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The Incredible Lymphatic System

Updated on March 1, 2013
Lymph Node Regions
Lymph Node Regions

Lymphatic System & CranioSacral System

The Lymphatic System and the CranioSacral System are two bodily systems that medical science has only recently re-discovered and begun to study. Currently medical schools only briefly touch on these systems. The CranioSacral System is a system of balancing the body’s internal structure and the body knows the correct way to do this, so when practicing CranioSacral Therapy, the therapist is really facilitating the body’s communication with itself to balance the body’s structure. More on this in another hub! The blue spots and blue lines on this picture are some of the lymphatic nodes, vessels, and capillaries.

Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System runs throughout the body with specific collection mechanisms to take away the collected toxins. The amazing thing is that no one ever considered the body’s need to rid itself of toxins that are too large to be taken out by the blood-circulatory system.

Dr. Bruno Chickly M.D. was able to dissect the Lymphatic System only by injecting colored fluid into a Lymphatic capillary of a cadaver. The colored fluid is then literally “drawn up” into the Lymph System (due to pressure equalization theory), allowing Dr. Chickly to see the lymphatic vessels, capillaries and collectors.

Be Aware:

1. Always consult your doctor prior to having any kind of body work before and after surgery.

2. Tell your massage therapist about ALL of your medical conditions/medications. You never know when one seemingly unrelated condition/medication can affect other bodily systems.

Lymph Node placement~Lymph Chain
Lymph Node placement~Lymph Chain

Superficial and Deep

The Lymph System has shallow and deep levels within the body. One may ask, “What could happen to affect such a subtle system and what does the body do in response to a change in the system?” That is a very good question.

If the body is injured in a sudden impact, for example, then the impacted area is traumatized, which may cause the lymph to suddenly stop their flow. The body, in response to the sudden stop of the lymph, may swell in that area. This is an indication that the individual needs to see a Lymphatic Draináge Therapist to encourage the lymph to resume their normal action.

Have With Surgery

Another situation where the lymph system is traumatized and will stop flowing is in the case of any kind of surgery.  Before an individual has surgery of any kind, it will make for an easier surgery if the individual receives about four lymphatic massages prior to surgery.  Then about two-three weeks after surgery, if everything went as planned, have about four more lymphatic massages.  This encourages the body to get back in a synchronized rhythm so the many bodily systems can flow and circulate in harmony. 


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