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The Heart: 12 Way to Prevent Heart Disease Naturally

Updated on May 11, 2019
Abhishek Ghode profile image

Heart Attack & Disease Major warning signs and symptoms : Unbearable Chest pain. Restlessness Discomfort in the arms, back, neck, jaw,


The Heart & Heart disease:

The hardest muscle in the body. Heartbeat sends the blood that helps to supply oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, after delivering blood return to the heart.

The human heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood to your body.

Heart system consists of a network of blood vessels, like arteries, veins, and capillaries.

Arteries carry blood away from the heart and veins helps to carry blood back to the heart. And the cycle repeats over and over again.

Amazing facts about heart must know about that:

  • The size of the human heart is large then a human fist.
  • Heart weight of men is between 280- 340 gm and for women 230-280 gm.
  • Heart pump 5.7 liters of blood throughout the body.
  • Human heartbeat approx 100,000 times a day.
  • An adult human about beats 60-80 times per minute.
  • Actually, the heart found the center of heart but indicates little left-hand side.

Heart Disease Death Ratio:

In the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), In the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia is the leading reason cause of death.

One in every four dies because of heart problem means, about 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year. Killing over 370,000 people yearly due to most common disease it’s called Coronary Heart Disease( CHD).

Many kinds of research, Heart specialist are proven that Tommy, obesity, Less Physical activity, High Stress, No discipline in eating habits.

Are the main reason for increase cholesterol, increase Blood Pressure, sugar, arthritis, reduce SDL are the main cause of heart disease(and all cardiovascular diseases).

If you want to prevent yourself 90% of diabetes, 86% of heart attack, 53% of stroke, 34% of all cancers.
The “EPIC” study proven that if we adhered four simple tips: Eat a healthy diet, maintain weight, 50-60 minutes exercise a week and No-Smoking.

Some other reasons risk factor of heart disease that difficult to control:

  • Age: Mens age 45 older and women age 55 older increase the risk factor of heart disease.
  • Family history: Maybe a risk factor if close family member faces the same issue at an early age.
  • Gender: Heart disease reason is different in women than in men.
  • Ethnicity & Caste: Several groups have a higher risk than others.

Heart Attack & Disease Major warning signs and symptoms :

  • Unbearable Chest pain.
  • Restlessness
  • Discomfort in the arms, back, neck, jaw, or upper stomach.
  • Difficult to take a breath.
  • Feeling of nausea, sickness and cold sweat.
  • Heart muscles lose blood supply and even its damage.

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12 Way to prevent heart disease naturally:

1. Only healthy food & beverages are allowed in the house:

There are many beverages are available in the world. Therefore difficult to pick which are healthy for us and help to live a healthy lifestyle. There are:

  • Tomato Juice: A tomato a day keeps the heart doctor away. Loaded with rich tomato content that helps to make blood in the heart. Helps to reduce blood pressure and allow the circulation of blood.
  • Cranberry Juice: A beverage that allows strong resistance against cardiovascular diseases. cholesterol level can be maintained by cranberry juice. Its great advantage is that the heart affected by smoking is cured by the cranberry juice.
  • Hot Chocolate: Blood pressure can be reduced by hot chocolate as cocoa and sugar dilute the blood.
  • Coffee: According to many studies proven that have fewer chances of calcium blockage in their arteries in the heart, those who drink coffee.
  • Green Tea: Helps to reduce weight and relaxing the blood to flow in our heart.
  • Black Tea: Great warrior of cardiovascular disease, even in older age.
  • Tea: 11% of heart disease is decreased when drinking 3 cups tea a day.
  • Milk: For healthy heart and bone keep a glass of milk daily.
  • Water: Drinking water is helpful for weight loss even helps the heart to perform well.

2. Keep maintaining a healthy diet:

A healthy diet plan plays a major role in heart health and also reduces cardiovascular disease. If we are not focused on diet plan then there are chances to enhance blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol levels, inflammation, High blood pressure, and sugar.

Must include this incredible heart-healthy food in your diet plan:

  • Green Vegetables: In studies show that a higher intake of leafy green vegetables lowers the risk of heart disease. Because it contains vitamin K and nitrates, that helps to reduce blood pressure, improve arterial function and lower the 6% incidence of heart disease. Collared greens, spinach, and kale are fully loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Garlic: Garlic has an allicin compound that helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Even also helpful to stop blood clot formation.
  • Whole Grains: Studies proven that intake of whole grains 22% lowers the risk of heart disease and as well as also cholesterol and systolic blood pressure. Whole grains are rich in fiber helps to reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol. Most common types of whole grains are the whole wheat, brown rice, oats, rye, barley, and quinoa.
  • Fish oil and Fatty Fish: omega 3- fatty acids are contained in both fatty acid and fish oil. That helps to reduce the risk factor of heart disease, Blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol.salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna extensively beneficial for a healthy heart.
  • Walnuts: Research-proven that if we serving walnuts in our diet may reduce the heart disease. Walnut can reduce 16% “bad” LDL cholesterol. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, Avocados, Beans, Dard chocolate, Almonds, seeds, olive oil, Edamame.

