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The Jesus Diet

Updated on March 30, 2013

Ever wonder how Jesus Christ stayed so slim all throughout his life? Researchers have been trying to figure out how, when, where Jesus lived. Some people are even doubting his existence. Whatever your faith may be, Jesus Christ was still considered the Messiah and Savior of mankind. Did it ever cross your mind what the people during the biblical times ate? I watched a clip from The Dr. Oz show and they discussed how Jesus ate during his time. A man by the name of AJ Jacobs lived Jesus's life for a year, literally. He grew a beard. He wore robes. He walked on the streets with sandals and a sheep! He wrote the book The Year of Living Biblically to chronicle how he lived his life in the mold of the Son of God. Also featured on the show was Don Colbert, author of What Would Jesus Eat?

According to Jacobs, Jesus ate whole foods such as lentils, vegetables, barley. He even digested crickets and locusts! That was what Jacobs did for a year. Although he didn't recommend the viewers to eat the insects. According to Colbert, Jesus ate a plant based diet. He would only eat lamb for Passover once a year. He mostly ate fish regularly. The reason why he stayed so slim was because he had long walks. Dr. Oz mentioned that 2/3 of our teeth are made for eating a plant based diet. Our jaws move up and down and sideways. Canines and carnivorous animals such lion and tiger were not designed to eat plants. Humans produce saliva and that helps break down the plants we eat. Our intestines are four times longer than our height. Our gastrointestinal tract is not programmed to eat toxins from meat. Carnivores have twice as much intestines that's why they can only eat meat.

According to Jacobs, there are four food laws in the Bible that Jesus practiced.

1. Calculate your breakfast time- Eat your breakfast early. If you eat dinner at 7 pm, then you should eat breakfast 12 hrs. later. Most people today skip breakfast, but Jesus didn't since he worked as a carpenter and he needed energy. He ate berries, millet, and nuts. They are rich in nutrients and Omega 3.

2. Linger over lunch- Jacobs encouraged everybody to eat slowly. Chew your food properly since it slows you down and helps you lose weight. When Jacobs followed Jesus's diet, he dropped a few sizes and lost weight.

3. Eat a light dinner- Jesus reportedly ate dinner at four pm. He used portion control to have energy for the rest of the day.

4. Wine and Walk- Jesus consumed only water and red wine. Colbert mentioned that red wine has a thousand nutrients that can kill bacteria. Red wine has antioxidants that are good for the heart. Jesus walked a lot to preach the gospel. We have to be mobile to lose unwanted fat.

Jesus followed a simple diet. Imagine if all people followed Jesus's diet, then we would all be slim and healthy. This world would be a better place since we walked on Jesus's path.


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