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The Homo Novus Promise

Updated on April 15, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

It's Useless to Analyze from the Outside What We Look Like in Our Bubble---Getting Out of It Will Burst It
It's Useless to Analyze from the Outside What We Look Like in Our Bubble---Getting Out of It Will Burst It

A Neglected Interest

From my early years of interest in human nature I was finding it a sort of peculiar how only a certain type of folks are sharing it---even though it was something that should have been common to everybody.

Indeed, while using a cell phone seems to be so universal that even kids are quick to learn all of its available functions, knowing more about our own mental functioning is left to the professionals.

Now, not that there is a short supply of those smart asses who read an article or two in Readers Digest about something that superficially uses the lingo of the field, and then lecture about it among friends, co-workers, and family.

However, that's merely a caricature of a true interest in matters that are so miserably neglected that only now and then you may run into a person, a non-professional who is passionate about exploring the human model of functioning and its latent potential of advancement.

And then, there is that almost hidden breed of thinkers, professional or not, who have devoted their lives to it, always showing with their own example what they are trying to inspire in others. I called such a human specimen "Homo Novus", or New Man. This article I devoted to that humble avantguard as they are pointing at new available models of psycho-physical functioning in their non-intrusive manner.

By Decorating Our Misery We Just Add a Ridiculous Look to It
By Decorating Our Misery We Just Add a Ridiculous Look to It

Who Are We Kidding Really?

It is not my primary intention to beat on the drum of all those negative aspects of the so called "human condition", but I find it necessary to point out where we are coming from, in its relation to where we could go from here.

We live in a world where freedoms have gone too far, meaning that just about "anything goes", making me call it a sort of perverted. So it is in music, art, politics, religious interpretations of what our gods expect from us, and in just about any other facet of our self-expression.

Quite increasingly it seems to be obvious that freedom merely means a crude, and primitive impulsiveness in an absence of boundaries dictated by some standards of normalcy, refinement and harmony.

In such an environment of cultural anarchism and decay there is this slowly growing wave of thinkers around the globe whose intellectual agenda is wrapped around an unused potential in all of us. At times attacked by the proponents of the status quo and the historical neuroticism, they get called anything from "dreamers" to "disruptors of traditional values" - without a slightest willingness to see how those "values" are hitting us in the face, at times threatening with our extinction.

Indeed, folks, what would it take, other than a mushroom cloud to wake us up from the millennia of self deception and a brainwashed stillness of mind where nothing new is allowed to enter as a fresh possibility of existing and coexisting. At times it looks like we are playing with a deck of cards from which all aces and tens have been taken out---so, no matter how we shuffle the deck, we all end up with a bad hand.

Who are we really kidding with all those obese cardiologists, divorced motivational speakers, career-oriented leaders, pale vegans, and hateful, even hostile preachers of godly love.

So Much Art Is Wasted on Dogma Depicting Evil
So Much Art Is Wasted on Dogma Depicting Evil

Dogma Where We Don't See It

The emergence of the Homo Novus phenomenon could be symbolically likened to a flower breaking out from a crack in the concrete. For, hardly anything around him is supportive of his pragmatism which simply wants to uplift the man to his predestined role in this universe.

People are stuck in their mental automatisms defined by their labels of religious, political, racial, or even scientific orientation, and anything "new" to them would only mean doing the old thing the new way---not replacing it with something new.

Sometimes we like talking about "dogma", but that's how far it goes, because even our talking about it stems from our rock-hard dogmatic views, which we merely prefer calling something else, like "a sign of our integrity" or something.

Dogma is not only present in religion and politics, but science, as well, where its symptoms are shown with a religious insistence on the "old schools", while also trying to be politically correct---not to rock the boat of the Establishment.

For example, it may be catering to religious beliefs when abortion is in question, or in matters of the true origin of the humankind, turning a blind eye to evidence that could make some of the fundamental religious tenets incorrect.

Even the existing intolerance---to say the least---among different religions is showing a devastating lack of simple logicalness. For instance, I never heard anyone trying to ease those differences by bringing up a theme of a hypothetical meeting of Jesus, Mohammad, and Buddha, for a purpose of imagining how those three teachers of the mankind would most likely interact with each other.

