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The Importance of Self-Reflection

Updated on January 24, 2017

It is as if people do not consider self-reflection as a priority, where in fact it should be taken as one.

The art of self-reflection.
The art of self-reflection.

The Importance of Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is important. As a matter of fact, everyone does it. It's just that some people have consciously made it a habit to self-reflect while others just do it when certain circumstances arise. Simply put, it helps you become a better person that you were yesterday. It helps you develop a good sense of self-restraint instead of becoming enslaved by your impulse.

Unlike other creatures, humans have the ability to assess and evaluate their own thoughts and actions. The thing is a human's perception of what is right and what is wrong is often influenced by external factors. In one way or the other, your character and perspective in life is greatly influenced by how you were raised, your country's culture and social norms. With self-reflection, it helps you become more aware of your inner self and who you really are without allowing external factors to fully influence who you want to become.

By practicing self-reflection, you gain a better understanding of your emotional and mental processes. It helps you point out the reasons why you react and think the way that you do and to further evaluate if you're making sound judgments in your day-to-day life. It helps you understand why you reacted rudely while talking to a colleague or friend about a topic that weren't in line with your personal views. By gaining more understanding of yourself, you also learn the importance of understanding others.

Self-reflection helps attain clarity. It helps you deal with your personal issues with a better understanding and bravery. It helps improve your state of mind, giving you a more positive outlook towards life. It helps you gain a better understanding as to why other people act the way they do. It helps you become more emphatic and build better relationships instead of acting emotional or immature.

Self-reflection opens doors for self-growth. It makes you become more aware of your bad habits and even your lack of motivation. It helps you assess your current state of mind and why do things don't go your way no matter how badly you think you try.

In a sense, self-reflection connects you with your truest form. As the famous saying from Plato goes: "The man who conquers himself is the first and noblest of all victories." Thus, by developing the habit of self-reflection, you get to know yourself more and improve certain aspects of your life.

Nonetheless, knowledge and understanding alone won't cut it. It needs action. If you truly value yourself and if you truly want to grow as a person, you have to make that choice. The choice to become a better person. Self-reflection guides you through that but it is still up to you decide.

© 2017 Kent Maureen


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