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The Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Updated on December 26, 2015

More than likely you have heard about aloe vera and what a wonderful herb that it is, but even if you've heard of it and a few of the things that it can do, you may have no idea exactly how amazing this herb really is. For thousands of years aloe vera has been used to help treat any number of various health ailments and yet today you'll find that it is used to treat many problems as well. A look back at the Egyptians, the Chinese, and even to Alexander the great shows that aloe vera has been used for some time for a variety of various uses.

Believe it or not, the aloe vera plant is actually a plant that is in the lily family. You will find that aloe vera is available in many preparations, including a spray, cream form, gel, capsules, and even liquid forms. Of course you'll find that there are many uses for aloe vera and you'll also find that there are many health benefits that exist as well. Although you may just think of this herb as a treatment for burns, it can do so much more for the body. So, let's take a look at some of the top health benefits of aloe vera.

Healing Wounds with Aloe Vera

First of all, you will find that aloe vera is an excellent treatment for any wounds that you may have. Sometimes you'll find that wounds or cuts can take some time to heal up as they should; however, when you add some aloe vera to the mix, you'll find that the healing will speed up. Many people feel that this plant is a miracle because of how it helps with healing up these wounds, but there are a variety of reasons that it is so effective in helping to treat wounds.

First of all, you'll find that aloe vera is great for moisturizing and it is important that any cuts or wounds have a lot of moisture if they are going to heal. Aloe vera is great for moisturizing, no matter how it is applied. Also, you'll find that this herb also has great anti inflammatory properties as well which can help to reduce the likelihood of you getting an infection in the wound that you are treating with the aloe vera.

Last of all, you'll find that a variety of important nutrients for your body are included in aloe vera and when you use it on the wounds, they go into the skin and through the blood to help provide nutrients and to cleanse out any germs that may be around as well. Also, when you get the aloe vera into the blood stream, you'll find that it can help you to boost up your immune system and fight off any problems that could occur, such as infection.

Healing Wounds Videos

Aloe Vera for Colon Cleansing


Another great health benefit of aloe vera is that it can help you to cleanse out your colon, and it is especially effective if you are dealing with problems with constipation. Aloe vera has a special juice that is like a gel and it can help to restore normal bowel movements. Also, since it is a plant that is dark green, it includes plenty of fiber as well which can help to get rid of the toxins and waste that may be stored up within the colon. You can take it orally to help clean out the colon and it helps to sooth your stomach, helps you to digest food better, and of course works to help clean out the colon as well.


When you use aloe vera to clean the colon, it helps to make your digestive tract work even better and also helps to give the immune system a boost too. It is great for getting rid of toxins and helping your immune system to function a whole lot better. You'll find that it is one of the most gentle ways that you can clean out your intestines and it has plenty of minerals and vitamins that help to get rid of the problems within the intestines. If you have problems with indigestion, cramps, constipation, IBS, or diarrhea, you may find that using it as a colon cleanse can really help to improve the problems that you are having.

Treatment for Skin Problems


There are a variety of skin problems that aloe vera is used to treat as well. Of course you probably know that it does help to treat burns, sores, and blisters that occur from the sun or from burning. However, you'll find that it helps to treat a variety of other skin problems as well. It helps to get rid of the itching and pain that comes along with the skin problem, Psoriasis, which is a nasty skin disease. It helps to get rid of the lesions that come with this disease and can really provide a huge amount of relief.

Also, you'll find that aloe vera is actually a great treatment for acne and other inflammatory skin problems that can occur. It helps to act as an antiseptic while still providing the moisture that the skin needs, which makes it a perfect choice for you if you want to clean up any skin problems that you may have.

As you can see, there are a variety of wonderful health benefits that you can reap when you begin to use aloe vera. Many people have already experienced the way that this gentle herb can help to provide them with better health. From skin care, to colon cleansing, to even healing up wounds, this plant can do a whole lot for your body.


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