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The Importance Of Water Drinking

Updated on November 25, 2010

Water is the most vital part of our diet. Our bodies are made up of almost 70% water, which means we have to continually drink to upkeep this amount. Blood is mostly made up of water, and it can also be found in major organs like the brain, lungs, and muscles. The body requires liquid to regulate a steady body temperature and transport nutrients to your organs. The importance of water includes protecting your organs, giving the body strength, removing waste, and much more. Not only that, water is extremely important for the functioning of entire planet! Even in deserts water plays an extremely important role in the life cycle of all the animals (and people!).

"The world of water" by Snapr
"The world of water" by Snapr | Source

How do I tell I'm getting enough water?

The body is constantly losing moisture through functions like sweating, urination, and respiration. If you are a very active person, you will lose more than normal. If someone is not getting enough liquid in their system, they may start to experience mild dehydration symptoms such as constipation, headaches, muscle pain, and joint pain. You urine may also appear very yellow and have a strong odor. These symptoms may even occur before you start feeling thirsty, so it is very important to drink regularly throughout the day.

How Much Is Needed?

The benefits of drinking water are innumerable, but how much is required for a healthy body? A general rule to follow is by having at least eight cups every day. If you are exercising or performing any strenuous activity, you may want to drink a cup every twenty minutes to avoid getting dehydrated. Hot climates will cause you to sweat more, so add an additional two cups. It is still important to drink even if the climate is cooler, since your body still sweats but it evaporates faster.

Around 20% of your liquid intake will come from various foods. The remaining amount will come from any other beverages or drinks you consume throughout the day. Since commercial beverages usually contain sweets and other harmful chemicals, it is best to stick with natural drinks. Energy drinks may contain beneficial electrolytes, but stay away from the products that have high sugar counts. Vegetable and fruit juice are excellent choices because they contain other minerals and vitamins that your body needs.

Losing Weight

Drinking water to lose weight is one of the most effective ways to avoid putting on extra pounds. When you are constantly drinking, your body feels less hungry so you will not eat as much during meal times. When the stomach has hunger pains, it may be a sign of thirst instead of hunger. You can fill this void by juice or another healthy beverage. Avoid drinking coffee, soda, or any other products that contain large sugar levels.

Try consuming a glass of water 15 minutes before you eat, and you will find that your appetite is much smaller. Whenever your stomach starts feeling hungry and craving foods fill that void with a glass of water. Not only will this prevent fat, but you will also have better digestion of the foods you do eat. The importance of water for weight loss should be included with any type of diet for maximum results. You can never drink too much water, only too little.

How do I make it easier to drink water regularly?

A great way is to carry a water bottle that can be refilled. Bottled water tends to be on the expensive side and is often nothing more than glorified tap water. In most developed nations, water from the tap is perfectly safe to drink, so you can carry it around easily with the appropriate container. For a fun idea, check out how to get your own logo water bottle.

Precious Water


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