3. Stay at Healthy weight:

Heavyweight higher the risk of numbers of health conditions like obesity, Diabetes, blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. If you are overweighted then you have to lose the weight for a healthy lifestyle.

When your weight in the healthy range then more efficient blood circulate.

Easily manage your fluid level.

You feel more energetic, healthy and motivated others stay healthy.

The overweight body always attracts and develop diabetes, heart disease, cancers, osteoarthritis, breathing problems, gallstones, and sleep apnea.

A helpful chart for Check your Body Mass Index(BMI) according to height:

Height WEIGHTNormalOverweightObesitySevere obesity4ft 10″(58″)91 to 115 lbs.119 to 138 lbs.143 to 186 lbs.191 to 258 lbs.4ft 11″(59″)94 to 119 lbs.124 to 143 lbs.148 to 193 lbs.198 to 267 lbs.5ft(60″)97 to 123 lbs.128 to 148 lbs.153 to 199 lbs.204 to 276 lbs.5ft 1″(61″)100 to 127 lbs.132 to 153 lbs.158 to 206 lbs.211 to 285 lbs.5ft 2″(62″)104 to 131 lbs.136 to 158 lbs.164 to 213 lbs.218 to 295 lbs.5ft 3″(63″)107 to 135 lbs.141 to 163 lbs.169 to 220 lbs.225 to 304 lbs.5ft 4″(64″)110 to 140 lbs.145 to 169 lbs.174 to 227 lbs.232 to 314 lbs.5ft 5″(65″)114 to 144 lbs.150 to 174 lbs.180 to 234 lbs.240 to 324 lbs.5ft 6″(66″)118 to 148 lbs.155 to 179 lbs.186 to 241 lbs.247 to 334 lbs.5ft 7″(67″)121 to 153 lbs.159 to 185 lbs.191 to 249 lbs.255 to 344 lbs.5ft 8″(68″)125 to 158 lbs.164 to 190 lbs.197 to 256 lbs.262 to 354 lbs.5ft 9″(69″)128 to 162 lbs.169 to 196 lbs.203 to 263 lbs.270 to 365 lbs.5ft 10″(70″)132 to 167 lbs.174 to 202 lbs.209 to 271 lbs.278 to 376 lbs.5ft 11″(71″)136 to 172 lbs.179 to 208 lbs.215 to 279 lbs.286 to 386 lbs.6ft(72″)140 to 177 lbs.184 to 213 lbs.221 to 287 lbs.294 to 397 lbs.6ft 1″(73″)144 to 182 lbs.189 to 219 lbs.227 to 295 lbs.302 to 408 lbs.6ft 2″(74″)148 to 186 lbs.194 to 225 lbs.233 to 303 lbs.311 to 420 lbs.6ft 3″(75″)152 to 192 lbs.200 to 232 lbs.240 to 311 lbs.319 to 431 lbs.6ft 4″(76″)156 to 197 lbs.205 to 238 lbs.246 to 320 lbs.328 to 443 lbs.BMI19 to 2425 to 2930 to 3940 to 54

4. Stay happy, Relieve stress and Anxiety:

According to the Center for Disease Control/National Institute reports that 110 million people die every year due to stress. Which means that 7 people every 2 seconds.

Now, stress is a part of life from minor issues to major problems. And while you can’t control circumstance but you can control how to respond to them. The risk factor of heart disease may increase due to stress. Overeating, high-blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, inactiveness.

Here some easy methods that reduce your stress level:

  • Meditation: Making you more resilient to stress,
  • Take a deep breath: 5- minute focus on your breathing.
  • Smile and Laugh: Free of cost and best medicine reduce stress.
  • Reach out and take a walk: Fantastic stress reliever work in minutes.
  • Take social support: Talk to others is the best tool of stress reliever.

5. Say No to smoking, tobacco, and Alcohol:

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette raise your blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Men have not to drink more than 2-peg and women 1-peg alcoholic per day.