I wonder if it would be difficult for them to picture those three holy personages in a perfect harmony with one another, using a language of love and brotherhood. You see, all three holy books---Bible, Quran, and Baghavat Gita have love as the basic message from those messiahs, and it shouldn't be hard to go logical about what they are expecting from their followers.

However, as we know so well, wars have been fought over "which god is the right god", and even the denominations within the same religion are in a disagreement.

Thus, no wonder that our Homo Novus can't come to his expression, because his message is the one of taking no sides in that conflict, but looking ahead into the future, where there is no place for history and its many symptoms.

Homo Novus doesn't see how we can learn from our history---unless we want to repeat it. In his eyes, so true is that wise saying that "history teaches us only one thing: that it has never taught us anything".

Nothing Is Back There but Rusty Chains of Our Voluntary Stuckness
Nothing Is Back There but Rusty Chains of Our Voluntary Stuckness

Past Is a Poor Adviser

Indeed, it is this scary satisfaction with the status quo prevailing on this planet that's holding us back in the darkness of animalistic power-games, despite the historical score of its failing us. Insistence on sameness is stagnation, not progress, and we just seem to be upgrading those medieval idiocies not even noticing that our technology is not really moving us away from those times.

Like a bunch of fanatical lunatics we are shouting our slogans of freedom, while only digging ourselves deeper into the crap of our slavery to that beast in us---becoming so proficient at preaching one thing and doing the opposite.

That has to go, if we are to live up to a more dignified image of our species, not merely serving as a laughing stock to our gods. The New Man has to start sprouting massively around the globe with his focus on what we really want---not what we don't want.

And only then, as we turn our tired eyes away from our past that's shaming us with every war, every conflict and greed for power---can we actually focus on what it is that we want, because we won't find it by looking back.

Homo Novus will never be another messiah or another political leader. He will be an outgrowth of a massive personal willingness to be more than we have been. You can't tell people that they "should" change; you can only inspire them with your example, and with a vision of what is possible. Then they start wanting it.

Past cannot teach us what to want. Just like that "you" from times of pre-toilet training can't teach you how to reason in your adulthood. We don't stand on the shoulders of those thinkers before, we have to outgrow them, because, history is attesting how their thinking was not good enough.

Those Old Roads Are to Be Visited---but Not to Replace the Freeways of Our Life
Those Old Roads Are to Be Visited---but Not to Replace the Freeways of Our Life

Not Knowing about Life, but Living It

Someone very smart said: "If you want to be a genius, use your own mind". There is an inexhaustible source of intelligence in each one of us, and we just have to overcome the inertia of mental laziness, this sheepish tendency to allow others to think for us.

Within the hierarchy of mental forces of a Homo Novus intellect is married to a deep sentiment of heart which keeps propelling us towards harmony, creative curiosity, playfulness, and humor. Cold facts are doing nothing for our growth, so becoming a mini encyclopedia of information is just a sterile material.

Really, folks, what's the use of having "any information at the fingertips" thanks to Google? Those are like empty musical notes waiting to be used in the orchestration called life. We analyze way too much and synthetize too little. Analyzing all the time what we don't like in this world is like taking a radio apart to see why the program is irritating us.

Indeed, we should snap out of seeing wrongness, and focus on what it is that we really want of life. We cannot want to know what we don't want---and that's exactly what we are doing.

Homo Novus is not a new belief system, a new ideology, but a new technology of mental functioning in which the gravitational center of all our fundamental interest is in our passionate pursue of a harmony within and a harmony without. So far, Homo Sapiens has become very proficient in knowing what he doesn't want, and has fought every struggle imaginable to defeat it.

Homo Novus couldn't care less about all facets of being pissed-off in all of its dark emotional repertoire---he wants to produce, invent, discover, whatever it takes to come to something that he can qualify as wanted.

Following What We Want

Just like health doesn't mean an absence of illness, and happiness is not an absence of unhappiness, so we can't automatically get to what we want of life by eliminating that which we do not want.

Homo Novus is all about a conscious cultivation of those psycho-physical models of functioning which will get us to what we want. No amount of bitching, protesting, or anesthetizing ourselves with drugs, sex, and sugary foods will do it. Likewise, no amount of being smart about it will do it. You can put a book on sexology between you and your bedroom partner and discuss sex until dawn or both of you feel like geniuses, whichever comes first, but it won't mean any sex.

