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Green Tea Natural Antioxidants

Updated on February 23, 2016

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea and the health benefits it can provide us have been related with lot of speculation lately.

The benefits that have been attributed to green tea include weight loss, cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction and even sugar control.

Probably the most commented benefit of green tea is its alleged capability to prevent cancer, a capacity that has been attributed to green tea because some tests have proved that patients with high risk of cancer are less likely to develop the condition.

Green tea has a substance that can destroy cancer cells without harming the surrounding tissues and healthy cells. This substance is the responsible of all great benefits that have been attributed to green tea and it is called EGCG which stands for epigallocatechin gallate.


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Green Tea becomes popular

But it was not this really incredible benefit which brought fame to green tea; it really became popular when it got related to loosing weight.

The way green tea helps you to loose weight is by boosting the energy expenditure of the body through increasing metabolism, causing a raise in the natural energy consumption of more than 4%. As result, the body will consume fat to fuel such energy usage.

Besides, the caffeine levels of green tea are powerful as appetite suppressant although they are not high enough to be a risk for health.

In addition to loosing weight, green tea also prevents obesity, because the catechin polyphenols included in green tea delay the process of converting calories into fat, which is the usual process for gaining weight. This substance, delay the reaction of some enzymes which are responsible for such process, reducing as result the creation of fat in the body.

It has been proved that people who regularly drink green tea, controls their weight and keeps a low weight.

Other benefit of green tea that it is being attributed to green tea lately is the capability to low and keep down the cholesterol levels of body.

A study made in China including people with high cholesterol levels resulted in great success reducing cholesterol.

The study was made for a period of three months and a large group of people with high cholesterol levels participated drinking seven cups of green tea on a daily basis. After three months, people dropped their cholesterol levels up to sixteen percent less than the levels measured before the test.

Finally, the latest benefit that has been attributed to green tea is the capability to reduce blood sugar levels.

This later comes from uncorroborated tests in humans measuring blood sugar levels.

The health benefits of green tea are worth considering, especially because they address diseases still not controlled by regular medicine.

Even that is not a cure for Cancer, the prophylactic capability of green tea to prevent cancer is equally important. Besides, if blood sugar levels can be reduced or at least controlled, this single reason is enough to drink green tea regularly.


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  • profile image

    Pg Metassan 8 years ago

    Drink hot green tea after meal. It cleans your colon. It also prevents dehydration.

  • profile image

    Green Tea 9 years ago

    Recent studies have produced conflicting results on whether green tea can help prevent certain types of cancer, such as those of the prostate and breast, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says.

    Two studies found that green tea did not reduce the risk of breast cancer, while a more limited study found that it might.

  • laurentmikhail profile image

    Laurent Mikhail 9 years ago from Miami, FL

    Thanks for your comments

  • glycodoc profile image

    glycodoc 9 years ago

    Good article, well written.