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The Japanese five step method to slimmer legs

Updated on July 30, 2014

"Why is my upper and lower body balance so different, why is my butt so droopy, why do my thighs seem so swelled out" are many of the questions that women ask themselves. What can I do to balance everything out?

There are five main patterns for gaining excess lower body weight. Most people will fall into at least one of the categories below. If you do match any of the points below, a simple change will make quite a difference.

In reality there are many complicated reasons for bad lower body balance however it is very important to stick to one of the patterns highlighted below and include in your daily routine in order to achieve slimmer legs. The patterns below will help you to identify the causes and the corrective actions for overweight lower body.

Point 1 - Posture

First all of it is very important to maintain a good posture. What does this have to do my legs? The reason is simple, not only does a poor posture look sloppy, a poor posture put unnecessary pressure on certain areas of the legs which in turns affects muscle strength and shape.

The main problem for most people is the pelvis as per the picture below. Many people tend to slouch with lower stomach appearing to stick out. Your body line should be facing downwards in order for your leg muscles to be efficiently utilized. Remember, efficient muscle in the legs equates to a slimmer legs. Make make a correct pelvic position is maintained in your daily life.

Point 2 - The way you walk

When walking, your center of balance should be mainly on your big toe. If you feel that your little toes are supporting you, then adjustment is needed. A sign of this would be your heels wearing towards the side to a point where your footwear is leaning at an angle.

Poorly fitting shoes and heels are another big reason for poor leg structure. This can encourage a wider than normal pelvis position, a sagging butt and poor thigh position. Overall a poor hip line. Remember poor hip lines and incorrect pelvic positions cause insufficient muscle use, resulting on the build up of fat.

Point 3 - Reduce the swelling of the legs

The main causes of this are, high salt levels, poor circulation or lack of muscle usage.

It is important that you try and reduce your salt intake, especially through snacks. Salt is important to replace when thirsty but excessive amounts can lead to swelling.

Keeping legs warm will also help with swelling, when indoor try your best to keep legs covered and warm. The Japanese take hot baths after their showers every night, not really a western tradition but something to consider since it helps a great deal with leg swelling.

Lack of exercise is the most obvious reason. People say they have no time to go to the gym, however you don't need a gym. A simple 30 min walk everyday will give your legs enough exercise to avoid swelling. If you have a smart phone, download an Audio book App and listen to that while walking, time will pass before you know it.

Body moisture control also helps to reduce swelling, a good intake of potassium is known to help a great deal.

Point 4 - Further reduction of swelling

Many people are aware that a good flow of lymph nodes are important for dieting and slimming. To achieve a good lymph node flow, moderate exercise is very important. Leg swelling can occurs from the poor flow of lymph nodes.

The good blow flow is important for the heart, however for slimming we also need to consider lymph node flow.

Also bearing in mind that intense muscle exercise such as weight training, not only works the muscle, but burns fat surrounding the muscle for up to 48 hours even after finishing training. Try not to worry about your legs getting muscular, this won't happen unless you are on the real body building program with a high intake of protein.

Point 5 - Dealing with Cellulite

Cellulite is a complex symptom, brought about by the poor flow of blood and lymph.This causes subcutaneous fat which is unevenness of the skin, or the orange peel effect.

Due to the general complexity of cellulite, a whole lifestyle change is needed in order to get rid of it, such as a healthier diet, at least 30 mins moderate exercise daily, more water intake, less sugar and starches and daily morning stretching.

There are aesthetic salons that can remove a considerable amount of cellulite temporarily however if you don't change your lifestyle habits, then it will simply come back to haunt you. Basically more business for the aesthetic salons.

The Kitchen

With all this thinking about exercise, most people forget about the most important thing - the diet. It's not about loosing weight, but reducing your fat ratio. You can but on weight in terms of muscle and still look much healthier because of course muscle weighs much more than fat.

80% of your workout begins in the Kitchen so it is very important to cut down on the following.

Starches (Bread, Pasta, Rice)

Fruit Juices


Sweet drinks, just stick to water.

Gym Work

Ladies,never be afraid of pushing heavy weights on your legs.

The greatest fear is bulking up too much. That will never happen unless you have incorporated a body building routine into your workout.

Slender legs only look slender because they have the correct amount of muscle mass. Muscle training e.g. squats will burn the surrounding fat. And not only during that particular session, but for up to 48 hours afterwards.

If you are able to do 20-30 reps on the same weight like I witness many women doing in the gym, it's too light.

Your reps should be 10-12 Max, the final rep should feel like a burn. You then rest and do a few more sets. This is slightly damage your muscle fibers (in a positive way). As your body repairs the muscle gets stronger, harder and more defined. This is look you have been longing for.


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    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 3 years ago from Japan

      Sure, posture establishes muscle distribution therefore shape.

    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 3 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      Some interesting points here. I have the bad posture pictured above, and due to many years of posturing like that, it is very difficult and hurts to change to a straighter posture. Voted useful!

    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      Posture definitely has powerful effects on everything, interesting how much it effects legs