You know what I mean? This whole story of Homo Novus may look like an utopian dream to those who keep insisting on mental laziness. They judge the future by the score of the past, so what is doable only is so "if it has been done".

In order to requalify ourselves into a Homo Novus mode, each one of us may choose to completely discard the old way of assessing our life in terms of what has been doable so far, and with an nth potency of honesty see clearly what we could do better. No one else can tell us, only we intimately know what may bring us closer to our own Homo Novus status.

After all, Homo Novus is not an abstract concept and a hard to attain way of being; it's only our willingness to truly focus from moment to moment on what we do want, instead on what we don't. That one shift will make a monumental difference in our life.

Try it, and you will be joining that growing mass of individuals around the globe who have buried the past, whether their own or the one called history---marching forward by living consciously, intending consciously, and keeping in sight only that what they want.


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      18 months ago from Canada

      Gilbert---Thank you, my friend.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      18 months ago from Canada

      Theresa---I never hesitate to also "act out of the box", oftentimes pleasantly surprising people of my life---by not being upset when upset would be "normal"; by surprising my wife with flowers without any occasion calling for that; and turning serious stuff into a joke when situations are tense, to say just this much.

      So, O.K., maybe I have been called "weird" now and then, but ask me if I care. I just love being myself---within all frames of decency---and I don't need anyone's approval for it. If the whole world minus one person---myself---believes something is right, I'll stick to it.

      There is no freedom that others can "give me" without my personal sovereignty established. And I wouldn't be boasting with all this if I didn't sense that you are a fine lady with similar ideas. I am certainly enjoying your comments.

    • Theresa Jonathan profile image

      Theresa Jonathan 

      18 months ago from Maseru, Lesotho

      Great concept of freedom to think outside the box not referencing your action on what the world portrayed as acceptable or not. It is said genius are those who glimpse on history and allow their mind to explore the new territories. I learnt this as truth because socialization teaches you to walk within predetermined parameters. What a lonely life! Because we are so unique life would really be very interesting if we allow individuality to guide us. I like the way you think ; it is refreshing.

    • rebelogilbert profile image

      Gilbert Arevalo 

      18 months ago from Hacienda Heights, California

      Great photos, Val, and wise advice.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      18 months ago from Canada

      Alan, my old buddy from Down Under...Since you like that bubble so much, I promise---if I ever decide to be in one of them again, I'll invite you to join me. Man, we are going to have some good time exchanging stories about our favorite illusions.

    • jonnycomelately profile image


      18 months ago from Tasmania

      What a beautiful picture of the Bubble! Makes me want to be inside of it. Yet once there, upon trying to jump inside, it would pop! burst! and be no more. Temporary, momentary, short-lived. And once inside of that Bubble, I would have no more joy, because the beauty is produced by phenomena of light waves on a convex surface. Inside, it's concave surface, so my joy would vanish abrupty.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      18 months ago from Canada

      John---Not losing from sight our natural individual differences, we would probably actualize our own versions of Homo Novus. "My" version of H.N. would thrive on improvising---not caring that things are different now than they were before, and actually adjusting and welcoming them.

      Things would also be "different" for him for the very fact that he has changed his algorithms of processing his factual reality. The very idea of Homo Novus is in divorcing the past ways of experiencing things and cultivating the new parameters of what's going on. Some things that used to be bothersome, now could be an accepted "challenge".

      The whole idea is in not recognizing different "obstacles" from those in the past, but in recognizing a new chance to play with them with a new mindset.

      If that was not so, then Homo Novus wouldn't be "Novus", but an "old" dude wrestling with some new crap in life that he can't quite figure out.

      I like your interpretation though. After all, my friend, didn't we have to create our own version of a "monkey on a branch"?---(referring to the common theme of our recent hubs). Thanks for responding, my good friend, it's always a pleasure to see you.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      18 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Food for thought again, Val. Homo Novus..good name for the new species of man. We should learn from history.. at least what not to do. The trouble is that the present situation is different than any other before so there are different factors at play in every situation. It is a little like playing the lottery. You can research the numbers which have been drawn the most and take all them on your entry, or alternatively, you can choose all the numbers that have been drawn the least with the premise that they must be due to be chosen. In fact, it makes no difference because the past has no effect on the numbers that will come up in future. You may as well just choose random numbers and cross your fingers.


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