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The Importance of Pre- and Post-natal Care

Updated on October 29, 2009


The Importance off Pre- and

Post-natal Care

When a woman's pregnancy has been diagnosed, she should immediately go to an antenatal clinic to receive regular check-ups before the baby is born. These are designed to detect problems of the unborn baby before symptoms occur so that more help can be given.

The doctor will also examine the mother, checking heart and lungs, spine, stomach and pelvis - all vital tests to ensure that she has no disease. Her urine will also be checked for protein (to exclude kidney disease) and sugar (to exclude diabetes). A small blood sample will also be taken from her arm to be examined for iron content and to check the blood group.

Post natal care is likewise necessary to ensure that no complications have developed in the woman after childbirth.This will include an examination of the stomach and pelvis to see to it that the pelvic organs have returned to their pre-pregnant state.Other concerns such as post-natal depression, contraception and planning of the family, and how to get back into shape may also be discussed.


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      david 24 months ago

      i love women

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      lonely g 6 years ago

      i love man

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      Stephanie 6 years ago

      That's a great article. Prenatal and postnatal care is equally important for the mother. Good nutrition is the key factor and one should not neglect this element. Apart from having foods that are rich in calcium, iron and folic acid, pregnancy also requires daily dose of supplements that contain these minerals and are easy on the stomach. The need of these minerals is high during pregnancy and post pregnancy and can be easily sufficed through these supplements.

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      renea facey 7 years ago


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      shana maxwell 7 years ago

      nopt nice