle tremors
Birth defects: coffee can cause stillbirths and miscarriages in the first trimester.
Calorie overload: adding sugar, cream, peppermints, caramel, marshmallows and other flavorings will skyrocket your daily calorie consumption. You will have to work harder to burn those calories off.

Tea lovers were born because of the caffeine overload in coffee. They can enjoy the taste without the baggage. Plenty of people around the world enjoy tea, and with these benefits it's easy to see why.
Less caffeine: the main reason why people enjoy tea. Less caffeine means better digestion, less hyperactive, better sleep patterns and calmer nerves.
Health prevention: tea reduces the chances of developing cancer, stroke and heart disease. It keeps bones strong and boosts metabolism.
Stress relieving body cleanser: the alluring smell and soothing effect calms the most stressful person. In addition tea has many antioxidants that cleanse the body of toxins and other unwanted substances. The results leave your body with glowing skin and a lighter feeling.

The benefits of tea could not shy away from the disadvantages that come with it.
Gastric ulcers: tea can encourage the risk of this forming
Liver and kidney disease: The liver and kidney have a lot to do with cleaning the body of waste. If overdone kidney and liver disease will develop.
Negative reactions with food: because tea has tannic acid in it, any iron content consumed in food will cause anemia and iron deficiency. Wait an hour between food consumption and drinking tea.

The best way to get the most out of coffee and tea is to drink it in moderation. Too much of anything is a bad thing and this is no exception.

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