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The Invasion: How to Avoid It

Updated on November 3, 2010

Avoiding the Psychological Invasion


The Invisible Invasion from Within

We have technology that can make us experience ANYTHING: body-stimulation, "fake emotions", horrifying nightmares and VERY BAD IDEAS. If you can be tricked into a temporary-mental-break caused by these very convincing can have all that makes you who you are ground into pulp and then re-assembled into someone else or someone who thinks that they are A THING!

These people radiate messages like the kind that were used to break their own it's a lot like a "psychic plague" made possible through technology that reads/transmits feelings from one person to another via a machine. You may be invited to imagine yourself as: attacking them, having sex with them or FEARING them ( as if they were some sort of psychic predator). Their bodies can be made to make "croaking sounds" like the Aliens in the movie

Dreamcatcher (and they HATE that movie like you wouldn't believe). I do not believe that these are actual aliens, but if you can tear someone's mind apart thoroughly enough that they believe that they are some kind of predatory creature (and then add electronic harassment that can cause a temporary psychotic break in normal victims) can create a phenomenon just as dangerous to human beings if you DON'T KNOW THE RULES OF INTERACTING WITH THEM. They will tell you that their "stomach hurts" if they cannot "get inside" you. They will cough when a bad thought is successfully blocked by you. It's a good sign, but you will be stimulated to feel "angry" about being called "cold". NEVER HATE ONE OF THEM. I spent at least 4 years of my life in Pure Hell for constantly being made furious by their actions or words!

You must not adopt these phony thoughts and emotions that you get hit with or you are in violation of unwritten psychic laws that then give this malevolent collective mind the ability to try and ACCESS YOUR MIND. If one of your body parts is being imagined to be doing something "bad", you must imagine cutting off that body-part. By doing this, you break the techno-voodoo being used to make you think you are a "bad person". This Brave New Psychic World has no tolerance for people who think that they are bad. They get accessed, torn to pieces psychologically and then PROGRAMMED (they call it "recycling"). Whatever your beliefs are: the DANGER is there and you must not let this happen to you.

In spite of this menace, people who REMAIN CALM are always safe from getting their mind stolen out from under them. People who don't BECOME ANGRY when bothered by this bunch are untouched. People who are giving and kind are above this entirely. People who are NEGATIVE-MINDED are persistently "stalked" by this bunch (only when they are thinking/recently thought negatively). You can jump back-and-forth, but it can be very be careful with this.

Now, you can turn this energy you are getting into something that actually is good. You must draw out the frantic ee!ee!ee!,ee!ee!ee! into eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,eeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee. YOU have the key to get yourself out of E-JAIL. You are also rewarded if you persist in doing good deeds in spite of being electronically-stimulated by these "dog people". They want you to scream, swear, throw something.......because then they have permission to hit you even WORSE with the thing that angered you in the first place! On the SLOW FREQUENCY, you can accomplish ANY task without "losing your mind". There's this frequency I use at the gym that goes: 1,2,3,4.......1,2,3,4......1,2 ,3,4,5,6,7,8. This and focusing on something YOU are doing (like your heart rate with earplugs in) can draw your mind AWAY from your PROGRAMMING ENVIRONMENT. Somehow, everything these dog people do (stomping, flipping their hair, coughing, messing with teir feet, throwing away "trash" to make you mad, pulling up their

pants in an over-exaggerated manner, music they play, the TELEVISION, typing on a laptop nearby you, calling you "yellow" for not wanting to commit a homosexual act) is designed to cause FEAR, ANGER, LUST within us. It's like we now have "pushers" for the seven deadly sins............and INTERNALLY DEAD IS NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO WIND UP.

Mostly, if you successfully control your won't get into much trouble. If you are an impulsive person (which I certainly CAN be), get protective silver-lined clothing that blocks these FOREIGN BODY STIMULI. They even have AN EMF-BLOCKING CAP. Wear earplugs to bed so that "things that go bump(or click) in the night don't frustrate your sleep. The non-addictive antidepressant Trazodone is very helpful in giving you NORMAL SLEEP. Get some Abilify which acts as a barricade against "fake negative thougt bombardment". If you are "getting it bad, I recommend 5mg, twice daily). Clonopin will eliminate the "social anxiety" you'll get around these people but NEVER take more than you should(a favorite trick of theirs is waiting until you have run out of anti-stress medication and then BOMBING YOU AS HARD AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN WITH EVERYTHING THEY'VE GOT! You DON'T want this, they've got me at least TWO times where I felt I almost got OWNED by these guys. I escaped by the skin

of my teeth and am trying now to take less than prescribed amounts of this anti-stress medication.

There certainly is a psychological-invasion going on that is just as bad as an alien-invasion. The key: well, see above. Just don't get emotionally-rattled or allow yourself to feel so good that "nothing else matters but this moment"(yes, I like this, but there are always fture consequences for such an's like they get in when we are "taking it in with full-force". Now, TELL AS MANY PEOPLE YOU POSSIBLY CAN WHAT I JUST TOLD YOU. Doing so will make your mind un-molested and I swear it makes you MORE


. Intelligence is Power these days, so let's build up our brains instead of selling our souls for cheap thrills provided by only God-knows-what!


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