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The Journey For Happiness

Updated on July 30, 2012

Opposition to Happiness

I want to live happily. I hope we all do. Unfortunately, today's world presents the most opposition to the journey for happiness than any other time. There's too much noise! The marketers, the media, the entertainment business and other sources are all vying for as many eyes and ears as they can. They all want people to take in what they have to show and say. Like The Fall of Man, a story from the bible, the serpent talked up the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to be so nice and beneficial for Adam and Eve to eat. However, as many people know when Adam and Eve listened to the serpent's voice instead of the voice they knew to be true they eventually had to leave their paradise, the Garden of Eden. There are so many voices inside and out of the home, today, competing for your attention to tell you what is good and what will make you truly happy. Some messages people say through media are good, but even those messages mean nothing if you can't listen to your own voice. Following someone else's path to happiness is simply living in an illusion of happiness. That is what makes being happy so difficult, today. There are so many illusions that it's hard to know what's real. Sadly, it's easy to follow those subtle voices that will guide you into an illusion. For many people they don't wake up until much of their life has passed or it's difficult to get out of a situation they don't want to be in. The journey for happiness is a challenging one, but can still be fulfilled.


Maintaining Happiness

My journey for happiness has taken many twists and turns in a short amount of time. I've chased success through writing, sports, and other areas. I've been blessed to have received a few small recognitions for my writing. As sweet as it was to be recognized; those emotions were fleeting. To be truly happy you have to be apart of something much bigger than yourself. Writing isn't a source of happiness in my life, because I get a rush of pleasure from it. The journey for happiness is an inward search that can't be satisfied by pursuing outward achievements and successes. When I write I feel more than a fleeting emotion, but a satisfied happiness, because I get a sense of depth and discovery about myself, life and so many other parts of simply being. For me, writing is a bottomless ocean and I'm just swimming deeper and deeper in it. The journey will look different for everybody, but those who are truly happy will all be absorbed into something complete, great, and bigger than themselves. That's why it's so important to listen to your own voice and not fall for the voices that want to call you into an illusion. Happiness is inside all of us. The journey is just searching inside ourselves to find it.


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    • Xplor profile image

      Xplor 5 years ago from Kansas City

      Thanks so much for the comment and encouragement mvillecat

    • Xplor profile image

      Xplor 5 years ago from Kansas City

      Haha yeah I try to be expressive. Thanks so much for the comment!

    • frogyfish profile image

      frogyfish 5 years ago from Central United States of America

      ..."a bottomless ocean...and going deeper, deeper". I like it.

      You shared very expressive words as well as ideas. Thanks!

    • mvillecat profile image

      Catherine Dean 5 years ago from Milledgeville, Georgia

      Wow, very well said. You are a gifted writer. I look forward to reading more of your Hubs.

    • Xplor profile image

      Xplor 5 years ago from Kansas City

      Thanks createmyeconomy!!

    • createmyeconomy profile image

      createmyeconomy 5 years ago from USA, Australia

      Awesome Hub - Be happy man!