Because it contains extra calories, cause increase weight and may raise the risk of heart disease. If you do not smoke, Good keep it up and don’t start. But if you do smoking then quit as soon as possible, otherwise ready to face heart disease.

If you want to live longer lives and healthy lifestyle then you have to understand the importance of quitting smoking. It can improve your qualities of life – maybe physically, emotionally and financially too.

Smoking & Alcohol direct impact on human health that causes:

  • Heart disease.
  • Emphysema.
  • Kidney cancer.
  • Ling cancer.
  • Breathing problems.

Smoking does not only affect the smoker. Scientific proof that when you smoke, people around you, especially on children develop seriously risk factor on health.

6. Stipulated 50-60 minutes exercise in the week:

One of the best to stay healthy not only great for the heart even overall body. Including strength your heart and improve your blood circulation. Maintain blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, start with home gym equipment.

If you want to lead an active then heart muscles get stronger and healthy.

  • Regular exercise helps you to:
  • Burn your calories.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Enhance HDL “good” Cholesterol.
  • Reduce LDL “bad” cholesterol.

You may include in your exercise plan Aerobics, Stretching, Strength training, Swimming, Running, Yoga, cycling, dance and climb stairs.

Tip: Yoga mat is most important during yoga.

7. Sleep Well and get enough quality sleep:

Enough quality sleep is most important to prevent raise the risk of diabetes, blood pressure and obesity. And these three are the main cause of heart disease. Make sure an adult need to sleep 6-8 hours per night.

If you have a sleeping problem sleep apnea develop the risk of many health problems include high blood pressure, Stoke, heart attack and stop breathing many times during sleeping, contact your health care and family doctor.

A night of proper and complete sleep helps you:

  • Control and maintain your weight.
  • Reduce cardiovascular disease.
  • Decrease the risk of two types of diabetes and lower blood pressure.
  • Reduce the risk of many cancers.

8. Regular screening is the most important to know heart disease:

High blood pressure, high sugar, Cholesterol, Diabetes can easily damage your heart and blood vessels. There is only one way to know the actual condition of the heart, called Testing.

Regular screening or testing are guided you what your numbers and whether you need to take action.

  • Diabetes Level: Diabetes developed the risk factor of heart disease so screening is important to know the actual condition. And if your blood sugar level tops 600 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL), the condition is called diabetic.
  • Blood pressure screening: High blood pressure risk factor of heart disease and stroke start after the age of 18. A blood test is very important at least once a very year. optimum blood pressure is less than 120/80mmHg.
  • Cholesterol level: According to an Australian study if your cholesterol level varies between 4.0-5.5 mmol/L then help reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Cholesterol checkup important at least once every five years.

9. Start an active family and go outside:

One of the best and simple way for a healthy heart. Spend time with your family or loved one helps to reduce stress, feel light and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Take a walk and talk with them, play sports with them have fun with them.

One of my favorite tips for a healthy heart and lifestyle gave you quality time with your family.

10.Get a pet: social support and walking motivation:

Pets are the calming stress fighter, spend quality time with the dog, cat and another animal are an important source of social and emotional support can have a positive impact on your mood and your health.

Pet helps you many ways too, Best for healthy heart, Stress reducer, Social magnet, for better mood, social support or even provide walking motivation.

11. Supplement to support your heart:

If you want to prevent heart attack, stroke, and another heart disease, therefore, supplements help your bones, your muscles, and other body parts.

There any many vitamins and minerals are out there difficult to pick which one is best for our healthy heart are:

  • Omega 3- fatty acid: It provides essential nutrients to help support your heart and maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Coenzyme Q10 ( CoQ10 ): It provides energy for cell growth. CoQ10 may also help to lower the blood pressure. Technically an enzyme and many studies show that may be a helpful ingredient.
  • Fiber: Fibre is used for low cholesterol and saturated fat. Food is the best way to get fiber. If we include fiber in the diet seems to be most effective and energetic.

You may also include; Vitamin -D, Magnesium, Folic acid, Potassium, L-Carnitine.

12. Stay sugar-free for a healthy heart:

These days experts seem that sugar is one of the causes of heart disease. All the meals, snacks contain sugar that affects your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Try to reduce the consumption of sugar and start to make your heart healthy.


Various studies showing that only 4% of people are following these healthy tips. It’s very difficult to break regular habits and improve diet is not an easy task. However, above all the strategies are beneficial for a heart, maintaining blood pressure, cholesterol, helps to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

These include outstanding tips an tricks give the unexpected result…keep healthy and disciplined lifestyle.

© 2019 Abhishek Ghode


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