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The Importance of October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Updated on October 3, 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is upon us. Take note, breastcancer does not just affect women. Certainly not just in October. It is a daily battle for a growing percentage of women throughout the world. In the United States, breast cancer is second only to skin cancer as the most diagnosed form of cancer. Look for the pink ribbons in October.

Athletes and Pink Ribbons


Symptoms and Signs

The breast can show symptoms and signs in the early stages, and in some cases no symptoms at all. Breast Cancer Awareness Month serves to remind all of us that regular mammograms and self breast exams greatly reduce the risks of late detection. As with most cancers, the earlier the detection, the better chance for success in treating the cancer. Though Breast self-exams are cheap and easier to schedule, mammograms still rank as the most reliable detector. These can be scheduled and performed in most clinics, hospitals and doctors offices.

The Pink Ribbon

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even if you are not looking, you should see pink ribbons nearly everywhere you go. Sports events will feature players and coaches wearing these bright pink reminders of a national effort to find a cure. Stores across the nation, in cities small and large, will offer customers pink ribbons for sale. The proceeds from these sales will go to help fund breast cancer research.

The Reason for the Fight Against Breast cancer

Each of us should heed the dangers and subscribe to the awareness of breast cancer. Since the dawn of our time, the female breast has fed us, nurtured us, comforted us, and pleased us. They are life giving, and life sustaining. Their owners are our mothers, sisters, lovers, and friends. We should all take notice this October, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is an affliction that affects all of us, regardless of our gender. Look for the pink ribbons in October.


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    • JeniferRW profile image

      Jen 6 years ago from Couch

      Thank you for sharing this Hub, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through it. Breast Cancer is just a terrible disease all around. Whether you survive or not the battle itself is lifelong. I lost my grandmother a couple years back from it myself. Great Great Hub! Voted Up, useful, interesting, beautiful.